Last Friday, I spent a week on Half Moon Cay (Half Moon Cay is the Bahamas’ most famous island) and we had a wonderful time. The island is a mere 10 minute plane ride from Miami and is known for its incredible climate year-round. The island is a very touristy destination, but I felt it was a good place for me to travel because it’s a bit off the beaten path. That said, you don’t have to be a tourist to have fun on the island. We spent most of our time beach hopping and sightseeing.

One of the best ways to find out if you’re really a member of the human race is to travel.

Six years ago, the first family to move to Half Moon Cay, Bahamas (a three-hour flight from Miami) had never been to the beach before. A beach that has been featured on popular TV series, such as “Jersey Shore”, and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” This year, the “KARDASHIANS” is going to Half Moon Cay.

If you’ve ever taken a cruise to the Bahamas or the Caribbean with Holland America Line or Carnival Cruise Line, chances are you’ve visited Half Moon Cay.

The Carnival Corporation-owned private island is known for its immaculate beach and crystal clear blue sea, and a visit there is ideal for a sunny beach day.

Carnival Horizon began sailings in July, with its maiden trip stopping at Half Moon Cay for two days in a row. (It’s worth noting that doing a double-dip is unusual for any cruise line.) Here are some of the pictures we shot over the course of those two days.

This photo shows the tender boat approaching the pier while gazing back towards the ship.

half moon cay tender

Here’s the tender dock in action! Typically, the tender boats are reversed, tied together, and visitors depart on the port side.

half moon cay tender dock

This is the “port” portion of the property, leading to the remainder of the land and the beach. To the right are lockers where you may store anything you wish to keep secure during your stay. Walking through the fence will lead you to a beach that is nearly two miles long.

half moon cay

The beach is lined with white sand and the most gorgeous turquoise sea you’ve ever seen. The two-story Beach Villas are available for rent along the beach, and Captain Morgan’s Bar, a three-deck pirate ship, is to the right. Only the first floor of the hotel has a bar.

half moon cay beach

There’s a little kid’s splash area with its own pirate ship feature if your kids need a break from the sand and the water.

kid's play area half moon cay

Half Moon Cay is most known for its peaceful beach days, but there are other activities available on the island. A glass-bottom boat awaits guests below deck, taking them out into the water to view the marine life that surrounds them.

glass bottom boat half moon cay

Here’s what the pirate ship bar looks like on the inside! Isn’t it sort of what you’d expect? The jagged hole on the right indicates that this ship has been through some terrible fights!

captain morgan's pirate ship bar half moon cay

On every cruise line private island, the open-air BBQ buffet-style lunch is usually a favorite. On Half Moon Cay, this is the location where it’s served.

half moon cay barbecue lunch

There’s also a fruit-filled boat, because why not?

half moon cay fruit boat

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Another picture of the clear water…

half moon cay beach

From the top of the pirate ship, you can see down the beach in both directions.

half moon cay beach

half moon cay beach

A closer look at the Beach Villas.

Go here to find out what they and the Cabanas contain and how much they cost: What’s Included with the Cabanas and Villas at Half Moon Cay?

half moon cay beach villas

There’s a little hut next to the pirate ship where you may hire kayaks, inner tubes, and floating mats.

half moon cay rentables

Finally, we’ll leave you with a bar called I Wish I Could Stay Here Forever, which is appropriately titled for almost everyone who visits Half Moon Cay.

wish i could stay here forever bar

i wish i could stay here forever half moon cay

We hope you liked these Half Moon Cay pictures!

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