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My hometown has excellent hiking and biking trails throughout the city. Everyone who knows me knows I like to go camping. Even if I stay in town, I’ll walk around and make the most of the fresh air.

It’s a necessity to me. I have to spend time with nature.

Fortunately, Calgary is a city that offers a lot of outdoor fun in all seasons. I think it’s great that in my hometown there are great hiking and biking trails throughout the city.

In this position I share eight of my favorite hiking trails in Calgary Albert.

If you are looking for mountain hiking, I recommend you read article 5 about the beautiful walks in Kananaskis or 5 of the best walks in Banff.

If you want a weekend away from home, I like Jasper National Park, it’s less crowded than Banff, and you can take the incredible Parkway Ice Road to get to Jasper.

Now let’s take a look at these eight big walks in Calgary. Scroll down to find a map with all the places you can walk to.

Nose mound park

Free Parking

Nose Hill is the fourth largest city park in Canada and the largest city park in Calgary. Nose Hill is located in northwest Calgary and is one of the best places for walking in Calgary.

I took my German Shepherd Dog to Nose Hill Park. She especially enjoyed the winter walks and the snow hunt. In summer she would bring the stones back into the house and find the perfect place to hide them in a corner or under a chair. Is your dog a stone collector too?

Neusheuvelpark has a leashed area so you can take your dogs with you and let them walk freely.

Nose Hill Park is huge, so you can take many beautiful walks and explore the park. Wildflower ostriches are mainly found on Nose Hill in spring and summer.

Prince Edward Island

Free parking after 18:00, all day Sundays and public holidays

When I lived in downtown Calgary, I went to Prince Island almost every week. Prince Island and the neighboring island of St. John’s. St. Patrick’s are the pearls of downtown Calgary.

Water parks always attract my attention.

Right on the River Boog, with tall trees and lots of geese and ducks, you’ll feel the relaxed atmosphere of nature in Prince’s Island Park.

Prince Island is Calgary’s most popular hike.

So you have to share this relaxed atmosphere with dozens (hundreds?) of other people who enjoy the Prince Island walking routes. And the goose gargled.

Take advantage of what some people see when they leave.  Or put on headphones and listen to your favourite music as you walk through the city of Kagari.

Did I mention there’s an ice cream parlor in Prince Island Park?

Enjoy 🙂

The Peace Bridge connects pedestrians north and south of the Arc.

Glenmore North/South Park

Free parking on various plots in the park

North Glenmore Park is located on the southwest side of Calgary, but is on the north side of the Glenmore Reservoir, hence the name. And you already guessed that South Glenmore Park is on the south side of Glenmore Reservoir.

I often go to North Glenmore Park and walk around the reservoir. Most of the roads in the park are asphalted, but there are also some unpaved roads.

Ermine Calgary Apartments

I prefer the natural mud trails. Follow the Weaselhead Flats Trail west of Glenmore Park for refreshing views and bird watching.

Watch out for North Glenmore Park cyclists, young children and seniors.

Besides hiking, you can also kayak or canoe at Glenmore Park. Visit the Glenmore Rowing Club to hire a boat and take to the water.

My sister and I saw a bald eagle one summer when we went kayaking in Glenmore.

In winter, Glenmore Park is particularly good after a good snowfall. Some people walk in the snow or cross-country skiing in the park when there is enough snow.

Glenmore North Park in winter

Carburn Park

Free Parking

I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know about Carburn Park a few years ago. Carburn is located in the municipality of Riverbend in southeast Calgary.

I signed up for a beginner’s course in kayaking at the University of California Outdoor Center (you should check it out), and our original site at the Glenmore Reservoir was closed due to the high water level. Instead we went to Carburn Park, and wow!

What a beautiful park with incredible hiking trails along the river Boog and through the forest. If you go camping at dusk, you’re pretty sure you’ll see deer. Ducks, geese and other birds are also at home in Carburn Park.

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Free parking / free entrance

Another of Calgary’s best walks is that to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. Free access to the park and visitor centre.

The well-marked paths of the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary are an ideal place for nature exploration, bird watching and water walks.

You can also visit Colonel Walker’s historic home in Inglewood Park.

I often see deer at the Inglewood Sanctuary. And lots of birds, of course. Get binoculars so you can see the delivery.

Visit Colonel Walker House Inglewood Calgary.

Eduorcy Park

Free Parking

You can park in North Edworthy Park on the north bank of the Bow River or in South Edworthy Park on the south bank of the Bow River.

Eduorsi is a great place to hike in Calgary at any time of year. Walks along the river Boog are relaxing for the mind.

Hungry after a walk? Angel’s Café, near the parking lot in the north, is a great place to have a bite to eat before or after the walk.

There are many picnic areas near the South Edworthy car park if you want to picnic or dine in the park. Or grab a blanket and picnic in Edworthy Park somewhere with stunning views of the Bow River.

Bakery park

Free Parking

Another beautiful park along the Bow River northwest of Calgary is Baker Park. Baker Park is located on the north bank of the Bow River, across from Bowness Park.

Do you want to play disc golf? You can do it in Baker Park.

Baker Park also has an amphitheatre for musical and theatrical events during the summer months.

Did you know that Baker Park had a TB treatment center at the Baker Center?

The park is named after Dr. Albert Henry Baker, who managed the tuberculosis sanatorium for 30 years from 1920 to 1950.

Fischbach Provincial Park

Free Parking

Did you know that Canada’s second largest city park is in Calgary?

Fish Creek Provincial Park is located in the southeast of Calgary and is a great place for walking and cycling in the city.

Fish Creek is another great place for birds in Calgary. And you’ll probably see deer if you go camping early in the morning or just before sunset.

Calgary Alberta Itinerary Map

View the walking map of Calgary to find your new favourite route.

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