Get ready to explore the beauty of Adelaide. From its stunning coastline, to local food and culture at state parks, you’ll have a great time seeing this Australian city in just three days.

The “adelaide itinerary 4 days” is a 3-day itinerary that includes the best things to see and do.

Adelaide is a stunning place to visit and an underappreciated Australian trip. The city is tiny, and many of the key attractions are within walking distance. With the coastline on one side and wooded hills on the other, the city is surrounded by lovely natural surroundings. A three-day schedule in Adelaide is ideal for getting a sense of the city’s core.

Many visitors come to Adelaide as part of a longer vacation throughout Australia, driving from Perth or Melbourne across the nation. This city is also worth seeing as a stand-alone excursion if you travel straight to it. This Adelaide travel itinerary is ideal for any sort of visitor looking to make the most of their three days in Adelaide.

If you want to remain for a longer period of time, be sure to read to the conclusion of this essay. There you’ll discover suggestions for fun ways to see more of South Australia while you’re in Adelaide. There are many gorgeous sites to visit in this city and state, so keep reading to plan your ideal vacation.


Glenelg Beach is a beach in Glenelg, South Australia’s famed tram line

Before you go, there are a few things you should know.

What Hotels Should You Book in Adelaide?

Before you start viewing the sites and going on excursions, you’ll need to choose the ideal lodging. The location of your hotel may have a significant influence on how simple it is to move about and how enjoyable your stay is. Some of our top recommendations, situated in the greatest sections of Adelaide, are listed below.

The Palms Apartments — Located on the north-east corner of the CBD, this property is conveniently close to many of the city’s main attractions. The rooms are big and clean, with excellent facilities like as free Wi-Fi and a dishwasher.

The Stamford Grand Adelaide is a well-known landmark on the Glenelg coast. It’s stunning both inside and out, with a fantastic indoor pool to unwind in after a day of touring. You’ll be located next to a tram line, making it convenient to go about the city.

More lodging alternatives in Adelaide may be found here.

3 day adelaide itinerary

Adelaide is home to a plethora of historic structures.

When is the best time to visit Adelaide?

Plan your travel between November and March for the greatest likelihood of sunny sky and mild weather. It may become quite hot in the midst of summer, as it does in most Australian cities, so avoid December and January if you don’t enjoy the heat.

Adelaide, fortunately, has a warm climate and can be visited all year. During the winter, there are an average of 9 to 11 rainy days. Because you’ll be spending a lot of time outside, it’s best to accomplish this three-day Adelaide itinerary during the warmer months.

How to Get Around Adelaide

If you are simply traveling inside the city, you will be OK using public transportation. If you want to go on day excursions outside of the city, you’ll either need to rent a vehicle or join one of the fantastic day tours described in the sections below.

The ‘Adelaide Metro’ umbrella includes trams, buses, and trains. Purchasing a metroCARD, which can be recharged and used on all routes, is the most convenient method to move about. This was a terrific method for us to go to all of the things on our Adelaide vacation agenda.

Alternatively, you may buy paper tickets from numerous machines and tap on to the trams with your credit card. Because not all bus stops have a ticket machine, this may be unreliable for the buses.

For more information on Adelaide Metro pricing and tickets, click here.

adelaide travel itinerary

Taking a look at some of Adelaide’s amazing murals

Adelaide’s Best Tours

Sometimes you just don’t want the stress of figuring out train and bus schedules. An organised tour can be a great way to dig deeper into some of the sights in Adelaide as well as some gems outside the city limits. All you have to worry about is having a good time. Find some of Adelaide’s Best Tours below.

Adelaide Walking Tour Cultural Caper

This brief walking tour will take you through a region of Adelaide that is rich in history. The expert guide will share some of the city’s fascinating history with you and help you plan the remainder of your day’s activities. Here’s where you can learn more and buy tickets.

Kayak Tour of Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is a sanctuary for dolphins in Adelaide, and Ships Graveyard

See a side of Adelaide that few tourists get to see. The knowledgeable guide will take you through the mangrove-lined rivers in search of dolphins and sunken ships. Here’s where you can learn more and buy tickets.


Cleland is a fantastic site to watch adorable koalas.

