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With a population of about 10,000, Sedona is a small town in Arizona with a reputation for being a place of spiritual renewal and offering many outdoor activities. In Sedona, Arizona, there is no shortage of shops.

Sedona is located at 4,350 feet above sea level and the landscape is characterized by beautiful red rocky ravines with deserts and beautiful forests and hiking trails. In addition, Sedona’s vortexes bring visitors from all over the world to the magical energy centres.

Besides hiking, biking and bird-watching on the red rocks, Sedona has many new age shops, spas, art galleries and excellent restaurants.

In today’s post there are 12 interesting things to do in Sedona for outdoor fun and adventure.

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Visa Schnebley Hill Road

For adventurers (with a large safety margin of 4×4) Schnebly Hill Rd Vista is a spectacular site with incredible road views.

You absolutely need a car with a high ground clearance of 4×4. My little Toyota Yaris would never make this trip. But my friend’s 4×4 S.U.V. did an excellent job, even though it is slow to drive on very rocky terrain.

Even if you don’t have a set of wheels with high ground clearance, you can rent a jeep in Sedona to drive on Schnebley Hill Road. You can also book a tour with Pink Jeep Tours and leave the driving to someone else.

The total length of the road is about 19 km, but it takes between 45 minutes and 2 hours because it is a rough road and you have to manoeuvre carefully to avoid large rocks.

Schnebly Hill Road is also known as Forestry Service Road 153 (FS 153) and connects to Highway I-17. You can drive Schnebly Hill from I-17 (next to the Flagstaff) to Sedona or from Sedona, drive Schnebly Hill and return via Interstate Road 17.

Flagstaff is not far from Sedona, so it’s easy to take a day trip to the red stones, and Sedona is generally warmer than Flagstaff. If you spend the night in Flagstaff, you make more than 15 day trips from Flagstaff.

Walks and Peace Park

Sedona is known for its breathtaking red rocky landscape and as a spiritual place. Combine it with a visit to Amitabh Stupa and the Peace Park.

The Sedona Amitabha Stupa takes its name from Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of infinite light. The stupas are the oldest religious monuments of Buddhism.

In the Amitabha stupa in Sedona there is a large bronze sculpture of Buddha looking down on the 36-feet high stupa. Colourful prayer flags decorated with trees on the paths of the Peace Park.

Escape into serene beauty and give yourself time for spiritual renewal in Amitabha Stupa and Sedona Peace Park.

Sedona Vortex

Do you know the Sedona Vertebrae? These spiritual places are seen as energy circulation centers for healing and transformation.

There are several whirlwinds in Sedona, but the four most important ones are whirlpools:

  • Mesa Airport Vortex
  • Bell Rock
  • Boynton Gorge
  • Cathedral church

People come to Sedona to experience the Sedona Whirlpool and feel the energy and freshness of the Sedona vibrations. All whirlpools are wonderful trips to Sedona. One of the easiest ways to reach Mesa airport.

Explore Sedona outdoors as you walk to one of the mysterious cosmic forces known as the Sedona Vortex.

Track for small horses

One of the best walks on the red rocks of Sedona, the Little Horse Trail, is beauty. The beginning of the path is at the chapel of the church of the erected cross, follow it on the left side of the path.

If you have the Mt. Little Horse Trail hiking (or biking), you will receive an award for the beautiful view of the red cliffs of Sedona.

Another popular activity in Sedona is a pink jeep ride to the red rocks. One of the excursions includes a trip to the top of the Petit Cheval trail.

Don’t worry, if you go camping at the Little Horse, you won’t see the jeep tours until you reach the top. And they won’t be hanging around much longer. Find your place on the red rocks to relax and enjoy the view.

Montesuma Castle/Fountain of Montesuma

The spoiler alarm, Montesuma Castle and Montesuma Well, have nothing to do with Emperor Montesuma. Some people thought it was a cool name for a rock house.

Montesuma Castle is one of the best preserved Indian ruins in North America. The stone houses are about 800 years old, but no one has lived there since 1450.

The Montezuma Fountain is a depression that releases more than a million litres of water a day. The fountain has several steep houses and you can go down to the water.

Please note that the Montesumas Fountain is located 10 miles from the Montesumas National Monument.

Bread and jewellery Fryers Yavapai Apache

As one of Google’s critics put it: Go to the Pain Frit, stay for the jokes… …and I would add that you should shop for authentic souvenirs too! Beads, sand painting, jewelry, everything is handmade.

