ALG executives discuss the acquisition of Hyatt, 2022 bookings and more.

The the hyatt is a luxury hotel and resort located in the United States. ALG Executives discuss their acquisition of the hyatt, 2022 Bookings and more at the company’s annual meeting.

In Cancun, Mexico, Apple Leisure Group (ALG) hosted its 2021 Ascend Conference. The business was overjoyed to be back together in person after being pushed into a virtual exhibition in 2020 due to the pandemic, networking and developing connections with travel advisers and different suppliers.

How did the CEOs rate the conference?


Alejandro Reynal, CEO and President of ALG, stated, “It surpassed my expectations.” “It’s wonderful to see everyone here in person, but most importantly, all the emotions, the desire for people to share their stories and look forward to a great 2022.”

“Everyone had a great time,” stated Executive Vice President Jacki Marks. “I believe [travel advisors] are returning motivated to work in the tourism business.”

Of course, the major question on many people’s minds was what the future holds for ALG following the announcement two months ago that the business will be purchased by Hyatt.

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However, according to Ray Snisky, Group President of ALG Vacations, travel advisers should not be concerned.

“We can’t succeed without the travel adviser,” Snisky said, adding that commissions would not be reduced as a result of the Hyatt acquisition.

According to the present intentions, Hyatt will continue to run ALG as is. The existing ALG management team will continue to oversee the company’s operations.

“I believe the point they made about maintaining us a separate division and truly valuing our experience and understanding in this area is something you don’t often see when businesses get bought, and I think that aspect would be great,” Snisky said.

ALG’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Scott Wiseman, shared similar sentiments.

“They appreciate what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and they want to help us strengthen that,” Wiseman said. “So, we’re hoping, and I believe, that this means we’ll be able to go on with business as usual, which is wonderful.” I believe it is just the next stage in ALG’s development, and the company will continue to expand. One thing is certain: we haven’t stood still in the five years I’ve been here, and we are only growing better and better, so I’m overjoyed.”

Mark Hoplamazian, the CEO of Hyatt, will be Reynal’s boss. Right now, he said, it’s all about finding out how the two can keep succeeding.

“What we’ve found is a set of business coordination efforts, which, at the end of the day, are focused on how we can make both businesses better over time,” Reynal said. “I believe there are a lot of untapped growth possibilities that we can accomplish as a group, and that’s where we’re concentrating our efforts.”

ALG Vacation Ascend 2021 The Cancun Center’s ALG Vacation Ascend 2021 trade exhibition floor display (photo by Eric Bowman)

Because the $2.7 billion transaction won’t close until later in the fourth quarter, the officials couldn’t get too far into Hyatt talks.

They did, however, agree on a positive prognosis for 2022.

“60 percent of Baby Boomers say travel is back to normal – they’re not seeing any changes in their habits, and they’re back to traveling,” according to research. According to Marks. She said that it’s at 70% among Gen X and Millennials.

The first quarter seems to be “excellent,” according to Snisky.

“We’ve already booked and traveled with more groups in 2022 than we did in all of 2021.” A lot of our charter inventory is selling very well, and we’re in the process of adding additional capacity in certain instances. We’re ecstatic. I expect a strong increase over the Christmas season, but we’re very excited about 2022. Agents are getting their feet under them, and they’re beginning to see some increased business, which is a great indication.”

For the early part of 2022, the top destinations that have been trending well throughout 2021 will stay the same.

“Cancun in particular is doing extremely well,” Reynal added, “but the Dominican Republic is also doing very well.” “So, I believe we’ll see an extended continuation of the strong demand we’ve seen in the second half of the year into 2022.”

“Of course, Hawaii is always a huge draw for us,” Wiseman said. “Domestic destinations were really popular for a while because there were fewer restrictions, and we hope to keep that pace going,” Wiseman added. “But I think we’re going to see more of a normalization of the international really being the bulk again – a lot in the Caribbean and Mexico – and then still having a certain segment of the domestic as well.”

Advisors shared similar sentiments and spent hours at the conference learning more about ALG in order to increase their sales. They also got the opportunity to meet vendors from Mexico, the Caribbean, and well-known US locations including Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Orlando.

Snisky added, “I’m a big believer in face-to-face relationships…so this will be a cornerstone of our involvement going ahead.”

The ALG Ascend Conference will return to Cancun in 2022, according to Marks.

“We’ve already set our dates for our return to Cancun. We’ll make an announcement soon to get advisors excited and set the dates. We don’t want people’s schedules to fill up before they can join us, and I’m hoping that we’ve generated enough publicity that there will be more interest than available spots, so we’ll have to reconsider how we select the advisors this time. We were still careful in the advisers we selected this time; we want individuals who are engaged in us or willing to develop with us, but we’re already planning how to produce and execute another fantastic conference next year.”


Marks expressed what she believes the whole travel advisor community needs to know when asked what her message was to them.

“Whether you’ve worked with us or not, you’re aware that we’ve been on a three-year transformation path since our merger three years ago.” So whether you knew us before the merger, knew us during the merger, or have never heard of us, we’re a whole different business. And we’ve been working very hard to climb mountains in order to be the greatest version of ourselves so that we can be the best partner to you, and we think we’ve succeeded. We’re not perfect, and we’ll never pretend to be, but we’re ready to really welcome all advisers thanks to the communication, innovation, and investments we’ve made. Our doors are open, and the possibilities that come with becoming a part of Hyatt are limitless. So, join the ALG team because I believe we can achieve amazing things for your company.”

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