Therefore, we hesitated to go to the Tegalang Rice Terraces. I read reviews of Trenogar and I didn’t like what I read! Many people thought Tegalalang was more of an amusement park, but I love the Bali lights, the photo spots, and the Balinese swings found all over Tegalalang. And the locals will ask for donations every time you cross one rice terrace to another. And not to forget the audience!

Well, despite these rumors, we decided to take a family trip to Ubud’s most famous rice terraces! And indeed, we love him very much! ❤️.

Below you will find information about our day and useful information for an easy and successful walk to the rice terraces from Tegalalang to Ubud.

Mirabelle Mirabelle immerses herself in the rice terraces from Tegalang to Ubud Bali.

POINT OF ENTRY AND EXIT: The rice terraces of Tegalaland have many entrances and exits. If you want to follow our route step by step, look for the exact entrance and exit to Rice Terrace on the Google map … yes, the entrance with 2 r!

It is said a lot that you have to pay extra, but we never paid an entrance fee. We don’t know, because this morning we went into the rice terraces….

We parked our scooter in front of a souvenir shop, just before the barely visible entrance to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. We bought a big bottle of cold water so we don’t have to park our scooter there.

Entrance and exit of the rice terraces from Tegalalang to Ubud.

HOW LONG? The loop of the trail is about 2.5 to 3 km long, at a very slow pace with about 45 minutes of rest; it took us 3 hours to complete the Tegalalang trail.

WHEN ARE YOU GOING? Any time of the year, but very early in the morning! That’s the key word, early morning! To avoid muddy footprints, don’t come if it rained a lot a few hours ago. Or even if it rained cats and dogs the night before.

IMPORTANT! If you are unlucky, the rice fields are not green and lush when you arrive. When the rice reaches the ripening stage, it turns golden brown, or it is cut and harvested, and sometimes there is no rice and only dirty rice fields. We were on 1. February 2020 and as you can see, the rice fields were green and muddy!

I already mentioned it, but I want to remind you to come early in the morning! We started the walk around 8am and the light was beautiful, no people or vendors!

As you enter the terraced rice fields of Tegalang, stairs lead up to the bridge and once over the bridge, turn right. From there, follow the signs to Rice Terrace.

Mirabelle plays hide and seek during a family hike at the Tegalalang rice terraces in Ubud.

On this easy, kid-friendly walk through the terraced rice fields of Tegalalang, you’ll encounter many of Bali’s swings. Some resorts have long, beautiful and colorful dresses that you can rent while you swing for the ultimate Instagram dream photo.

They will also be donating many donation boxes. We always followed the rules and paid IDR 5000 for each adult. It’s a small amount of money that we use to help people.

Almost at the end of the path we passed a hut where a man was holding a piggy bank and shouting for people to pay. We didn’t pay and just walked around …..

Once you get to this point, you can take a short walk or, as we did, continue to the more isolated and peaceful part of the rice terraces.

Unfinished map of Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud.

Check the spelling on the card. You can’t help but catch it all and love it! There are so many spelling errors on the card that one wonders if they didn’t do it on purpose.

Here’s a translation for those who don’t understand, hehe:

Round = Round

No access = No access

Bridge = Bridge

Photo Sports = Photo Spot

You should keep this No Akses in mind for later as the trail will split, one going straight and the other down a steep but short path to the terraced rice fields. The way down is the right way! Watch your feet and help your little ones down!

See the picture below with the view of the rice terrace Santana writes Bali? So that’s where you’re going.

Once you have crossed the rice field and reached the other side, follow the path over the sign and pass in front of the barn. We didn’t know if there was another way up, but luckily we were guided by a local farmer who led us about 10 meters in the right direction. He asked for compensation for his efforts, which we could not refuse him, so we gave him 20,000.

Our own local guide on hiking in Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud.

Normally we have to go down the stairs and cross the small bridge, but we were curious to see what lies further in the depths of the rice terraces. There was a pond, the stairs to the right led to the temple, and the stairs to the left of the pond led nowhere. If Mirabelle had not been looking for a snack, we would have gone much further, even to the temple.

So we went back to the bridge! On this side of the rice terraces are several small, comfortable warungs where you can satisfy your hunger and thirst with something. We picked the first fighter around the corner. We shared a delicious young coconut while looking at the beautiful green landscape in front of us. The friendly owner also gave Mirabelle private music lessons on his Rindik, a traditional musical instrument from Bali.

One of the many comfortable restaurants on the quiet side of Tegalalang Rice Terraces on foot.

Take a break from kissing in the middle of the rice fields of Tegalalang at the Ubud Rice Fields Promenade Bali❤️! I used to kiss David, but now this cute thing is taking his place.

Exit from the rice terraces of Tegalalang.

Just follow the signs at the exit and you won’t get lost. Or, if you do, there is always a place to ask how to get out of the rice terraces of Tegalalang.

You will cross other rice terraces, pass funny varungas and a beautiful bamboo forest. And finally, the front. When you get to this point in the image below, just follow the steps. From there it is about a 10 minute walk to the entrance where you started the walk earlier.

At the back of Tegalang we didn’t encounter many visitors, but when we walked past it at about 10 in the morning, there were many people.

So come early to avoid the crowds and heat!

And if you weren’t hungry before and still are now, there are many restaurants on the main street.

Have a nice walk!

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A family hike along the Kampuhan Ridge Trail in Ubud, Indonesia.

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