Airbnb has started to tackle some of the problems that have been plaguing its business. These improvements are designed to make Airbnb a more sustainable company in the long run, as well as making it easier for customers and hosts alike.

Airbnb is a company that provides short-term accommodations for travelers. The company has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons, with some people claiming that Airbnb is going out of business. Read more in detail here: airbnb going out of business 2021.

Airbnb Wants To Fix Six Things About Its Business



Airbnb Wants To Improve Six Aspects Of Its Business

on January 15, 2022 by Gary Leff

Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO of Airbnb, turned to Twitter to solicit feedback on how to improve the company’s offering. He gave an update on the project’s top six priorities.

I believe the platform was groundbreaking, yet it also falls short of its promise. There are far too many hosts with far too many regulations that fail to provide the thing they claim far too frequently. Furthermore, the platform falls short of generating trust and enforcing behavioral rules.

When hosts cancel on visitors, the guests are essentially out of luck; there may be no alternative hotel choices available, and the best Airbnb can give is a credit. Sometimes. The last Airbnb I stayed at had a closed plastic box above the climate control, so you couldn’t turn it down and save money on power. And it was at a nightly rate of $300.

When I’m charged a cleaning fee, I also don’t enjoy taking out my garbage at the conclusion of a visit. When different fees might add up to 50% to the cost of a stay, pricing is everything from straightforward. Airbnb is generally an uncompetitive alternative for short stays due to these costs.

For years, Airbnb has spoken of launching a reward program, as well as a co-branded credit card. Because of my hotel elite membership, I like being able to check in early and check out late.

The following are the top six consumer concerns that have caught the attention of Airbnb’s CEO:

I received 4,000 proposals. The following are the top six:

1 – Crypto payments (top suggestion) 2 – Clear pricing displays 3 – Guest loyalty program 4 – Updated cleaning fees 5 – More long-term stays & discounts 6 – Better customer service

I’m already working on the most of these, and I’ll start looking into the rest soon!

January 5, 2022 — Brian Chesky (@bchesky)

All of this boils down to making it easy to conduct business with and via Airbnb. Customer service, in my mind, is a catch-all term for ensuring that the product being supplied on the platform is one that customers can trust, as well as standing behind it in the event of a problem. This also acknowledges that the pricing system is an issue that deters people from staying for a variety of reasons.

And although a loyalty program is a no-brainer, it’s much simpler to provide things like refunds for platform expenditure and maybe better customer service to regular visitors than it is to provide any type of improved experience during a stay. Expectations for offering an upgraded in-stay experience for regular Airbnb visitors should be modest at best. Hotel companies have a hard enough time assuring premium privileges on sites where there are defined brand standards.

There’s a big demand for what Airbnb does. And overall they bring down the cost of rooms (more supply) and bring more travelers which is a good thing in most cases. They’re also the market leader for a reason (compare to Marriott Homes & Villas on transparency). Even Marriott hotel owners want to rent out their rooms through Airbnb.

Of course, hotels will be at a competitive disadvantage if they can’t – or won’t – deliver on the features that set them apart from Airbnb, such as elite perks and daily cleaning.

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Airbnb has been in the news a lot lately. The company is constantly looking to improve its business model and fix some of the things that are wrong with it. Airbnb wants to be more sustainable, provide more value, and have better customer service. Reference: airbnb business model 2021.

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