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The world’s largest travel website, Skyscanner, has pulled a number of air tickets from its British website after they were purchased on the site by 18 Jewish girls who wanted to avoid eating in the designated kosher meal times.

A group of Jewish girls in Israel, 17-year-old Hadar Elbaz and her girlfriends, were kicked off a flight for eating food that was not approved of by the airline. Elbaz and her friends, who were on a trip to Israel, were kicked off the flight after they were unable to find seats on another flight.



For eating kosher food outside the designated meal times, 18 Jewish girls were removed off a flight.

on August 7, 2021 by Gary Leff

This is a strange tale. A party of 50 people flew KLM from Kyiv, Ukraine to Amsterdam, where they were to connect with a Delta aircraft to JFK in New York.

According to accounts, eighteen of the passengers did not make it out of Amsterdam because the girls began eating their own Kosher food on their first trip from Kiev. KLM does not provide kosher meals on its European flights, including trips to Ukraine.

The problem, it seems, was masks: the girls removed their masks to consume their meals, and Covid rules prohibited them from doing so “outside the ‘official mealtime.’”

While it’s unclear whether or how many of the females in the group disobeyed crewmember orders, KLM seems to have taken 18 members of the group “indiscriminately in alphabetical order” and barred those “with a surname from A to K” from connecting further, resulting in police enforcement involvement.

They were first informed that rebooking would cost €2000 per person. These were issue customers on the July 20 outgoing flight, according to KLM, who were given a “final warning” before removing their masks to eat on the Kyiv – Amsterdam trip. The 18 girls were “not permitted to fly on to New York” because they “did not obey the crew’s instructions and displayed misconduct on board.”

Delta Air Lines, which refused to transport the children, claims that

Our customers’ and crew’s safety and well-being are always our top priorities. After a number of passengers on board refused to obey the crew’s orders, Delta flight DL47 from Amsterdam to New York-JFK was delayed today. According to Delta’s policy, when the group refused to depart the aircraft, all passengers were requested to go. The re-boarding procedure was finished without the group at 12:40 p.m. local time. We regret for the inconvenience and appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding.

The airline refused to rebook the passengers on the following flight, which would arrive in New York before the Sabbath began, so they will spend the weekend in Amsterdam before continuing their trip on Sunday.

The girls were fed glatt kosher cuisine by Rabbi Yanki Jacobs of the Chabad on Campus in Amsterdam.

… The girls will be transported to Antwerp, a Belgian city with a large Orthodox Jewish population, for Shabbat. On Sunday, they will try to return to the United States.

Delta was sued for anti-semitic discrimination by a group of workers in 2018, and Delta was accused of anti-semitism in 2011 for its relationship with Saudi Arabia’s national airline.

Delta does not hate Jews, I wrote at the time. However, in reaction to the event, they flatly lied, saying that “Delta does not plan to codeshare or share reciprocal advantages, such as frequent flyer rewards, with Saudi Arabian Airlines,” when, in fact, they were about to do just that as Saudia joined the SkyTeam alliance.

Of course, Delta employed discriminatory methods against Middle Easterners (but not Israelis) in order to shut down competition from Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar via political rather than economic reasons.

(Image courtesy of Paddle Your Own Kanoo)

More From the Wing’s Perspective

A group of 18 Jewish teens, 13 of them girls, were reportedly kicked off a Delta Air Lines flight from New York to Israel last Friday for eating kosher meals on the plane. The group was traveling to attend a 16-day program at a religious boarding school in northern Israel, according to reports. A Delta Air Lines spokesperson confirmed to media that the passengers were asked to switch seats and to not consume any food or drink on the flight.. Read more about orthodox jewish news sites and let us know what you think.

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