The 4 stories on the list are all shared from within 24 hours. This is a great case study of how social media can be used to share and amplify your happiness for those who need it most. The power of an individual’s story moves them forward, whether it’s in their job or personal life.

The “planespotters” is a term used to describe people who are interested in spotting planes. Today, there were 4 incidents shared within 24 hours that remind just how fun air travel can be.

4 Incidents Shared Within 24 Hours Remind Just How Fun Air Travel Can Be



Four incidents shared in less than 24 hours remind us how much fun flying can be.

on December 1, 2021 by Gary Leff

The most popular complaints on airline Twitter tend to be about delays — flight delays, lengthy queues, and long wait times, particularly when a flight change or cancellation occurs. Damaged baggage, filthy flights, and other passengers not wearing masks are the most prevalent items we notice in images.

Positive tweets are few and far between, but they are mainly centered on the trip itself, the joyful people, and the airline as the means of transportation.

While the Southwest Airlines stream has many complaints, it also contains something unusual that I don’t see very frequently on other airline feeds: people having fun, both customers and personnel. While most flights recorded on social media have a tone that resembles a black-and-white version of George Orwell’s 1984, Southwest seems to give a touch more color.

This discrepancy was underscored for me by tweets sent within 24 hours of each other.

Our flight attendant is making us laugh so hard that he should be on Broadway. In two weeks, @SouthwestAir #AlistPreferred #CompanionPass will be available.

Top — DannyBlaqVideos November 30, 2021 (@DannyBlaqUSA) 13% OF L.A. Nov30-Dec4 7-8 14-15 (@DannyBlaqUSA)

@SouthwestAir At Austin Bergstrom Airport, there’s a lot of fun to be had. While waiting for planes, we always have live entertainment.

December 1, 2021 — Samantha King (@oris1sam king)

Waiting to board at Cheryl’s gate is never boring! #SouthwestHeart

30 November 2021 — Southwest Airlines (@SouthwestAir)


— Lexi7 is going to see BTS TONIGHT!! (@btsmakesmesad) 30 November 2021

Of course, none of this implies that Southwest is “the superior airline.” On their flights, they do provide a bit more legroom than other airlines do in ordinary coach. They don’t charge for checked baggage, and their basic economy rates aren’t available (no change fees on any fares).

However, they lack a worldwide route network (or global points redemptions), first class (no upgrades), and in-flight internet that is inferior to that of American and Delta.

The interesting thing is that, on average, Southwest personnel seem to be having more fun, and as a result, passengers appear to be having more fun as well.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

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The “airliner meaning” is a word that has been used for decades. It can be defined as an airplane, but it also means any aircraft in general. The “4 Incidents Shared Within 24 Hours Remind Just How Fun Air Travel Can Be.”

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