From Adelaide, take a tour to Cleland Wildlife Park, which includes Mount Lofty Summit.

This five-star tour is one of the possibilities for the third and final day of this three-day Adelaide itinerary. Mount Lofty provides breathtaking views of the city, and the Cleland Wildlife Park is one of Australia’s finest. Here’s where you can learn more and buy tickets.

Adelaide’s Torrens River Cruise

The Torrens River, which passes through the centre of Adelaide, gives a lovely alternate vantage point for seeing the city. During the leisurely tour, the educated guide will provide some history of the city and river. Here’s where you can learn more and buy tickets.

The Best Things to See and Do in Adelaide in 3 Days

Day 1: Glenelg/Adelaide City

There is much to see and do in Adelaide’s city center. The ideal way to spend the first of your three days in Adelaide is to see the city’s most famous sites. Some of Adelaide’s must-see sights, as well as a short walk to Glenelg Beach is a beach in Glenelg, South Australia, are included below.

You may not view everything mentioned here depending on your interests and speed. There should, however, be enough highlights for any sort of tourist to cover a full day.

3 day adelaide itinerary

The University of Adelaide’s magnificent grounds

Adelaide Botanic Garden is a botanical garden in Adelaide, South Australia.

A walk around this lovely botanic garden is a wonderful way to start the day. It’s at the north-east corner of the CBD, surrounded by a plethora of other attractions.

After seeing a number of botanic gardens, I was really struck by this one. There are so many different regions to explore, and there are so many different flora to see. The Bicentennial Conservatory is a fascinating structure that houses a miniature tropical rainforest. The amazon water lily pavilion is another feature.

The next attraction is merely a 2-minute walk from where you leave the garden on the east side near the conservatory.

3 day Adelaide itinerary

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is large enough that you could easily spend a whole day there. is a botanical garden in Adelaide, South Australia.

Australia’s National Wine Centre

It’s time to enter inside the world of wine after you’ve done admiring the building’s gorgeous architecture from the outside. A self-guided tour with interpretive stations about the winemaking process and Australian history is available.

There is an incredible tasting experience where you may try over 120 wines from 55 Australian regions. The wonderful Australian Wine Discovery Tour with Tastings is a must-do for wine lovers and those who want to learn more.

Museum of South Australia

Adelaide, despite being one of Australia’s smallest cities, boasts a superb museum. The entry is free, and the permanent collections are definitely worth seeing. They include an enormous pacific cultures display as well as a thorough native cultures exhibit, both of which were quite intriguing.

This is near to the botanic garden, and you may reach there by walking via the gorgeous university campus grounds. For additional information and up-to-date activities, see their website.

adelaide travel itinerary

The National Wine Centre’s magnificent entrance

South Australian Art Gallery

The gallery is immediately adjacent to the museum, making a combined visit simple. You can’t miss this skyscraper because of its stunning façade, which has massive columns. It was built in 1881 and has a wonderful collection of art. Their collections of aboriginal and historical Australian art are particularly interesting.

The Anzac Centenary Memorial Walk is a commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the

It is worthwhile to stroll along this outstanding memorial to Australian military members after leaving the museum site. The black granite wall is carved with pictures of earlier fights. Interpretive signage at the site give more information on the feature’s other features.

The route will lead you into the city, where you may join the Adelaide’s Walking Art Trail.

3 day adelaide itinerary

The art gallery’s imposing exterior

Adelaide’s Walking Art Trail

Adelaide is one of several cities throughout the world that have embraced street art. Murals and sculptures may be seen in abundance across the city. You may use this map to design a path between your favorites, then stroll between them while you see other sights.

Adelaide Central Market is a market in Adelaide, South Australia.

One of the biggest undercover fresh produce markets in the southern hemisphere. This is the ideal location for sampling some of South Australia’s delectable native cuisine. In between visiting the CBD, you may want to stop here for a quick bite to eat.

Glenelg Beach is a beach in Glenelg, South Australia

Taking the tram line to the beach at Glenelg is a terrific way to end the day. There are plenty of good cafés and pubs along this palm-lined seaside promenade. Take a walk along the beachside promenade, ride the ferris wheel, and then relax with a drink while watching the spectacular sunset.

