Merry Christmas to everyone! We love everything about Christmas, whether it’s family time, Christmas trees, gifts, turkey dinners or food. Our favorite Christmas entertainment is gambling! Our Christmas quiz for children and adults will help you challenge adults with 15 fun family details. Do you know more about Santa Claus than you do about Aunt Maureen? Can you beat your brother at Christmas movie questions?

Grab a pen and paper, your Christmas sweater and a big pair of plush Christmas socks and get ready to play our fun Christmas quiz for the kids!

How to play:

There are fifteen Christmas questions, all with multiple answers. Pick an answer that seems right to you. Try to answer all 15 questions and then click on the link at the end of the test to see the answers. Don’t cheat!

There we go – ho-ho!

Fun Christmas quiz for children and adults!

Children's Christmas quiz (Picture: Shutter/Flicker pictures)

1. Where’s Santa’s workshop?

a) North Pole) South Pole) East Pole) West Pole

2. What is the (estimated) height of the Norway spruce that grows every year on Trafalgar Square in London?

a. 10 metres
b. 20 metres
c. 50 metres
d. 75 metres

3. Why does the Grinch hate Christmas so much?

a) He thinks it’s too kitsch
b) He doesn’t like Christmas shopping
c) His heart is too small
d) His feet are too big

4. How many deer does Santa have, including Rudolph!

a. 2
b. 6
c. 8
d. 9

5. In the little snowman in the cartoon, what color is the scarf of the snowman?

(a) Redb) (Greennc) Brown) Orange

6. What’s the first Christmas song from SPACE in 1965?

a) Merry Christmas
b) Jingle Bells
c) Another Leona Lewis dream
d) Happy birthday

Essex Family Train Steam Engine on the Epping Ongar Railway, Essex (Photo: Mark Seton)

7. What Christmas movie shows a train taking children to the North Pole?

a) Häuserb) Eisenbahnc) Polar Expressd) 6:55 to the North Pole

That’s what it looks like: Did you know that in England you can take the train to the North Pole? Look for traces of Epping’s hangar.

8. How many doors can you open in your calendar when you come / go to Christmas?

a. 10
b. 12
c. 24
d. 31

9. What is the history of the traditional ballet that is normally performed during the festival?

a) The Nutcracker) Swan Lake) Diversity: Concert g) Christmas crackers

10. What soft drinks are advertised in the Christmas advert with a lit train and truck?

(a) advocaat (lemonadec) cream sauce (Coca-Cola)

11. Which element is normally not placed at the top of the tree?

(a) star) soft cake (c) silver angel) fairy

12. What are the four main food groups of the Elf Buddy in the Elf movie?

a) Candies, ice cream, syrup and M&M’s b) Candies, stuffed pies, turkey and Yorkshire puddings c) Candies, confectionery, sweets and noodles d) Candies, sugar cane, corn and syrup

Gingerbread house at the Grand Floridan Hotel Disney (Photo: HarshLight)

13. The Grand Floridian at Walt Disney World Resort has a full-size edible gingerbread house in the lobby for Christmas. How many kilos of chocolate is used to make it?

(a) £7
(b) £70
(c) £700
(d) £7,000

That’s what it looks like: Walt Disney World is magical enough for Christmas – see what you can expect.

14. Which country celebrates Christmas earlier because of jet lag?

a. Finland
b. Australia
c. Canada
d. Ireland

15. How many French chickens were slaughtered on day 12? On Christmas Day, the songwriter’s true love?

(a) Sevenb) Sixsc) Target) Three

And that’s it!

Click HERE to see all the answers and calculate the result.


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