By 2020, everything will have changed. No city trips in Europe, no encounters on distant continents. The most important thing is to travel in the country and stay safe. Suddenly the idea of a camper appeared.

One morning we woke up with this idea. This summer we’re going to buy a camper and explore our house. We want our car to have a kitchen, shower, sofas and of course a comfortable bed – we are going to buy a house on wheels, a small house.

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

2020 : The year of the motorhome!

We soon realized that we were not alone in this, thousands of people woke up at the same time with the same idea. Because everyone was looking for a house on wheels, it was hard to find what we needed.

The year 2020 has really become the year of driving!

Searching for a motorhome

A house on wheels, always a dream…

So we searched the internet, went to caravan dealers in different cities and eventually bought one of them.

Then at the gas station we had coffee, sandwiches and something nice to celebrate that we did it!

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

Our little house on wheels, but big enough when you drive…

So that’s what it looks like, and that’s what it looks like from the inside:

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

Up to six people can travel and sleep

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

View of the upper chamber

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

kitchen, bathroom and living room

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

…and it’s up to you to see the view from your living room.

Then, in order to travel, all you had to do was fill it with things.

Preparing for travel in a van

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

Our motorhome is ready for the journey.

The same day we got home, I started filling the van with things we might need on the way.

Dishes, cups and plates, food, spices, napkins and of course candles to make dark evenings more enjoyable. All the little things we need. Time will show you what’s right and what’s wrong. We will in any case use these camping chairs to sit back and relax after the day’s driving:

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

Necessary for travelling by car: light camping chairs and a table.

We have camping chairs and an outdoor dining table, and soap, sunscreen and shampoo in the bathroom. And of course, boots, flip-flops and clothes for all weather conditions. From now on, all this stuff will belong to the van and it’ll be there all the time. We want to make it easier to get started.

Details of the packaging project

All items you bring home on wheels must be able to be placed in the apartment and behind closed doors when you travel.

However, we’ve discovered something we don’t need in the summer: Candles:

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

Under the Finnish midnight sun, there is no need for candles.

Purchases in Crown Times

Most things were already in our house, and we bought the rest. Since the restrictions of the Crown were imposed, we have put everything online and had to wait a few days to get all the material.

While I was planning the interior, Klas continued studying the following guides. As the Fiat carrier was born in Italy, most materials were in Italian.

But he could understand how water, gas and heating systems work, where batteries and other devices are hidden and above all how everything should be used without being connected at night (because we prefer to travel in rural areas).

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! The people behind you…

Our two sons bought and installed what they said we couldn’t do without: a backup camera, fire, gas and other alarms, and nice little details around every corner.

After our daughter gave us her favorite bank cushion from the United States, we were finally ready to go on a trip. Your pillow really matches our colours:

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

Our motto is: travel, life.

We are very excited about our new style of travel! So, where did we go?

Housing on wheels: Where did we go?


Natural attractions near the Finnish capital: Kuparnass, Inkoo.

It’s really changed our travel habits. Instead of driving around for two hours on the same day, of course along the busy highway, we now take smaller roads and stop for sightseeing.

In the surroundings of Helsinki we found beautiful nature reserves where we could spend the night. One of them is just two kilometers from the suburbs, by the sea, ideal for a barbecue on the beach, a good night’s sleep and waking up in the woods.

Pictures of our travels with motorhomes in Helsinki and surroundings:

Our camping holiday in Tampere – Helsinki in pictures


2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

Kauhaneva Podjankangas National Park

The longest trip so far brought us to Kokkola in Ostrobothnia, where we could finally visit the family after a long break from the crown.

As we normally take the morning train at 3 am and the last evening train home, we have now spent four days on the same route and have extended the weekend to both Friday and Monday. For us it doesn’t matter much whether we work in a trailer or come from somewhere else. The additional advantage of a motorhome is that it is perfect for working remotely.

We took secondary roads again and visited national parks, natural attractions and postcard towns with wooden houses. Places we never had time to stop.

Pictures of this trip:

Our camper trip to Ostrobothnia on pictures

Where to?

2020: The Year of Motorhome Travel!

Around the Arctic Circle: Finnmark, Norway

Photo: Emma Leela

Since then there have been a few shorter trips, but our long trip this summer brings us to Finnish Lapland, and we hope to visit Norway as well. We leave at the beginning of August, so stay tuned and check our social networks for travel information.

In the meantime, I wish you a good summer, whether you travel or not!

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