Dallas planes make snow.

Gary Leff at 14. February 2021.

The ice in the toilet (blue juice) is not the only snow that planes make when they come down from the sky. When aircraft sink due to low freezing temperatures and high relative humidity (saturated air), they can form snow. Aircraft don’t cause blizzards – that’s just a local event – but in good conditions they do cause snow to form and fall to the ground.

It needs water vapor, which is below freezing, but does not form ice crystals because it has no particles to which it can freeze. Then, as planes descend into the atmosphere, water vapor forms snow on the plane’s exhaust. In addition, the lift around the wing of the aircraft causes ice crystals to form that were previously unable to form.

Planes landing at Dallas Fort Worth Airport dumped snow on the Metroplex in unusual weather not seen in parts of the state of Texas in 30 years.

It is a phenomenon that affects most airports in the northern United States from time to time, but it is very rare for aircraft as far away as Texas to be affected by snow. This is an indication of an extremely cold air mass.

…A weather balloon released in the morning near Fort Worth showed temperatures of 24 degrees on the surface and 42 degrees at 6,000 feet. This indicates the clear presence of an inversion. In addition, the atmosphere at this altitude was mostly saturated, dropping to about 1,500 feet.

This means that planes landing from south to north must pass through a layer of supercooled droplets on their final approach, which forms a mile-long snow band.

There are chemotherapy conspiracies, but in this case it’s the planes, not the Jewish space lasers, that are determining the weather.

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frequently asked questions

Can aircraft fly safely in snow?

When a snowstorm hits and travelers still need to get somewhere, this is a question frequent flyers often ask themselves: Can planes fly in a snowstorm? The answer depends. In most cases, aircraft can and do fly in all types of weather, including snowstorms.

Has it ever snowed in Dallas?

A record amount of snow was recorded in February 2010, when Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport received 12.5 inches of snow in two days.

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