Hey, hey, it’s a Disney quiz! We love everything Disney, from catchy songs to magical theme parks to wonderful Disney and Pixar movies. We also like to play all kinds of Disney games. That’s why we developed this quiz with 15 fun Disney Kids Trivia questions you can play as a family.

Our Disney quiz for kids lets you challenge adults with 15 fun questions about Disney for kids (and adults). Do you know more about Moana than you do about Aunt Maureen? Can you beat your brother with questions about Queen Elsa?

The funniest multiple choice games for kids from Disney

Grab pen and paper, your favorite Disney t-shirt and a pair of Mickey ears and get ready to play our fun Disney quiz for kids!


There are 15 Disney questions, all multiple-choice. Choose the answer that seems right to you. Try to answer all 15 questions, then click on the link at the end of the test to see the answers. Don’t cheat!

Let’s go – let’s do the kooooooooooo!

15 fun Disney quizzes for kids

You’ve never had a friend like me before (photo: J.D. Hancock)

1. In Beauty and the Beast, what is the name of Mrs. Potts’ son?

(a) Gaston (b) Chopper (c) Chip (d) Lil’cup

2. Snow White has 7 friends in Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Which of the following is NOT the name of one of the dwarfs?

(a) Deppb) Docc) Grumpyd) Smiley

3. In Frozen, Kristoff tells Anna that his troll friends in the forest are experts at what ?

a) experts in love
b) experts in ice
c) experts in snow
d) experts in rendering

4. Where does Winnie the Pooh live?

(a) Sherwood Forest
(b) One Hundred Trees of Sherwood
(c) Wood Honey Forest
(d) Crown Forest

50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World (Disney)

5. In Walt Disney World in Florida, the magnificent castle in the Magic Kingdom Park belongs to which princess?

a) Sleeping Beauty b) Beauty c) Cinderella c) Snow White

6. Now we’re really putting you to the test with our Disney baby quiz! Buzz Lightyear is named after the famous astronaut who was one of the first to walk on the moon. But do you know the name of the astronaut?

(a) Buzz Lightning
(b) Buzz Bonnerton
(c) Buzz McCallister
(d) Buzz Aldrin

7. How come Captain Hook has a hook to help him in The Adventures of Peter Pan?

a) A crocodile bit his arm. b) He was born with only one arm. c) Tinkerbell fairy enchanted him. d) He lost his arm in a boating accident.

8. Which of those Disney movies isn’t based on a real person?

a) Pocahontasb) Mulanc) The Princess and the Frog) Robin Hood

9. In the Disney song Under the Sea from La Petite Sirène, Sébastien sings that fish are sad because they…

a) at sea b) in a dish b) on a table c) on land

10. What does Ralph do in the sequel to Wreck It Ralph?

a) Breaks the wall
b) Breaks the game
c) Breaks the internet
d) Breaks free

11. You could say that Hercules was the original Disney influence, with his support and sponsorships, which we joke about in the song Zero to Hero. But what is the name of his coveted sandals? (Hint: they look a lot like a collaboration with a well-known sportswear brand).

a) Champion Hooksb) Air Hertzc) Cougar Pumpsd) Olympic Games

12. What traditional fairy tale is the Disney film Tangled based on?

a) The princess and the peab) Little Red Riding Hood c) Rapunzel

13. Lilo and Stitch is in what state of the United States?

(a) California
(b) New England
(c) Hawaii
(d) Florida

14. What is the name of the town on Route 66 that Lightning McQueen encounters when trying to get the Big Piston Cup?

(a) Radiator Springs (b) Dusty Springfield (c) Las Vroomgas (d) Sleep Dashboard

15. What does Mary Poppins offer children with her medicine?

a) Cup of tea b) Cuddle c) Hamburg d) Spoonful of sugar

That’s the end of our fun Disney Kids Trivia Quiz! How do you think you got this result?

Click HERE to see all the answers and calculate your score!


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