A lot of people complain about the high cost of cruises, but a lot of people don’t realize that cruise lines are actually pretty good at cutting costs. Royal Caribbean, for example, charges passengers $15–$20 per day for excursions, which is $6–$8 cheaper than any other cruise line and $6–$8 less than the average cost of a cruise.

“Gone are the days when cruise ships were in the middle of the ocean,” Andrew Herdman, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.’s chief marketing officer, said in an interview. “It’s all about where you do the things.” As Royal Caribbean’s current fleet of 14 ships sails full, Herdman said the company will be looking at more locations to expand.

The cruise industry hasn’t been able to shake the after dark that’s overtaken its image. The pervasive darkness and ghoulish activities have caused cruisers to avoid the industry because of its bad name. However, the cruise industry’s image is slowly changing, and the cruise line that makes the most strides is Royal Caribbean.. Read more about when will cdc allow cruising again and let us know what you think.

As it recovers from an unprecedented closure and tens of billions of dollars in financial losses, the cruise industry will confront many difficulties in the weeks and months ahead. Royal Caribbean Group CEO Richard Fain, on the other hand, believes his business is committed to a bright future.

“We must not overlook the current difficulties. The recent rise in [COVID-19] instances, as well as the effect of variations, should be cause for worry. In the most recent edition of a regular video speech to travel advisers, Fain stated, “We need to handle today carefully.”

“However, if we just focus on the present, we will miss opportunities to prepare for the future, therefore we must keep our gaze fixed on the future that we can all see approaching.”

freedom of the seas cococay

The Freedom of the Seas docked at CocoCay’s Perfect Day (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

The present rate of change, according to Fain, is “simply bewildering.” In the United States, Europe, and Asia, the Royal Caribbean Group currently has 21 ships back in service. There are six Celebrity Cruises ships, five Royal Caribbean International and TUI Cruises ships apiece, three Hapag-Lloyd ships, and two Silversea Cruises ships.

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“It’s incredible how fast everything has changed. People were asking me only a few months ago whether I believed cruising will resume by December, and now I’m sailing on the Celebrity Edge and Freedom of the Seas out of South Florida.”

Being aboard for those early sailings, according to Fain, underlined the importance of the business he loves.

“I’ve never seen such a high level of joy, appreciation, and passion as I’ve witnessed on these trips. After so many months without employment, it was a lifeline for our team members. After months of suffering, it symbolizes tourism and employment for the areas we serve. And it was a feeling of liberation for our visitors, an escape from the solitude of this awful shutdown period.”

celebrity edge magic carpet

The Celebrity Edge is leaving Port Everglades.

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According to Fain, a lot of hard effort has been put in to ensure a healthy return to service. 

“Once we began having productive discussions with the CDC and others, we felt the evidence we’d gathered and the procedures we’d referenced would be so convincing that permission to sail would be granted quickly.”

“There are always urgent issues” in the cruise business, according to the executive, but now is the moment to look ahead, not back.

“COVID-19 isn’t going away,” he added, “but it’s becoming better under control.” “The overwhelming majority of individuals on board our ships are immunized, and this number will continue to rise. Furthermore, because of the testing procedures and treatments accessible, cruising may strive to be not just as safe as other holidays, but even safer.”

A recent Los Angeles Times article shares a story about a recent meeting by cruise line CEO Michael Bayley, in which Bayley said that the cruise industry was going through a “dark period” and that the cruise industry needs to be innovative to stay afloat. In his speech, Bayley acknowledged that the industry has experienced lower revenues and lower passenger numbers over the year, and that new cruise lines have struggled to keep the business running. However, Bayley also noted it was necessary for the industry to “dig deep” to find solutions, and that Royal Caribbean could be one of the cruise industry’s bright spots.. Read more about will the cruise ship industry bounce back and let us know what you think.

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