Buying travel gifts in your life this year may seem a little difficult and frustrating. Ultimately, thanks to COVID, the travel industry has been completely crushed and many people are still afraid to travel. Still, many travelers are happy with a travel gift.

55 Gifts to travellers and outdoor sportspersons

Travelers themselves are not the easiest group of people to buy gifts for. Travelers, for example, tend not to bring a lot of stuff and so are a bit picky about what they put in their luggage. And since no two gifts are the same, finding the perfect travel gift can be a little tricky.

While it’s never a bad idea to buy a plane ticket for someone special, it’s extremely unlikely (in case anyone is wondering, we love Tahiti!). That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best gifts for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, for every budget.

This list includes everything from cheap but useful gifts for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts to expensive hardcore travel gear. Also, because of the unusual travel year we’ve all experienced, we have a few surprises in store for you! Whatever you decide, everything on this list is sure to impress the intrepid traveler in your life.

Best gift for travelers under $30 (low to high)

Gifts for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts are cheaper, at $30 or less. Although it is a budget-friendly gift, almost everyone would appreciate one.

1. Wallet – $6

This fashionable and ecological shoulder bag is available in almost 40 models. Not only is it elegant, but it’s also lightweight, durable and incredibly cute. It measures 5×4 inches, can hold items such as cash, coins, credit cards, keys, shine, headphones, etc. It is an ideal gift for girls and women who are on a budget.

2. Travel Highlights – $8

Travelers and outdoor enthusiasts who like to travel hands-free will be happy with a VAVOFO rechargeable headlamp. This handy device is one of the best gifts for travelers, tourists and hikers.

3. Travel vignette – $8

Fun for kids and adults, this collection of 100 different travel stickers is the perfect way to decorate your camper, caravan, album pages or even your suitcase. It’s also a unique support stocking for all the young explorers you know.

4. Travel padlock – $8

This TSA-approved Fosmon cable bag is one of the essentials that budget-conscious travelers should carry on their next trip. Most hostels have lockers that hikers can use to store their personal belongings. A travel lock is necessary to protect their most important belongings. Usually you can rent a lock at the hostel, but that’s such a waste of money when you can get a really good lock (without a key) for less than $10. It’s a practical gift!

5. Lightweight Tripod – $11

Chiheisenn’s lightweight tripod is specially designed for table-top shooting. It is made of aluminum, zinc alloy and environmentally friendly ABS plastic. Still, we found this tripod to be the best on the market for attaching self-adhesive poles, due to its durability and leg extension. The large surface protects the cameras from falling, even in the most difficult conditions. The standard 1/4 screw allows a compact/CSC/DSLR camera to be attached directly to the camera. A universal mobile phone holder is included in the scope of delivery.

6. Sandals – $13

Whether you’re using a shared bathroom, walking around a hotel room or relaxing on the beach, a slip-on sandal is a must. It’s all about keeping feet comfortable and hygienic. Frequently visited bathrooms are known to expose guests’ feet to foot fungus, onychomycosis and other bacteria. Just because these non-slip sandals for women from FUNKYMONKEY are cheap doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. By the way, they also come in funky colors and sizes for men!

7. Sticker Set – $13

Keep track of how many national parks you’ve visited with this set of 62 colorful All National Parks USA stickers. Perfect for caravans, garage walls, RVs or albums, each decal represents one of America’s great parks. Plus, they are proudly made in the USA!

8. Women’s Toiletry Bag – $14

That lady’s purse says it all. Latest revision, Super cute and big/enough room for makeup. It is a good material – durable. I gave it to a friend for her birthday and she loved it, so I bought a second one.

9. Quick dry towel – $14

A lightweight, absorbent, quick-drying towel can make life on the road easier for a traveler. A camping towel from Wise Owl Outfitters is an ideal gift for travelers such as caravans and campers or camping enthusiasts. There’s nothing worse than a towel full of bacteria that makes your car stink.

10. Concealed comfort socks – $14

Balega Hidden Comfort socks are perfect for walks around the house, hiking and running. They are designed for people who prefer to wear their socks with insoles and without clothing.

11. Pocket knife – $14 to $27

The knife has thousands of uses, making it one of the most functional and useful gifts. Harry bought this Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops knife for himself because of its low price, short 3.1-inch blade and weight – it weighs only 2.4 ounces. He was also looking for a knife with a partially serrated blade. When it comes to travel, the lighter the better!

