American Airlines is making big improvements to their premium food service, which includes a new menu and more options for the in-flight meal. These changes are expected to be rolled out soon.

American Airlines is making big improvements to their premium food service just around the corner. They are planning on adding more items, including a new Taco Tuesday menu. Read more in detail here: american airlines first class meals – menu.

American Airlines has made significant enhancements to its premium food service. Just a few steps away

on September 20, 2021 by Gary Leff

A flight attendant questioned airline President Robert Isom about consumers booking away from the airline because of its weaker international premium class inflight offering compared to its partners at a staff question and answer session last week. This is what the airline’s Concierge Key and Executive Platinum members say, according to the cabin staff member.

Flagship Lounges and Flagship First Dining are coming back, according to Isom, and “the same strategy to bringing back and putting additional facilities aboard the aircraft is occurring right now.”

According to Brady Byrnes, American’s VP of Inflight, they’re hearing “the same thing from customers,” but they’ve had issues with supply chain and “caterer partners [being] adequately staffed with what we’ve scheduled,” and they’ve worked “with the APFA [flight attendants union] on when the right time to bring back service was.” So yet, there have only been “incremental additions,” with “some fantastic stuff…just around the bend in the not-too-distant future.” Domestic first class is now “back on china” for snack box products, he said.

1631059929_777_Heres-What-Food-And-Service-Are-Like-In-American-Airlines A Meal on American Airlines Right Now

International airlines, Byrnes claims, don’t travel as frequently as American airlines, therefore they have an easier time providing a great product, but he adds:

We’re keeping a careful watch on what our competitors are doing, so I’m sure that we’re competitive against our domestic rivals, though not quite as much as our foreign rivals.

“You’re the one out there speaking to our customers, and they’re asking questions, and sometimes the answer isn’t always easy as you’re offering a cold product, and certainly getting mixed nuts back was a big win for us on the international routes,” said Jodi Spicer, the Managing Director in charge of food and beverage.

However, as I’ve been reporting, she claims that everything is about to change.

Over the following several months, you’ll notice some adjustments… I guarantee you’ll notice a significant improvement there very quickly, and we’ll keep moving there all the way to domestic.

Isom pledges to “keep track and pace with both Qatar and BA,” but then claims that since BA flies fewer flights, it can provide a superior service. While British Airways seems to be improving, giving excuses for failing to achieve their service standards should raise a lot of red flags.

Contrary to Brady Byrnes’ assertion, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants is not intended to manage the airline. They push for less hours of labor, more compensation, and hotel accommodations for overnight travels. It’s strange to outsource marketing and product choices to the flight attendants union. Simply stated, Covid-19 has never been known to spread from galley ovens, thus serving hot or cold food was never an issue of safety. And, as Jeff Bezos frequently points out, the greatest error businesses make is concentrating on what their rivals are doing instead of what their consumers want.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

American Airlines has made big improvements to their premium food service just around the corner. The changes will include a new menu, better quality, and more options for international flights. Reference: american airlines meals on international flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Airlines still serving food?

Yes, American Airlines is still serving food.

Does American Airlines have free food?


How long does a flight have to be to get a meal?

A flight does not have to be long enough for a meal.

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