The Beachouse Amusement Park will be a hit with the kids. If you have some free time in the afternoon, take them to this seaside amusement park to burn off some steam. On hot summer days, they feature enormous waterslides to keep you cool.


Taking advantage of Glenelg’s gorgeous seafront

The second day is spent at Port Adelaide.

Due to a shortage of fresh water, the city of Adelaide’s port was traditionally segregated from the main colony. The city expanded throughout time to embrace the whole region. What was to be a lengthy travel to and from the city may now be completed in as little as 20 minutes by rail or 45 minutes by bus.

This region was and continues to be an industrial centre, but a significant amount of money has been invested to make it a highly desirable tourist destination. In a tiny region, there are several excellent museums as well as some unique experiences. Lunch/dinner alternatives abound because to the old taverns and several high-quality eateries.

A three-day schedule in Adelaide enables you to completely visit this region, which is essential for gaining a deeper grasp of the city’s history.


Historic structures may be found in Port Adelaide.

The National Railway Museum is located in Washington, D.C.

The best way to get to Port Adelaide from the CBD is on the train. When you disembark you are already at the first recommended stop of the day. The The National Railway Museum is located in Washington, D.C. is just outside the station and has a fantastic collection of restored historic engines and carriages.

A model railway depicting the different areas and geography of South Australia is available. A small train ride is included in the admission fee, but the 2km long Semaphore miniature steam train provides an even greater experience. This is excellent value for money and well worth the tiny additional cost.

The South Australian Aviation Museum and/or the Maritime Museum are also worth seeing.

Another two fantastic museums are just a short walk away. Many flying aircraft, as well as other noteworthy items, are on show at the aviation museum. The Maritime Museum features a large number of permanent displays and is a fantastic site to learn about the early history of South Australia.

The Port Adelaide Lighthouse, which dates from 1869, is located near the Maritime Museum. The big indoor Fishermen’s Wharf Markets are just next door.


The historic lighthouse of Port Adelaide, built in 1869.

Pirate Life Brewing is a microbrewery that specializes on

After walking around multiple museums you might be in need of refreshment. Luckily just down the road is one of Australia’s best breweries. Pirate Life Brewing is a microbrewery that specializes on only started in late 2014 but rapidly rose to prominence around the country with their exceptionally fresh and delicious brews.

They feature a large range of beers on tap, excellent pub cuisine, and a modern industrial setting that complements the heritage of the neighborhood. If you wish to do the following advised activity, which requires water, try to avoid overindulging.

Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is a sanctuary for dolphins in Adelaide,

You may be astonished to learn that the Port Adelaide River is home to a swarm of dolphins! This is a fantastic chance to observe these amazing creatures up close and in their natural habitat.

The cruise below takes you along a part of the mangrove-lined river to some of the greatest dolphin-spotting spots. Along the river, you’ll view the Garden Island ship graveyard and other sites.

If you can’t kayak or don’t enjoy being in the water, go on to the next adventure.


This highly rated excursion allows you to see gorgeous dolphins.

Sailing Ship for Everyone

If you like being on the water, you may wish to combine kayaking with this activity. This may be a stretch, but give it a go or simply choose the one that intrigues you the most.

This is a tall ship cruise aboard a ship that is meant to seem like a brigantine from the 1850s. Getting out on the sea on a magnificent sailing ship like this one is always a memorable experience, and there’s always the possibility of seeing dolphins.

For more information on the cruises available, click here.

Commercial Road is a great place to eat.

A variety of old taverns and superb restaurants along the section of Commercial Rd closest to the river. This is the ideal spot to unwind with a drink or a meal before returning to the city.

Take a look at this incredible collection of antique images of Port Adelaide’s taverns. Many of these are still in use today, but many have undergone cosmetic changes. Despite this, it’s still intriguing to sip a drink while thinking about all the people who have lived and died here.


Sailing aboard a tall ship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Day three is spent in the Adelaide Hills.

The city’s eastern side is surrounded by steep wooded hills. The roads spiral uphill in a series of switchbacks, providing breathtaking views of the forest, city, and ocean. As if the sights and natural beauty weren’t enough, the region also produces excellent wine and gourmet cuisine.

