Everyone seems to be in need of the 180-day global Oceania Cruises, departing in 2023. The epic journey sold out in one day! By the time the cruise leaves, the industry will no doubt have re-established a semblance of normality and confidence in its success will be maintained.


It’s very rare to hear good news in the cruise industry these days, but we finally have something positive from Oceania Cruises, which is part of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. The luxury airline’s epic 180-day cruise, which departs in 2023, sold out in one day.

Reservations were made on 27. January 2021 open to the public, and although this type of yacht generally attracts loyal cruise passengers, in this case more than a third of bookings came from Oceanic customers, who were the first to arrive and the first to be served.

Bob Binder, President and CEO of Oceania Cruises, said

The response to our epic Round the World Tour 2023 clearly shows the enthusiasm of experienced travellers for an exciting and memorable travel experience.

Despite the challenges the world faces today, travelers are certainly looking to the future and taking advantage of these new opportunities to travel the world and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Over the past year, the cruise line has seen a steady increase in interest in its offerings. In Oceania, booking rates for newcomers have even reached 50%. In addition, 20% of cruise passengers worldwide chose to extend their trip to a total of 218 days.

It’s not clear why interest is growing, but perhaps this kind of more intimate navigation offers more comfort to cruise passengers in these difficult times. The new boom in the industry could be one of smaller ships with lower payloads.

Photo : Oceania Cruises

Around the world in 180 days

The 2023 Round the World in 180 days is the most complete and in-depth world circumnavigation. They departed from 96 ports in 33 countries on four continents. You can also take a three-day trip around Antarctica and visit more than 60 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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The cruise ship Insignia will be launched on the 15th with this dream. January 2023 to set sail from San Francisco, California. The 684-passenger ship begins its cruise on the 13th. July 2023 ends in San Francisco, and the cost of the trip is over $41,000!

It is also possible to book a 200-day cruise, which covers the same route as the 180-day cruise, but on the second day of the cruise. August 2023 in New York.

For now, Oceania Cruises, like most other cruise lines, has ceased operations. Trips are now available up to 30. April 2021 removed.

Main photo credit : Ovidiu Curic / Shutterstock.com

frequently asked questions

How much does a 180-day cruise cost?

Oceania Cruises’ 180-day round-the-world cruise in 2023 sold out in one day. Bob Binder, President and CEO of Oceania Cruises, attributes the rapid sales time to pent-up demand. Prices range from $41,600 to $155,600 for a cruise to 33 countries.

Are cruises always full?

Practically a title. Most cruises are fully booked, but often there are still seats available before the trip begins …

How much would a cruise around the world cost?

Price: Prices for a full world cruise range from $16,789 to $183,509 per person; segments start at $1299, double occupancy.

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