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Getting off the road in Alberta is the experience of a lifetime. The majestic Rocky Mountains offer an extraordinary view by car and especially while hiking.

Or as a guest in a canoe or kayak on breathtakingly beautiful lakes.

In this article you will find 15 beautiful lakes in the Canadian Rockies to visit.

In the national parks of Alberta you will find beautiful lakes. Jasper National Park has more than 2,000 lakes, but only about 100 of them are mentioned.

Read on to find inspiration for your trip to Alberta. There is also a map at the end where you can see where all the lakes are.

Lake Louise

The amazing turquoise color of Lake Louise will make you wonder if it is real. For the best views of Lake Louise, take a walk along one of the paths.

You can also get into a canoe or kayak and paddle around Lake Louise, which is only 2 km long, so it is an easy paddle.

In addition, if you walk to the back of the lake and go to the Six Glacier Plain trailhead, you will enjoy a beautiful view of the lake.

Choose the brightest turquoise on a sunny day.

Minnewanka lake

When the sun shines on Lake Minnewanka, it is again a turquoise jewel of Banff. You can take a boat trip on Lake Minnewanka, a walk along the shore or a picnic by the lake.

Lake Minnewanka is a large glacial lake, 21 km long and 142 m deep.

The masons called Lake Minn Waki, which translates as Lake of Spirits.

The perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

Vermilion Lakes

A short drive east of Banff offers tranquil views of Rundle Mountain and wetlands full of birds.

Vermilion Lakes is the only place I’ve seen moose in Banff National Park. He stood in the water and nibbled at the green of the nature buffet.

Do you see a moose in the Vermilion Lakes? I don’t know, but you have to let me know when you find out.

Rundle Mountain overlooking Lake Vermilion in Banff.

Medical more

On the scenic road leading to Lake Malińska, stop at Lake Medicina. Let’s hope that the sun shines and that there are a few swollen clouds floating above our heads, reflecting a reflection in the water.

You can kayak on Medicine Lake. If you don’t have your own kayak, you can rent one from Jasper.

The medicine lake in the valley of Malińska Jaspera is an ideal place for a picnic.

Talbot lake

Another beautiful lake in Jasper National Park, Lake Talbot, is located 30 km northeast of the city of Jasper. If you like fishing, throw a ladder into the lake for whitefish and pike.

Talbot Lake offers breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, and Jasper National Park is an excellent place to kayak.

Lake Talbot is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors.

Onion more

Bow Lake and the Bow Glacier are definitely worth a stop on the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93 North) on the road from Lake Louise to Jasper Lake.

In winter, when the water freezes, you can cross the lake to Bow Glacier Falls with snowshoes or cross-country skis. In summer there is a footpath along the water’s edge.

Beautiful Onion Lake in Banff National Park

Peyto Lake

The iconic fox lake in Banff National Park is a feast for the eyes.

There is a viewing platform (which is full of tourist buses), but for the best views of Peyto Lake it is best to walk to the top of Bow.

The view of Lake Peyto from the Bow Summit is a short and easy walk, but the tourist buses don’t run on the paths, so there is more room for elbows.

Bow Summit is where you can see Peyto Lake.

Lac Herbert

Along the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park, Herbert Lake is one of the first lakes on this scenic and world famous route.

Take a walk to the lake and walk around the lake. Lake Herbert is nice and quiet.

Lake Herbert is one of the best places to stop on the ice road.

Water bird pond

The Water Bird Lake is a radiant blue with a background of sparkling and beautiful Rocky Mountains. It’s a great place to stop on a car trip, stretch your legs and enjoy the view.

The water bird lake is one of the bright blue lakes along the Icefields Parkway.

More of the pyramids

The sunset at Pyramid Lake in Jasper is beautiful. Park at Pyramid Island and cross the footbridge to get to the island. Note the changing light and the beautiful reflections of the mountains in the water.

Another good way to discover the lake is to take to the water, rent a kayak and paddle around the Pyramid Lake to a small beach. Have a nice picnic and have fun.

Keep an eye out for birds, muskrats and moose around the Pyramid Lake.

Discover other things you can do in Jasper National Park.

Visit Pyramid Lake during your stay in Jasper.

Upper Kananaskis and lower Kananaskis lake

Two classic beauties of Kananaskis Country, Upper Kananaskis Lake and Lower Kananaskis Lake, will take your breath away.

The Rawson Lake Trail, which starts from Lake Upper Kananaskis, is an excellent summer or winter hiking trail. In summer you can go from Rawson Lake to Sarrail Ridge for a longer walk.

Rawson Lake is hidden under the snow, but the view is still beautiful.

Malińskie Lake

Where can you see kayaking and moose on a lake? I’m sure there are a few places, but Malin is the only place I’ve seen moose from my kayak.

In the boathouse you can rent a canoe, kayak or rowboat. You can also take a boat trip on Lake Maligne and see Spirit Island without having to paddle the 14 km to get there!

Camping is the best experience of Lake Maligne. Kayak to the lakeside campsite and enjoy peaceful sunrises and sunsets in paradise.

On the way to Lake Malinj you can stop and hike on the beautiful Malinj Canyon Trail.

Rent a kayak or take a boat on Lake Maligne in Jasper.

Lake moraine

One of the most spectacular views in the Rocky Mountains is the Moraine Lake lookout. Getting to Lake Moraine requires good planning, as there is little parking space, but the Moraine is one of Banff’s most popular lakes.

It’s best to get up before sunrise and get a parking space. Take the Roam Transit shuttle from Banff to Moraine Lake in the fall and let someone else drive. And you won’t have any trouble parking.

Several large footpaths on Lake Moraine make it the ideal place to spend the day. The Larch Valley Trail and Chasovaya Pass are particularly popular during the autumn larch season.

Breathtaking views of the lake moraine in Banff National Park

Abraham lake

Once you look at Lake Abraham, you can’t help staring at it. The color is unreal. Looks like blueberry jelly or Kool-Aid.

Lake Abraham is the largest artificial lake in Alberta and is 32 km long. It’s a very popular place for fishing. You can catch rainbow trout, bull trout, lake trout, throat trout or mountain fish.

Lake Abraham (also known as Lake Abraham) is located on the North Saskatchewan River in western Alberta.

In winter, visit Lake Abraham to see the frozen bubbles. January and February are usually the best months to see bubbles.

Lake Abraham appears in a beautiful, radiant blue.

Upper Waterton Lake

Did you know that Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta and Glacier National Park in Montana were the first international world park in 1995? This is the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

You can take a boat trip on the Upper Waterton Lake, which crosses Montana.

Take a day trip to Waterton Lakes or spend a few days at the Prince of Wales Hotel overlooking Waterton Lakes. There are also camping facilities in Waterton – information is available on the Parks Canada website.

Map of the 15 beautiful lakes of Alberta

Below you will find a map with all the lakes, so you can easily find them. You can start by planning a trip to some of the most beautiful places in Alberta.

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