Many of us have experienced that dreaded moment when your seatmate goes on a rant about how you sat down in the wrong zone and they demand more legroom because “you’re worth it”. This is just one example of many situations where air travel has been unnecessarily complicated. I argue that companies should be able to use pre-flight security checks as an opportunity to upsell customers with new products or services while giving them peace of mind by exposing any potential threats before take off.

The “when will the airline mask mandate end” is a question that many people have been asking. The answer is that it has not yet ended, but there are signs that it may be ending soon.

Air Travel Mask Mandate Needs To Be Lifted For Business Travel To Return



For business travel to resume, the air travel mask mandate must be lifted.

on January 22, 2022 by Gary Leff

I’m not interested in discussing aircraft masks. Let’s just say, let’s say, let’s say, let’s

  • Planes are safer than interior congregant situations such as restaurants and bars, where masks are often not necessary.
  • Masks, on the other hand, are likely to give some protection.
  • Though masks that fit the criterion (such as fabric masks) offer nothing to protect you and others, you should invest in a better mask if you want to protect yourself and others.

Early in the epidemic, before there were vaccinations or as many or as effective treatments for Covid-19, masks provided individuals the courage to go. Because you’re in close quarters with other people, it’s reassuring to see everyone else wearing a mask, even if it’s hard to wear for a whole day of travel.

However, in his opening comments to staff following the carrier’s fourth quarter results conference this past Thursday, outgoing American Airlines CEO Doug Parker made a point. Masks, he said, are a barrier to the reintroduction of business travel. As a result, a complete restoration to normal will need the removal of masking requirements.

Masking should be mandated on flights indefinitely, according to Dr. Fauci and other Biden administration officials. I’ve argued that, given the political reality, regulations should be relaxed before the midterm elections. Airlines, politicians, and the rest of the world must return to normal in order to ‘declare victory’ against the virus.

While it’s far from certain that Omicron will bring the pandemic to an end, with increasing levels of background immunity, hopefully variant-specific or multivariant vaccine boosers, and very efficient therapies like Paxlovid, there’s a fair possibility it will.

Here’s how Parker described masks, which are still required due to the virus outbreak, and how they hinder business travel (emphasis mine),

To go back to where we were, we’ll need to travel for business. It wishes to… Every time it seems that the world is returning to normal, business travel begins to pick up, and it picks up fast – as it did in July and as it began to do in November.

What happens though is anything that gets people to where we all have to wear a mask again, and for companies that have not yet brought people back to work, they delay that. It’s been delayed yet again for a lot of companies around the United States. It’ll come back, and when it does business return, and [we’ll be profitable].

Masks serve as a substitute for normality in this situation. Parker sees a return to normalcy on the horizon. Of course, he had to backtrack on a recommendation to Congress last month that masks aren’t required on aircraft.

Masks are excellent in my opinion, but let’s not pretend they do more than they do. Before all of this, I wanted to wear them during flu season because I don’t want to get ill, and I have too much going on for forced rest. I don’t adore masks, but I also don’t despise them. They’re a little annoyance and a minor public health benefit, and ultimately a diversion from correcting the institutions that failed us during the epidemic, such as the FDA and the CDC, as well as doubling down on testing, immunizations, and treatment.

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The “do you have to wear a mask on international flights” is a question that many people ask. The answer is no, the air travel masks mandate needs to be lifted for business travel to return.

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