Airline pricing is likely to change. Expect more basic business class fares rather than high-end premium tickets in the future, according to a new study from New York City’s Strada Investment Group.

The “Airline Pricing Advisor Sees More Basic Business Class Coming Soon” is a news article that describes the recent announcement of more basic business class flights. The article also has some tips for travelers who want to save money on their next trip. Read more in detail here: travel business class.

Airline Pricing Advisor Sees More Basic Business Class Coming Soon [Roundup]

More Basic Business Class Is Coming Soon, According to an Airline Pricing Advisor [Roundup]

on January 20, 2022 by Gary Leff

News and tidbits from the internet:

  • Starting today, you may request one of the new beautiful designs for your Amex Platinum card. Personally, I am not a fan, and I want to maintain my original design card.


  • Vic Mensa was arrested when customs agents discovered drugs in his bag at Dulles Airport.

    1642708328_306_Airline-Pricing-Advisor-Sees-More-Basic-Business-Class-Coming-Soon CBP is the source of this image.

  • Is there going to be further unbundling of airfares in the near future? Airlines are utilizing artificial intelligence to accomplish precisely that, according to an airline pricing expert. Some of this overlooks how bundling may increase revenue and benefit both consumers and airlines.

    Some folks merely want to sleep on a short trip from New York to London. In terms of value perception, these cabins, especially first class, require a lot of improvement. Airlines will need to reconsider the “all-inclusive” concept at the high end as premium leisure travel grows more popular.

  • TSA discovers one pistol for every 100,000 travelers examined, with 86 percent of them being loaded (via @crucker).
  • The Andaz Wall Street will reopen on January 26 as a Hyatt Centric, however it will not be downgraded from redemption category 5 to 4. (where it would be eligible for redemptions with category 1-4 free night certificates). This resort was extremely beautiful a decade ago, but its location (despite its address, not particularly accessible for Wall Street) limited the lodging prices it could charge. It makes more sense to be Centric.


  • Who thought it was a good idea to put toiletries on the wall? Sure, on paper, they (1) save hotels money while (2) claiming that the choice was made in the interests of the environment rather than cost, but there are far too many instances like this one (most much worse though).


  • On MLK Day, a fellow American Airlines Miami – Washington National first class customer saw the following:

    Marco Rubio is flying back to Washington on AA 2648 from MIA-DCA, likely to vote on new voting rules in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. To dodge the plebes on the Miami jetbridge, he was boarded by the side door steps (you know, the ones where strollers and carry-on baggage go down). As you just said, Miami catering stinks lately, so he (and most of the rest of us in first class) had a cup of water.

    He was not just wearing a mask, but it was a N95 (or KN95?). He worked the whole trip, but as soon as we touched down, he dashed off of the plane with his Concierge Key branded bag as soon as the doors opened.

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