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Looking for a nice place to retire? Consider a trip to St. John’s. Augustine, Florida. Known as the oldest city in the United States, there is plenty to do in Saint-Augustin!

The attractions of St. John’s Augustine, Florida, are numerous. You can visit the national park, climb to the top of the lighthouse and even sip from the Fountain of Youth!

What if you take the kids to St. John’s? Augustine, you will discover that there are many family activities that children will also enjoy.

I wonder what you can do at St. Augustine’s? We’ve made a list of our top ten!

10 cases in St. Augustine, Florida.

Anastasia State Park Photo credits : Robert Burns

1. Visit to Anastasia State Park

You can’t go wrong visiting one of the beaches in St. Mary’s County. You’ll find them white, deep and relaxing.

Depending on the beach you choose, you can drive and park directly on the beach. The key is to do this ONLY if you have a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Beaches in Anastasia Credit : Florida Department of Environmental Protection

The most picturesque beach is probably in Anastasia State Park. This beach is not limited to white sandy beaches.

There are many species of native birds, turtles and other wildlife, and you can walk for hours on nature trails winding through the dunes.

Although you are not allowed to drive on the beaches, you can enjoy water sports. Canoes, sailboats, paddles and kayaks can be rented on site.

One of the advantages of kayaking is that manatees can be seen up close.

Lighthouse of Saint-Augustin

2. visit to the Saint-Augustin lighthouse and the maritime museum

One of St. John’s most popular destinations. Augustine is visiting the oldest working lighthouse in Florida. The current lighthouse was built in 1871 and has been renovated almost identically.

Visitors can climb a spiral staircase of 219 steps to get a breathtaking view of St. Augustine and what was once home to Florida.

The house of the Saint-Augustin lighthouse keeper.

Opposite the lighthouse is the lighthouse keeper’s house. Inside you will find exhibitions, objects and information about the life of the lighthouse keeper.

It is an ideal place for families visiting the area. Children can take part in a treasure hunt at sea to search for animals that live in this coastal area, medicinal plants and other natural features in the natural environment of the historical site.

The end: Adults: 9,95 €
Elderly people and children (under 12 years) : $7.95

Troll tour

3. Wagentocht in the old town

One of the best ways to see St. Augustine is a tour of the old town in a trolley bus.

This tour allows you to go up and down at any time, while being entertained along the way with facts and history.

Augustine Florida

The trolley ride has 22 stops and you can get on and off to visit various attractions at your convenience.

We really enjoyed using the trolley tour to explore the city, and we really think this tour is perfect for those who don’t want to worry about the Ubers or public transport.

Old prison of Saint-Augustin

4. Visit to the former prison

Located in the old town, with the museum of the oldest shop, the old prison is an ideal place to do with your children in Saint-Augustin.

Augustine, Florida.

This historic prison served the town of Saint-Augustin from 1891 to 1953 and is in the same state as it was then. You can get a tour of the prison and learn about the prisoners and life behind bars.


You’ll also see the gallows where many criminals were hanged.

Guided tours leave every 20 minutes starting at 9 am. As part of the visit to the Spirits and Tombstones, night tours of the former prison are offered.

The general store of Saint-Augustin

5. A walk through the oldest museum boutique

I wonder what the beginning of the 20th century is like. What are you doing? Are you buying 21st century products?

In the oldest shop you will find the most modern gadgets, inventions and everyday objects that one would have bought in 1900.

St. Augustine, Florida, is the oldest display case museum in St. Augustine, Florida.

Residents in historic costumes will introduce you to the typical inventions of the turn of the century and even let you try some of those inventions for yourself!

Augustine, Fla.

6. Discover the Castillo de San Marcos

This national monument is the oldest stone fortress on the mainland of the United States. It was built by the Spaniards to defend and assert their claims in the New World.

Walk around the fort and see the many exhibitions.

Around the fortress you will see people in historical costumes showing and explaining the historical weapons and talking about the lives of the settlers who lived there.

Children between 6 and 12 years old can participate in the Junior Ranger programme. Brochures are for sale at the information stand at the entrance to the fort.

If they go through all the steps in the booklet, they can receive an official Junior Ranger certificate and badge.

Adults (16 years and older) $15.00
Children (15 years and younger) are accompanied by an adult for FREE.

Pirate and Treasury Museum

7. Exploration of the Pirate and Treasure Museum

Saint Augustine has a rich history of pirates! This museum offers a fascinating exploration of the pirates and the treasures they brought here.

You will find many interactive presentations and also real objects.

8. Believe it or not, not.

When you go to St. John’s Augustine with your children, don’t forget to visit Ripley’s Believe it or not!

If you don’t know Ripley’s Believe it or Not, it’s a museum of curiosities, strange or unusual things.


9. Drinking at the Fountain of Youth

Augustine, the Fountain of Youth is the most popular attraction of all. Here Ponce de Leon believed he had found the secret of eternal youth.

You will not only see the spring where he used to drink, but also a 16th century European colony.

The Ponce de Léon Fountain House of the Archaeological Youth Park is a beautiful 60 year old shell-shaped building that houses the original natural fountain from the 17th century. For centuries, Grant was registered in the Spanish country. No wonder Ponce de Leon found the magical water; it contains more than 30 minerals.

I wonder how satellite navigation ended up in Florida?

The company at Planetarium Navigators. Here you will learn about old navigation methods and see what the night sky looks like on the second day. April 1513, the night before Juan Ponce de León landed on the coast of Florida.

Observation towers at the Fountain of Youth

Watchtowers already existed before the appearance of lighthouses and fortifications.

Along the coast you will find Spanish watchtowers, as they would have stood when Pedro Méndez landed there in 1565.

The cannon at the fountain of youth

When Pedro Menéndez de Aviles on the 8th… September 1565 landed here and brought 20 pieces of artillery to defend the European colony. You will find a copy of the six-book gun and reconstructions of its use.

If you have young children, prepare them for the loud noises they will feel when the gun is loaded.

The landscape of this place is impressive. There are many nature reserves to explore, and you should be surprised when you see a peacock.


  • Adults: $15.00
  • Seniors (60 years and older) : $14.00
  • Children from 6 to 12 years old: $9.00
  • Military: $1.00 discount – identification required
  • 1,00 discount – ID required.

10. Visit of Saint-Augustin by ghosts

If you want to do something really cool at a party in this historic city, don’t forget the Ghost Tour in St. There’s a lot of history in this area, and the stories you’ll hear are scary and very funny!

Here are some ghost visits to St. Augustine you should consider:

Have you had a chance to visit St. John’s? Augustine? With so many options in St. John’s Augustine, do you have a favorite?

Share your advice!

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