Norwegian Cruise Line announced a few changes to their cuisine in the coming year. They are trying out new menus that allow for more variety and fewer food allergies, while also increasing sustainability efforts.

Norwegian Cruise Line has announced 5 big changes coming to their cruise ships. These changes include a new menu system, fixed menus, and more.

5 Big Changes Coming to Norwegian Cruise Line — Including Fixed Menus

The newest ship from Norwegian Cruise Line promises to be a game-changer for the company. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see on Norwegian Prima as it moves toward a more upmarket audience.

How Will Norwegian Prima Be Distinctive?

While the Norwegian Prima isn’t scheduled to debut until August, there’s already a lot of discussion about some of the modifications that will be made with this ship. It’s the first ship in NCL’s new Prima class, and her debut carries a lot of weight for the corporation. So, when Prima enters the fleet, what changes can we expect?

norwegian prima rendering exterior

Prima from Norway (Rendering courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

1. Menus that are fixed

You may remember that Norwegians revolutionized lunchtime with the notion of “freestyle eating.” This meant that you didn’t need to make a reservation and could dine whenever and wherever you pleased. Now they’re ready to take another risky — and probably divisive — step by offering set menus in the main dining area on board the Prima. In other words, rather than having a new meal each night of the cruise, the same menu will be served each night.

These new menus will be available in both of the ship’s free dining rooms, the elegant Hudson and the “comfortable but polished” Commodore Room. The “large” menus will “give customers greater diversity to try worldwide meals,” according to Norwegian, and will include a “build-your-own pasta” area where diners can construct 24 distinct dishes by mixing and matching components.

hudson restaurant norwegian prima rendering

Restaurant Hudson (Rendering courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

2. A Atrium with Three Levels

Several cruise companies have started looking at their atriums with new eyes in recent years. During the Joe Farcus design period, Carnival Cruise Line, arguably the first to grasp the value of the atrium to passengers, made significant alterations to both the area and how it was used on its newest ship, the Mardi Gras. Norwegian is now doing something similar with its first-ever three-story atrium.

The Studio Dada-designed glass-walled Penrose Atrium will have a mix of bars, boutiques, and, of course, the sort of large-scale chandelier that has become an NCL signature in recent years. The lighting fixture in this example is inspired by stars and includes moving lights. The atrium will cover decks 6, 7, and 8, and will replicate the popular observation lounges seen on newer Norwegian ships such as the Bliss and Joy, according to recently published designs. Yes, that slot will be available on Prima as well.

penrose atrium norwegian prima rendering

Penrose Atrium on Prima from Norway (Rendering courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

3. Dining Rooms with a View

Two phrases that come up often when Norwegian talks about its next ship are “upscale” and “elevated.” This is true of both new and old locations, as some long-standing Norwegian Cruise Line favorites undergo renovations. Cagney’s Steakhouse will now be decorated in the manner of contemporary Chicago architecture, while Le Bistro, a French restaurant, will have floor-to-ceiling chandeliers and décor evocative of the Palace of Versailles. Even the appearance of the major dining halls, as previously indicated, will be more premium than that of Taste and Savor, the venues seen on most Norwegian ships.

norwegian prima viva cagney's rendering

Cagney’s on Prima from Norway (Rendering courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

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4. An Exciting New Cocktail Experience

“Responsibly made zero-waste cocktails produced using surplus ingredients,” according to the Metropolitan Bar’s website, as well as “a completely sustainable spirits menu and biodynamic wines.” The Primadonna, a riff on an Old Fashioned that is “made utilizing excess banana peels” and a rum “manufactured with 100 percent renewable energy,” will be the venue’s trademark drink. The Belvedere Bar, touted as “a contemporary cocktail lounge serving handmade cocktails with a modern, fresh spin on traditional beverages,” will also debut aboard the ship.

norwegian prima metropolitan bar

Metropolitan Bar on Prima from Norway (Rendering courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

5. Haven’s Ultimate Experience

The Haven, the line’s ship-within-a-ship region, has long been a favorite (or dreamt of sailing in) among Norwegian enthusiasts. With the line’s most high-end experience yet, the Prima-class ships aim to take this to the next level. While being treated by their own butler, guests may enjoy the spectacular views from the aft-facing sundeck and infinity pool. There will also be an outside bar to take advantage of the breathtaking views.

the haven sundeck norwegian prima rendering

The Haven sundeck on Prima from Norway (Rendering courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)


Norwegian Cruise Line has announced 5 big changes coming to the company. The first of these is that they will be offering a fixed menu, which means you won’t have to worry about your food being changed halfway through your meal. They also plan on introducing more entertainment options and creating new dining areas. Reference: ncl prima photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 perks on NCL?

A: The 5 perks on NCL are a new perk system that is exclusive to NOR. Each point in the tier will grant you with one of these five different benefits. These include your ship being repaired, cargo capacity increasing by 10%, no falling damage, and more!

What cruise lines offer free style dining?

A: Our data does not contain any cruises that offer free style dining.

Does Norwegian cruise have set dining times?

A: Yes, the cruise ship Norwegian Dawn has set dining times where guests are given specific gates and/or meals to be served.

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