Smith & Wesson Extreme Transactions – $14

Victorinox Pocket Knife for Army Camps – $27

For those with a little more money to spend, the classic Victorinox pocket knife for Swiss campers is the perfect choice. The Victorinox weighs only 2 ounces more than the Smith & Wesson and comes with two knives, a bottle opener, a 3 mm screwdriver, a bottle opener, a 6 mm screwdriver, tweezers, wire strippers, a corkscrew, a punch/steel and a sewing needle, a wood saw, a toothpick and a keychain. A great gift for camping enthusiasts!

12. Travel Journal – $15

Inspired by one of the greatest romantic movies of all time, our adventure book album features thick, sturdy pages to showcase all your shared travel memories. Presented in the animated classic Up, this thoughtful gift is perfect for honeymooners, traveling couples or fans of the beloved Disney film.

13. Unisex Fashion Scarf – $16

The Infinity scarf is one of the most popular fashion trends this year and is one of the best travel gifts. Plus, this CADITEX Fashion Infinity scarf has a special secret: a hidden pocket. This small hidden zippered compartment can hold items such as phones, wallets, keys, credit cards, passports, etc. And at a very reasonable price!

14. Travel Jewelry Box – $17

This Vlando travel size jewelry box fits in your handbag or carry-on and is perfect for those who travel a lot. It is an excellent travel accessory for wearing jewelry on vacation. Inside you will find several ring rolls that can hold up to 8 rings, a removable earring holder (for 2 pairs), two lockable compartments, as well as a mirror and a pocket in the lid. This gift will delight the girl or woman who will receive it as a gift.

15. Diabetic Travel Bag – $17

Audrey travels with medicines that need to be kept cold. Unfortunately, traveling with freezers sometimes presents security problems in airports. Tired of being harassed, we recently bought an insulating bag to put his medicine in. It is compact, lined with removable freezer bags, and wears a red cross to give it an official look. If a loved one you know needs to carry medication that needs to be kept refrigerated, this bag is a great option.

16. Training groups – $18

Instead of settling for what you find, put portable practice strips in your luggage. These Renoj resistance bands allow you to move around easily, making your workout more agile than you think and allowing you to do countless exercises. Another great alternative is a lightweight $4 jump rope to take with you on the go!

17. Travel pillow – $18

This set of four Inspirational Quote travel pillowcases are the perfect accent for any home, caravan, motorhome or patio. Travelers will appreciate the bohemian design and nature-inspired colors. The covers fit all 18″x18″ cushions and have a hidden zipper. Together, these pillows make an ideal gift for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

18. Notebook or journal – $19

For the first two years of our world tour, we kept track of every dollar we spent and wrote down what we did each day. The black Pictostone Stone paper pocket diary is the perfect notebook for keeping a journal and documenting notes such as daily activities, language tips, contact information and directions. The sheet is made of waterproof and treeless Mason paper. Finally, it is also good for the climate by planting a tree for every book sold.

19. Fisherman’s Shirt – $19

Fish missing! What better reason to take a sick day than not being able to work today? My hand in a plastered shirt! Throwing this big trout into the sunset country is just what it takes to get better.

Portable Bluetooth speakerphone – $20

The party will be a flop if you only have a smartphone speakerphone. Why not turn your JBL GO2 into an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker to liven up the party? We travel with an older version of this column and break it all the time. It’s a great little travel speaker that has a battery life of five hours and is also waterproof. You can even play on the bottom of the pool!

Travelers who are big kids will find the JBL JR POP speaker pretty cool at $40. It’s available in six awesome colors, is waterproof and has a fun built-in light mode. Don’t worry, it still has the characteristic JBL sound, so it’s just as loud as an adult speaker.

21. Travel adapter – $20

It can be very frustrating to arrive at a new destination and discover that your devices can’t be charged because there are different power outlets. The universal travel adapter is a simple accessory that can solve this problem. In the past, travelers had to bring different adapters for each type of plug they encountered. Today’s improved universal travel adapter offers all the plugs and sockets in one handy gadget. It also has four USB ports for fast charging of all kinds of devices.

22. Selfish Stick – $22

Does no one hold your phone in front of the Acropolis? It’s not a problem. The portable stick and tripod 48″ Selfie from Fugetek is an essential accessory for any traveler and the perfect way to take the perfect selfie.