The sites in and around the Adelaide Hills are a wonderful way to complete your three-day Adelaide trip. On your final day, there are various fantastic excursions that will show you some of the top attractions so you can kick back and enjoy.

The finest excursions of the hills and nearby regions are included here. Choose your favorite itinerary or, if you want to go it alone, choose your favorite locations and create your own path.


The Adelaide Hills in Autumn

Adelaide Hills & Hahndorf Hideaway Tour for Small Groups

This journey is ideal for getting the most out of Adelaide’s hills. After two days of touring, you’ll be able to kick back and relax while your guide takes care of the rest.

You’ll go up into the magnificent highlands to Mount Lofty’s peak. From here, you can get a bird’s eye view of the whole city and shoreline, which stretches far into the distance. Following that, you’ll make many stops to enjoy wine, cheese, chocolate, and other delicacies.

For many, the beautiful small hamlet of Hahndorf is the highlight of this region. It is Australia’s oldest surviving German settlement, founded by Lutheran immigration in the 19th century. At one of the extremely cool German style pubs, enjoy a two-course pub lunch with a drink included.

Following that, you’ll make your way back to Adelaide via one final cheeky winery/cider producer. This is a fantastic way to end your time in Adelaide, leaving you satisfied, pleased, and probably a bit tipsy!

Click here to see what’s available and how much it costs.

hahndorf cafe

Hahndorf has a lot of charming structures.

From Adelaide, take a tour to Cleland Wildlife Park, which includes Mount Lofty Summit.

This trip is ideal for tourists from outside Australia since it includes multiple animal encounters that are on many people’s bucket lists. The wildlife park here is one of Australia’s greatest, and you’ll get the opportunity to observe and interact with a variety of local creatures.

However, your excursion will begin with a visit to Mount Lofty’s peak. The trip up is quite picturesque, allowing you to take in the natural splendor of the Adelaide hills. Amazing views of Adelaide and the St Vincent Gulf await you at the summit.

The Cleland Wildlife Park is a vast expanse of natural bushland teeming with over 130 Australian animal species! Almost every native animal on your bucket list can be seen, and many of them can be interacted with. Because the park has minimal cages, many animals walk freely; you may even get up up and personal with koalas under the supervision of a keeper.

Click here to see what’s available and how much it costs.


Cleland is an excellent location for seeing koalas up close.

From Adelaide, take a full-day Hahndorf and Adelaide Hills Hop-On Hop-Off Tour.

This trip is ideal for individuals who desire a bit more freedom in terms of selecting their own alternatives. You’ll still be able to pick your own trip while avoiding the inconvenience of driving.

The air-conditioned carriage does a circle that stops at 10 to 15 different locations and takes approximately an hour to complete. You may get off at whatever one appeals to you and then get back on the following bus to complete your round.

There are a plethora of wineries and gourmet cuisine companies from which to pick. The trip also includes a visit to Hahndorf, a charming German-style town.

Click here to see what’s available and how much it costs.


Hahndorf is full with lovely sights.

What Do You Do Now That Your 3-Day Adelaide Itinerary Is Complete?

If you’re towards the conclusion of your vacation, I hope my three-day Adelaide itinerary has been helpful in making the most of it. If you’re fortunate enough to have some extra time, check out the websites below to learn more.

Day excursions and weekend getaways from Adelaide may take you to some incredible places. If you’re going even farther afield, several of our epic road trip itineraries could be of interest.

Continue reading:

From Adelaide, there are ten fantastic weekend getaways.

If you’re in Adelaide for a while, you may have a look at each one separately. If you’re planning a road trip to South Australia, combine them to create a fantastic itinerary.

The Best Route and Highlights for a Perth to Adelaide Road Trip

Although this is written backwards, you may use it to figure out the best method to go between these cities. Don’t miss out on some of the highlights that aren’t covered on other tours!

10-Day Adventure Tour from Adelaide to Perth

You’re on your own or don’t want to take on the long journey over the Nullarbor? Join this highly rated trip for an unforgettable journey all the way to Perth. They include many of the popular attractions as well as some unique experiences across the wonderful southwest.

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The “adelaide itinerary 5 days” is a guide to the best things to see and do in Adelaide. This includes places like the Botanic Gardens, The Art Gallery of South Australia, and Rundle Mall.

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