The selection of baked breads ranges from sweet to savory with honey, cinnamon and sugar of your choice or beans with cheese and salsa.

I enjoyed the cinnamon baked bread with sugar and I bought a pearl dreamcatcher. The man who runs this restaurant and the outdoor shop has a sense of humor. I never met his mother, but he told me she built a dreamcatcher that I bought.

Enjoy the food, the jewelry and the jokes!

Visit the Yavapai Apache Fry Bread and Jewelry Shop on the west side of Midwest Rd (also known as Montezuma Hwy Castle) in Montezuma Castle Rd. A perfect stop on the way to (or from) Montesuma Castle!

Cotton wood

Cotton Tree is a charming town with beautiful shops and a footpath along the river Verde.

Stroll down the main street in the historic old town of Cottonwood where you’ll find shops and restaurants. And you have to wander through Larry’s antiques and stuff, through the jungle of treasures, to explore them.

Spend some time along the Verde River or get in a kayak and paddle.

Do you like wine? You have come to the right place in Cottonwood, in the heart of the wine region of the Verde Valley. Try red, white, pink and maybe bring a box of liquor souvenirs from Arizona?

Dine in a relaxed atmosphere or at the highest level with options such as Bing’s Burger Station, Pizzeria Bocce, Tavern Grille or Nic’s Italian Steak & Crab House.

Dead Horse National Park Ranch

That’s a strange name for a beautiful place. This Arizona State Park is a beautiful oasis with three lagoons for kayaking, fishing and bird watching. Campsites and rental properties are available.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park is an ideal destination for a family getaway from Sedona. Walk through the lagoons and watch a pair of bald eagles return to their nest in spring.

Autumn is an ideal time to visit the park, where the poplar is a breathtaking golden display. I have written a full blog post about the visit of the Dead Horse Ranch Park with all the details.

Tuzigut National Monument

The word Tuzigoot comes from the word Apache, which means water curve, and the site is named after a proposal by an Apache member who participated in the excavation project.

Southwest of Sedona and near the cotton forest, this important historical site was the pueblo of the Sinaguan people. It is one of the largest pueblo’s in Arizona, built of limestone and sandstone, and consists of more than 100 rooms.

The people of Sinagua were farmers. They cultivated beans, corn, cotton and pumpkins between 1000 and 1400 n. Chronic subheadings.

Follow a short path through historic ruins, then walk to the Tavasci Swamp, where you can watch birds and listen to their singing. Wetlands in the desert are rare.

Honanky-Pueblo and Tent Pueblo

The ancient ruins of the Honanky and Pueblo tents provide a glimpse into the past of the Hopi ancestors, known as the Sinaguan people.

The path to the ruins is a bumpy ride on a washboard, but it’s worth it. And if you like free camping or off-road activities, you’ll need to schedule extra time here.

Driving an ATV is one of the most popular things in Arizona. In Phoenix and Sedona there are many jeep and mountain bike rentals. And Phoenix is just 115 miles from Sedona, making it a great place for a weekend or day trip.

Once you have reached the ruins of Honanka, there is a small parking lot and a short walk to the houses on the Pueblo Rock. In warm weather you’ll probably see lizards and snakes.

I have all the information I need to visit the ruins of Honanka. At the time of writing, the pueblo tent is temporarily closed.

Spring incubator pg.

The Page Springs Incubator is located in Cornville, about 25 minutes from Sedona. It’s a cool place where it’s warm, with Lower Oak Creek and lots of trees.

More than half of the trout in Arizona start their lives in Paige Springs, about 750,000 trout. The Arizona Department of Fish and Game has an incubator.

In Incubator Page Springs is a very popular bird show. Sit down and look, you’ll probably see interesting birds like herons, kingfishers, sea eagles or ducks, to name but a few.

Opening Hours: every day from 7 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. (closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas).

Walking in West Fork Oak Canyon

West Fork in Oak Creek Canyon is a great hike for all ages. The course is generally flat, but there are a few creek crossings, so be prepared to wet your shoes. Most passages have stones and tree trunks.

The West Fork Trail, which runs along the west fork of Oak Creek, with beautiful red cliffs and many trees, spends most of the walk in the shade.

But you don’t have to do the whole walk to enjoy the beauty of the West Fork Trail.

Sedona AZ To Do Map

Here’s a map showing what you can do outside in Sedona – have fun!

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