Perth residents love a good jaunt south, and tourists from Western Australia are also missing out if they don’t venture outside the city to visit the beautiful northern and southern towns along the coast.

Although Margaret River and its environs are the destination, if you are willing to venture a little further south, there are absolute gems that hold all the beauty of the better known and lesser visited destinations.

Denmark, WA is one of those places and the beauty is in the crowd. Located on the banks of a picturesque river and surrounded by beautiful forests, the area boasts world-class vineyards and wineries, as well as beaches that will make your mouth water.

The town itself has the charm of a small country town and there is such a relaxed and casual atmosphere that it seems to absorb all the urban stress. Here’s your guide to the perfect long weekend in Denmark, Western Australia.

Beautiful green pool at William’s Cove

How to spend 3 perfect days in Denmark – Western Australia

Transfer from Perth to Denmark

The road from Perth to Denmark is 422 km long and runs mainly on the Albany motorway. The journey takes about 4.5 hours.

Housing in Denmark, Western Australia

If you are visiting a country as beautiful and unique as Denmark, you really need to choose an accommodation that is up to the task. Fortunately, there are some very interesting and unique investment opportunities.

Below are some of the most popular in the city.

Danish bow

Built on giant granite blocks and perfectly blending into the surrounding forest, a stay here will be memorable for some time. The combination of wood and stone beautifully finished inside makes the rooms almost as beautiful as the surroundings.

See for days!

Chimes Spa Retreat

Those who want to be pampered during the holidays will be more than satisfied with this choice. Views of the forest and the bay, beautiful rooms with jacuzzi, an outdoor pool surrounded by ferns and a fantastic breakfast are included. Who can say no to that?!


Another beautiful property lies high among the trees. The large terrace overlooks the forest and you have the whole house to yourself. So you can indulge in one or more bottles of delicious local wine.

Camping on the beach

If you enjoy camping or RV travel, visit Parry’s Beach campground. Right on the beach, yet close to town. This is a volunteer race with a fee of $17 for 2 people, payable at the door.

There are showers and toilets, but no drinking water or camp kitchen, so come and get ready. The terrain also has other restrictions regarding height and large cars. For more details, visit the site by clicking on the link above.

Epic views from a treetop walk near Denmark


Leave Perth early to make the most of your stay in the south. If you leave right after breakfast, you’ll probably arrive in town just in time for lunch.

Since it is still too early to leave most accommodations, this is the ideal opportunity to have lunch at one of the delicious restaurants in town.


The Boston Brewery is a good choice because it is close to downtown and has something for everyone. The beer garden is set amidst rows of vines and surrounded by flowers and trees, there is also a playground for children.

They brew very good beers, and there is also an excellent wine list with local drops. The menu is extensive and very tasty. The food and atmosphere are ideal to relax after the trip and start the journey in the right direction.

After lunch, check in to your hotel and prepare for your next stop.

Storage of pythons in Denmark World of Dinosaurs


Option 1 – The world of dinosaurs in Denmark

This place is so cool and a great find for a small town like Denmark. There are not only models of dinosaurs, but also a menagerie of native wildlife, including birds, snakes and kangaroos.

You can interact with many wild animals and there is reptile work every day at 11am and 2pm. This is a great option for families or overseas visitors who want a classic Australian snake photo!

Dinosaur World is open every day from 9:30am to 4:30pm (October to April) and from 10am to 4pm (May to September). It costs $14 for adults and $7 for children, with discounts for families and children. There is an on-site café and a barbecue/picnic area.

A beautiful black cockatoo in Denmark The world of dinosaurs

Option 2 – Go to range

If the weather is nice and you feel like enjoying the beautiful crystal clear water, head to the beach. You can’t miss Greens Pool, one of the most beautiful beaches in Western Australia. The nearby Waterfall and Lights Beach are also good and probably less crowded.

As you pass the town’s shops, get some fresh pastries from a local bakery and a good bottle of local wine, and turn your trip to the beach into a sunset picnic.

Of course, if you choose to stay in Parry’s Beach, you’ll already be at the beach and may be able to go to the Greenens pool tomorrow.

Option 3 – Wine tasting and pure relaxation

If you have come to Denmark for the great wine and pure relaxation, I don’t blame you! Many wineries ferment at 4 or 5 pm, but that gives you a few hours to go around and taste some wines before buying one or two of your favorite bottles for tonight.

