Flight attendants are known for being tough and taking care of their passengers. But what happens when that standard breaks down? A flight attendant in America threatened a passenger who was complaining about the lack of food on board, saying she would kick him off the plane if he continued to complain

The “united airlines response to 2-year-old” is a story of an American flight attendant who threatened to kick off a passenger for complaining about the service. The airline responded by saying that they would not tolerate any kind of discrimination on their flights.

After Kicking Off Maskless 2 Year Old, American Flight Attendant Threatens Complaining Passenger



After kicking off a 2 year old who was not wearing a mask, an American flight attendant threatens a passenger who complained.

on January 22, 2022 by Gary Leff

Passengers on Wednesday’s American Airlines flight AA3573 from Key West to Miami missed connections due to a 40-minute delay caused by a flight attendant ejecting a mother and her weeping two-year-old for refusing to wear their mask.

The whole planeload of people was deplaned, and when another passenger voiced dissatisfaction, the flight attendant threatened to deplane her as well since she’smelled like alcohol.’ On a flight that departs at 7:00 a.m. Both the passenger and the flight attendant were dressed in masks. The tagline of American Airlines is “caring for individuals on their journey through life.”

Passengers aged two and above must wear masks at airports and on flights, according to a government law. Prior to that, most major airlines required it (Delta allowed exceptions for young children.) For two-year-olds, masking is required, albeit how an airline implements the requirement is basically up to them. This staff seemed to have handled it in the most inept manner conceivable.

According to a Facebook post by an American AAdvantage Executive Platinum member,

The mother was attempting to get her carry-on bag, the baby, and the car seat into the aircraft, but the baby started wailing, and, of course, the infant didn’t have a MASK ON…… [The flight attendant] harshly chastised the mother about the infant’s mask as she boarded…the mother came to a halt mid-aisle, struggling over and over to get the mask on this sobbing baby.

The flight attendant’s only assistance was to repeat, “ma’am, you must exit the aircraft.” The plainly distraught mother continued pleading, “I’m trying, I’m trying.” “If she (baby) can’t wear a mask, then she shouldn’t go with you,” the flight attendant said.

…[Another passenger] got up and volunteered to assist the woman with the car seat, and she put the baby’s mask on and walked a few rows behind me to her seat. “She better have that mask on,” [the flight attendant] says, “because if I go back there and it’s not on, I’m throwing her off this aircraft.”

As the infant drinks from the bottle and is permitted to remain maskless while doing so, he stops sobbing, but when the bottle is removed, he begins to wail again. With the “angry flight attendant,” a gate agent attempted to “de-escalate the situation.” The captain ultimately came out and attempted to “speak to the flight attendant,” but an announcement was made that everyone would have to disembark, and the mom and her two-year-old were not permitted to return.

“Good – the sobbing infant was removed,” some readers may be thinking at this time. However, it’s a sub-50-minute flight that was almost that long delayed, and the majority of passengers on this route are connecting. And the single mother and her kid had been attempting to travel American Airlines since Saturday, but had been rebooked into the flight that had become a problem owing to erratic operations and full planes.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves,” she scolded the flight attendant as the Executive Platinum customer deplaned, she claims. “Really, a sobbing baby?”

That was the end of it… I didn’t say anything more to her and continued going off the aircraft…… whispered something to [husband] about how we’d miss our connection and that we should simply remain here.

Once everyone had boarded and returned to the terminal (including another poor lady in a wheel chair that had to walk up and down the ramp and extra time each way now barely making it). Another female was weeping because she was going to miss her connection and, as a result, her brother’s funeral (she had a double connection to someplace out west – and stated she had just cobbled together the money to get on this aircraft).

…[When the aircraft re-boarded], I resumed my stroll toward my seat, passing an enraged flight attendant… I just shook my head, disgusted. As I sat down, she marched up to my seat and said, plainly confrontationally, “Do you have a problem?”…she repeated it many times until I eventually responded “yes.”

She quickly summoned the first gate attendant, claiming that I was threatening her and that “she should have me thrown from the aircraft as well… “Do you have a problem?” she asks once again. I didn’t want to respond… because YES, I had an issue with her conduct, but NO, I didn’t want to cause the aircraft to be delayed any longer for the other passengers.

..[W]hen I didn’t answer she angrily exclaimed to the gate attendant whom she had called over .”Do you SMELL ALCOHOL, I SMELL ALCOHOL.” ..This was a 7am flight….we left our hotel at 5am..we were packed and tucked into bed by 7pm..Also, she had a mask on, an N95 Mask (maybe a double mask) and Bart & I were fully masked up as well…Again she asked if I had a problem and was I going to be quiet and behave?…I said “fine”. She again repeated the question and said “Say Yes or No”. Knowing I was about to be holding up the plane further and Bart prodding me to just say what she wanted….I reluctantly did. She said “Could you repeat that” as if she wanted to rub it in that she again relished so much power over peoples travel ability. I repeated the answer to her as she wished, as I thought about the poor girl crying in the back of the plane waiting to get to her brothers funeral. She strutted back up front like a peacock and flight proceeds to take off.

According to a spokesman for American Airlines,

“Two passengers were removed from American Airlines aircraft 3573 before it left Key West (EYW) for failing to comply with the federal face mask requirement. Customers were rebooked on the next available aircraft to Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) after agreeing to comply with the face mask requirement, and travel was completed later that day.

We’re looking into this, and one of our staff members has contacted out to the consumers to hear more about their experience.”

On American Airlines, there seem to be considerably more mask conflicts than on other airlines. This might be partly due to the fact that they transport more people and do so at cheaper average rates than some of their rivals. However, it seems to be related to how cabin personnel respond to mask concerns. United Airlines seems to have less passenger confrontations and, possibly as a result of de-escalation efforts after the David Dao incident, preferring to ‘write up’ noncompliant passengers rather than ejecting them or diverting flights.

Surely, removing a two-year-old, delaying a flight, and forcing other people to miss connections is a better way to deal with mask non-compliance. This is particularly true given that the problems occurred on board the plane, with HEPA air filtering, and while young children posed a lower risk throughout the epidemic. If the boy had been a few months younger, he would not have needed to wear a mask at all.

Meanwhile, the next day:

On the Charlotte Airport, it seems that pilots do not believe the mask requirement applies to them. pic.twitter.com/8CIO9JM9EN @AmericanPTFS @AmericanAir

— January 21, 2022, Joseph Minor (@UTDJoe)

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A 2-year-old was kicked off a plane after her mom complained about the service. The American flight attendant threatened the passenger for complaining on social media. Reference: 2-year-old kicked off plane instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did American Airlines kick off a 2-year-old?

A: The 2-year-old was not kicked off the plane by American Airlines, they were removed from the plane due to a medical emergency.

Does my 2-year-old have to wear a mask on Spirit Airlines?

A: Yes, they must wear a mask in order to not spread any germs.

What airline kicked family off?

A: Unfortunately, I am not allowed to answer this question. It is due to privacy reasons that specific airlines are not able to be mentioned.

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