This multifunctional all-in-one tripod is foldable and extendable up to 40 inches. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control for easy handheld shooting. It is compatible with iPhone, Android and many digital cameras.

23. Atlas – $22

With all the technology available today, it may seem a little old fashioned to wear satin. However, during our recent trip along Highway 66 and to Glacier National Park, there were many instances where cell phone service was not available. And if you’re planning a trip to Alaska, this Rand McNally 2021 Road Atlas & National Park Guide is a must.

24. Packing Cube – $25

Before we left on our world trip, some fellow travelers advised us to bring packing cubes, because otherwise we would go crazy trying to keep everything tidy. You were right, and the Shacke Explorer 7pcs Packing Cubes are a great way to keep everything organized. Whether you’re traveling with half a dozen suitcases or are a budget-conscious backpacker, packing cubes help travelers stay organized on their trips around the world.

Different sizes allow travelers to organize and safely store small and large items. If you know a traveler who doesn’t have packing cubes, this is a smart gift for them!

25. Wireless Headphones – $27

Big, bulky headphones are out of fashion. Today it’s all about wireless headphones. We prefer the ones that don’t look like two cotton swabs sticking out of your ears. These wireless YW YUWISS T04 earphones are noise-cancelling and pair with Apple, Android and Windows. The headphones have a battery life of 4 to 5 hours before needing to be recharged. The included charging box gives you an extra 25 hours of battery life. Let’s go!

26. Travel Journal – $28

There are few things that inspire people more than a good travel book like Yellowstone by David Quammen. It is the first glimpse of an unimaginable place that motivates ordinary mortals to become passionate travelers. In years like 2020, when it’s almost impossible to travel, a good travel book with photos can make the reader feel like it happened. Travel books are one of the best gifts in the world.

27. Scratch Cards – $29

The scratch card is a fun way for travelers to keep track of their past trips and plan future trips based on a to-do list. The standard chart shows water in black and countries in gold. When the countries are scratched, a colorful world map is revealed. There are many cards to choose from, but this scratch card of the world with flags and map of the United States – 36 x 24 XL – is one that is truly worthy of a gift because of its size, quality and unique presentation!

Travelers looking for a map with a button will appreciate the framed world map from Nautilus. The scratches on the cards may be a little dirty. That’s why this street-style mural features pins indicating the countries visited or the location of the buckets. Comes with the adjustment option.

28. Traveling binoculars – $30

We use our binoculars all the time. Whether it was to see lions on safari or the local wildlife on our balcony, they were so convenient. These Lukang 10×42 travel binoculars have the perfect size and durability. There are more powerful binoculars on the market, but the biggest problem with anything more powerful than 10 times magnification is that it’s hard to maintain. Thus, any slight vibration or movement will result in an unstable image. Plus, we especially like the smartphone adapter that comes with the binoculars, making it a unique gift!

29. Water filtration system – $30

We take our Sawyer water filtration system with us everywhere we go. We’ve used it several times and it easily pays for itself by the amount of money we didn’t have to spend on bottled water. The Sawyer Squeeze Filtration System is lightweight and makes questionable water safe to drink by 100% removing harmful bacteria, cysts, sediment, protozoa and microplastics. It’s a smart gift for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers!

30. External battery – $30

With all the planes we travel on these days, it can be hard to keep them all loaded. With an external battery this problem is quickly solved. This BLAVOR external battery has a 10,000 mAh power bank that stores enough energy to charge your iphone8 up to 3.5 times. It also allows wireless Qi devices to be charged and can be charged by solar power. It is a must for hiking, camping, climbing and long distance travel.

best gifts for travelers under $100

Below are gifts for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts that range in price from $31 to $100.

31. Portable campfire – $31

Have you ever wished you could enjoy a fire without worrying about the mess, the falling flames and the almost impossible task of putting out the embers? Radiant lamps solve all these problems – yes, all of them. Portable radar beacons are portable, convenient and reusable. With a burn time of 3 to 5 hours, this user-friendly campfire will become your new outdoor must.

32. unisex toiletry bag – $35

Inspired by a vintage design, this genuine leather Buffalo toiletry bag from KOMALC has room for everything you need on your travels. Best of all, it is handcrafted by skilled artisans from the finest buffalo leather.