All the vineyards are within walking distance of town, so it’s easy to visit them at two or three in the afternoon. However, remember not to drink too much while driving! A good option is to use sturdy bikes to fully enjoy this sunset drink!

There is a special lunch tomorrow at the beautiful Lakehouse Winery, so try to avoid that today. Some of the best wineries to try near the city are : Rockcliffe, Single Profile Wines, Forest Hill Wines and Rising Star Wines.

Breathe in the relaxed atmosphere of a small town

Day 2

I hope you didn’t enjoy the excellent Danish wines yesterday and that you are ready to get up and go explore the country for a full day. The forest is really magical on the first morning, so it’s good to leave early, no matter if you’re on holiday, no stress, you’ll have plenty of time to see the sights!

Enjoy a hearty breakfast in your home or in one of the cosy cafes in town. My favorite is the Danish bakery, nothing beats a good country bakery.

Stop 1 – Walk to the top of the valley of the giant tree

Drive west on the highway for about 50 miles to the Valley of Giants boardwalk. The route itself is beautiful, winding through impressive forests with filtered light and greenery all around. There are several ways to get there, but they are all about the same length, so just follow your GPS.

This attraction is exactly what it says on the box: A sturdy steel walkway allows you to climb to the treetops and walk among the beautiful shaking trees. I’ve been here in person a few times and I always look forward to it.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Treetop Trail

At the end of the tree canopy trail, continue on the Old Empire Trail, an elevated path along the forest floor overlooking 400-year-old trees. The environment is unique in South Western Australia and truly beautiful.

If you’re on your way to or from the Valley of Giants Loop Road, you can make a stop at the Valley of Giants Gallery to see amazing local art inspired by the world around you.

Additional stops at the runway at the top of the tree

The area around Walpole, the town closest to the Tree Path, has many attractions to offer, but these require a longer journey west. If the forest is your thing and you want to spend more time exploring it, read on, otherwise move on to the next part and return to Denmark for a great wine lunch.

Giant eucalyptus

This tree was dug out by fire, and you can walk on the ground as the massive old tree reaches into the sky. From the parking lot a walk of 800 meters leads through the forest and the forest itself.

Incredible giant eucalyptus at Walpole.

Viewpoint of Hill

Along the same road as above, there is an observation platform that offers a breathtaking view over the treetops and down to the sea. Coming from Denmark you first pass a huge slide, then an observation platform, and finally the road makes a loop to the highway.

Swarbrick Artificial chain

They are starting to move a little further away from Denmark to visit this place. If you follow the highway west for a few minutes, you will pass through town and turn onto North Walpole Rd. After 10 km you will see the Swarbrick Art Loop, an artistic installation in the middle of the forest, meant to make you think about forest conservation and the consequences of past and present logging.

Frankland Wild Mountain Lookout

Another 20 km along North Walpole Road (which turns into Mt Frankland Rd) will bring you to this attraction. This impressive observation platform is located at the top of Mount Franklin, next to a large granite peak. There are several hiking trails to get there, depending on the desired level of difficulty. The observation platform offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest.

A friendly cockatoo in Denmark The world of dinosaurs

Stop 2 – Denmark World of Dinosaurs

Mentioned earlier as an option for the first day, if you haven’t left yet, that’s your option. It’s on the highway to Denmark, so it’s a convenient stop on the way back to town.

(The information is repeated at the beginning)

There are not only models of dinosaurs, but also a menagerie of native wildlife, including birds, snakes and kangaroos.

You can interact with many wild animals and there is reptile work every day at 11am and 2pm. This is a great option for families or overseas visitors who want a classic Australian snake photo!

Dinosaur World is open every day from 9:30am to 4:30pm (October to April) and from 10am to 4pm (May to September). It costs $14 for adults and $7 for children, with discounts for families and children. There is an on-site café and a barbecue/picnic area.

Make friends with a cute cockatoo!

Lunch at the Danish Lake House

If you were waiting for an excuse to go back to the vineyards, now is the time to do it! The Lake House Winery is the perfect place to take a break and have lunch in beautiful surroundings.

Choose from a wide range of gourmet dishes and paintings of locally produced cheeses and fresh produce straight from the campsite’s organic garden. Of course you can combine this with a glass of the incredible Danish sea wine.

Sitting by the lake, surrounded by beautiful gardens and forests, you dream of returning to Denmark in a few years. They are open every day from 10am to 5pm.

A picnic basket to take home is also available at the Lake House. This is a great idea for special occasions or just because picnicking in beautiful places is awesome! These hamsters are packed with delicious cheeses, olives, cold cuts, fresh bread and more. You can take the basket with a bottle of wine and enjoy a picnic by the lake on their property, or you can take the basket and find another equally beautiful spot of your choice.

Cut to this beautiful sharing board!

A walk through the beautiful gardens of Danish Lake House

Stop 3 – Hit Beach

After a busy morning and a delicious breakfast, there’s nothing better than relaxing on one of the many beautiful beaches in William Bay National Park.

Greens Pool Beach and the nearby Elephant Rocks are beautiful and surprisingly photogenic. It is not the most popular seaside destination for nothing, and you should definitely not miss it.

However, if you want to venture a little further into the national park, there are two other fantastic places. At Waterfall Beach, there is a small waterfall that cascades down the cliff and forms a stream that flows into the ocean.

Lights Beach is the most remote place, and you can enjoy it, if not for yourself, then often with far fewer people than at Green Pool. Both beaches are accessible by 4×4, but they are less protected than Green’s Pool, so the surf is a bit rougher.

If you took advantage of the trip to the winery to buy a few bottles, don’t forget to bring a picnic and watch the sun set over the ocean while you taste and dine early.

Elephant Rocks, William’s Bay National Park near Denmark WA

Day three

Today is the day you unfortunately have to return to Perth. You can spend an afternoon in and around Denmark and see from above what you may have missed, or just relax in the beautiful surroundings. Still, there are fun things to see and do on the way back, depending on whether you are willing to drive a bit more or not.

The distance between the centre of Denmark and the centre of Perth is 423 km. The options below will tell you how many extra rides you need to take and what you can do on the way back to get the most out of your day. Pick your favorite or, if you’re super-motivated and have an early boner, you can probably do all three!

Option 1 – Porongurupus National Park/Granite Trail – 61km detour

This place is worth the trip as it only takes about 40 minutes by car. You return to the Albanyisha road, just as you return to Perth, and the Porongurup mountain range lies to the west of the road.

There are some great climbs here, with the Granite Sky Walk being the most popular. If you are in good shape and feel like adventure, you can also try the devil’s slide for a great hike.

Have a picnic by the tree in the seating area at the edge of the cliff when the time comes. There are many vineyards in the area, even if you sometimes miss something you picked up in Denmark!

Black Diamond Lake

Option 2 – Black Diamond Lake/Lunch at Collie – 64km Detour

See this beautiful lake at Collie on the alternative route back to Perth. The intense blue hue of the water is beautiful in the pictures and it is very refreshing to swim in it. Who needs coffee for a long trip when you can just jump in a cold lake?

If time permits, you can have lunch at Collie and picnic by the lake, but remember that there are no facilities on site. The town is not far away and has public restrooms if needed.

Option 3 – Lunch in Elizabeth Village – 3km detour

Whether you want to dust off or spend as much time as possible in Denmark before you leave, there’s always one last stop you can make to stretch your holiday as long as possible!

Elizabethan Village, located near Armadale, on the outskirts of Perth, is a Tudor-style timber-framed pub/restaurant. You did a really good job with the layout and it seems believable.

They brew their own beer, which is quite tasty, and have a large and cozy beer garden. The meals are hearty, hearty and perfect after a long drive. If you can reschedule lunch or want an early dinner, this would be a great way to end your vacation.

Elizabethan Village Pub

Do you like the WA road in Denmark? Secure for later!


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frequently asked questions

Is it good to live in Denmark?

Denmark is only 55 km west of Albany and 420 km south of Perth. It is a fairly large city, with a population of over 5,000. … The waters around Denmark are good for fishing and boating, and the area is known for surfing.

How far is Denmark from Perth?

What is the distance between Denmark and Albany WA?

The distance between Albany, Washington and Denmark, Washington is 48.45 km (30.10 mi) by car and 56.33 km (35 mi) by Highway 1. Albany and Denmark are 36 minutes apart, if you drive non-stop.

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