33. Pyjamas – $40

Vous cherchez un cadeau mignon et douillet pour toutes les filles qui voyagent dans votre vie ? Les pyjamas inspirés des cartes du monde sont un excellent moyen pour la femme de votre vie de montrer son amour des voyages autour du globe. L’ensemble est disponible dans une variété de couleurs.

34. Loin – 43 $

Cette année, nous pouvons tous convenir que les parcs nationaux américains sont assez spectaculaires. Les familles, les enfants et les couples vont adorer jouer au Monopoly 2020 des parcs nationaux – avec un petit quelque chose en plus. Achetez, vendez et échangez des paysages à couper le souffle comme le Grand Canyon, Yellowstone et Yosemite. Une partie des recettes sera versée au Fonds pour les parcs nationaux.

35. Cap – $45

Le bonnet à manchettes Love Your Melon comporte un emblème en cuir d’érable rouge avec le logo Love Your Melon sur le devant et un pompon amovible en fausse fourrure rose corail. Ces haricots sont très confortables, chauds et bien adaptés. Joli!

36. Bouteille d’eau isolée – 50 $

Le 32 oz. La bouteille Hydro Flask à large ouverture avec bouchon en paille est suffisamment grande pour permettre de s’hydrater toute la journée et de boire facilement. Elle est fabriquée en acier inoxydable de qualité professionnelle et possède une ouverture plus large que la bouteille d’origine pour un remplissage plus rapide. Il passe au lave-vaisselle, reste froid pendant 24 heures et incroyablement chaud pendant 12 heures.

37. Lampe de poche – $55

La plupart des lanternes semblent fonctionner pendant environ deux semaines avant de se briser. Pas celui-ci. Nous avons notre lampe Streamlight depuis plus de six ans et nous l’avons mise à l’épreuve. The last stylus-sized model, the Streamlight Stylus Pro rechargeable by USB, has three levels of luminosity: high, low and stroboscopic. Le plus lumineux atteint 350 lumens et s’élève à près de 400 pieds – c’est une luminosité choquante ! C’est une excellente option pour les moments cruciaux où une lampe de poche de smartphone ne suffit pas.

38. Carafe à alcool – 55 $

Saviez-vous que les voyageurs aiment les globes? Cette carafe à whisky Etched Globe magnifiquement conçue avec 2 verres à whisky Etched Globe a un récipient en verre à l’intérieur de la bouteille et sert également de carafe à liqueur. C’est le sujet de conversation idéal pour tout voyageur averti, amateur de whisky ou buveur professionnel. L’ensemble comprend un support en bois et deux pots de la paix gravés assortis. C’est aussi un cadeau parfait pour les fêtes de départ à la retraite.

39. Couverture de protection des téléphones – 60 $

Nous avons appris à nos dépens combien il est important d’avoir un étui de protection pour téléphone sûr et durable. Si certains étuis sont purement esthétiques, d’autres, comme la série OtterBox Defender, sont conçus pour être durables et protéger votre téléphone contre les fissures, les rayures et les coups. Nous avons combiné notre étui Otterbox Defender avec un film protecteur d’écran durci pour une protection maximum.

40. Baggage – $65

We may be routers, but we are finding that it is necessary to have appropriate luggage from time to time. La Samsonite est connue pour sa durabilité, sa fiabilité et son style. Ce sac de transport vert foncé pour Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner répond à tous vos besoins dans un look épuré. Il est également doté d’une poignée à bouton-poussoir, de roues pivotantes à 360 degrés, d’une serrure à combinaison compatible avec la TSA et d’une fermeture éclair extensible. Les bagages sont garantis 10 ans, mais qui s’en soucie, seulement 65 dollars !

41. G-Shock Watch – $75

G-Shock is not a fashion watch or a ceremonial watch. It’s a useful watch, and it’s damned sturdy, Harry has been using it for over six years. Casio and the new G-Shock digital power trainer are known for their durability, reliability and value for money. This watch is paired with the G-Shock Connected phone app and provides access to various functions that enhance your workout.

42. Baby Backpack – $88

The kids will love the Deuter Fox 30 backpack. It is currently the best travel backpack for kids on the market. It works well for most children under the age of 12. This is the perfect backpack for your next camping trip!

43. Day Trip Package – $93

After six years of traveling, we can say with gratitude that we have never had a single stolen item (woodcut). (Audrey just read that and left, oooh, you’re putting us on a stolen backpack).

One of the reasons for this great success is our PacSafe backpack. This is our second PacSafe in six years. The first one had ride problems after 5 and a half years of intensive use. We just missed the 5 year warranty and PacSafe replaced it for free, no questions asked. We bought it from Amazon, and based on the order history Amazon keeps, PacSafe quickly approved it.

44. Cashmere Scarf – $99.99

As one reviewer of Cashmere Scarf for Piano Dalle wrote: It’s soft, light, warm and looks great wrapped around your neck. Audrey often walks with a scarf on on very cold days, even indoors. There’s nothing better than taking a luxury item on a trip to help travelers through tough times.

Best gifts for travelers over $100

The following gifts for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts have a value of more than $100.

45. HEAT SHIRT – $139

Go for comfort with the Venture Nomad Baselayer 2.0. The core material is superbly breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin, so you never feel wet or sticky, even with lots of steam. Warmth and comfort come first!

46. Gimbal stabilizer for smartphone – $149

Sick and twitchy videos? Capture smooth, cinematic images with your smartphone with the DJI OM 4 – 3-axis portable smartphone with gimbal stabilizer. You use gimbal technology on a fixed camcorder when filming big Hollywood events, so why not use it for token filming? It also comes with a mini tripod. Together they make a great gift for travelers.

47. Friendship Lamp – $170

With Filimin’s friendship lamps, you can be a light in your best friend’s life, even when you’re miles away. When you turn it on with a simple touch of your hand, its helper emits the same ambient light no matter where it is or who is on the other end: A parent or grandparent, niece or nephew, or distant relative.

48. Colored Watch – $280

If you’re looking for a watch that will get people talking, the G-Shock Rainbow Crazy Watch (GM110RB-2A) is for you. Especially now that almost everything from the 80s is back in fashion. The stainless steel ring is forged, sculpted and polished to give it a distinctive design.

49. Apple Watch – £330

Apple’s latest watch series, the Apple Watch Series 6, offers some features you probably won’t use often, but if you want the best set of smart watches on your wrist and you use an iPhone, this is what you need.

50. GoPro Hero9 Black – $399

Few cameras on the market are as rugged and versatile as the new GoPro Hero9 Black. The GoPro is popular for its ultra-wide-angle settings, making it a good choice for selfies and blogs. Plus, this latest model is more powerful, stable, brighter and has great accessories. A must-have purchase for travelers!

51. Drone – $799

Without a drone, there is no other way to get the incredible capabilities that only a drone can provide. We are currently using the DJI Mavic Air. However, we strongly recommend that you switch to the DJI Mavic Air 2. With longer flight times, updated flight modes, and a great camera upgrade, this is the UAV you’ll want to take with you on your next trip. We recommend you buy a kit with two batteries.

52. iPhone – $879

While Apple’s iPhone 12 is not a cheap phone, it is equipped with such high quality and advanced cameras that most travelers will not need to carry another camera. This attractive new design offers long battery life, incredible performance, an impressive dual camera and 5G coverage. Apple fans will want to take this phone on their next trip!

53. MacBook Air – 999 €

With its 13.3-inch diagonal LED-backlit display, Apple’s MacBook Air is a great choice for travelers. It is equipped with an Apple M1 chip, which makes it very powerful. However, the extra power doesn’t make it bulky and heavy. The MacBook Air is pretty light, weighing in at just 2.8 pounds. One of the best features is the long battery life of 18 hours.

54. Compact Camera – $1,198

The Sony RX100 VII Premium Compact is designed for travelers who want to travel light and have to leave their digital camera and lenses at home. We owned the RX100 II, III and V and loved them all. Simply put: It’s the best compact camera on the market, and it’s well worth the money for photographers looking for all the features of a DSLR in a small pocket camera.

55. Phone + tablet in one device – $1,800

When most people see the new Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, they are confused. In general, it looks like this: Wait, what? Samsung’s third foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold2, offers users a foldable phone with two screens. For example, the phone has large screens that somehow combine the benefits of a phone and a tablet. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 brings fantasy, eccentricity and freshness to the world of smartphones. If the prize–no phone giveaway!

Finding the perfect holiday gifts for the travelers in your life (or for yourself) is part of the fun of the holidays. I hope this list has given you great gifts or inspired you in other ways.

From $6 to $1,800, there’s something for every budget. If you find a great Christmas gift, let us know in the comments below so we can add it to the list!


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