American Airlines and the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) have reached a tentative deal that would end the strike, but the union is still pursuing a more aggressive policy. When pilots walked out in April, the union demanded that they be punished and that the airline report them to the FBI for bad behavior.

American Airlines has a lot of problems, a lot of them related to the employees. The company is aware of this, and is trying to do something about it. Some employees are not being empathetic to passengers, and are causing problems for everyone that works for American Airlines. American Airlines has a union, and they are asking the union to do something about some of the employees.

If you thought all were getting the same treatment as you when flying American Airlines on their new Boeing 737-800, the company’s biggest union just went one step further to make sure bad behavior gets reported to the FBI.. Read more about american airlines travel and let us know what you think.



The American Airlines Union wants passengers who are misbehaving to be reported to the FBI.

on July 6, 2021 by Gary Leff

Mask compliance was implicated in almost 2400 of the first 3000 passenger accidents reported to the FAA this year. The majority of disputes are settled amicably.

I sometimes wonder whether people wake up in the morning and go to the airport with the intention of ignoring the regulation and not being bothered? Alternatively, do they intend to take a stance against the government?

During the previous government, masks became a political talking issue when they should have been seen as a conservative option to lockdowns. They were airline regulations at the time, and it wasn’t until the Biden administration entered office that they became a federal rule (duplicating what was previously in place).

The majority of the time, things end happily. There was perhaps some screaming, and there were undoubtedly some misunderstandings. Passengers were even re-boarded after being wrongly accused of being mask-resisters (such as a mask-compliant two year old momentarily eating).

Things have gotten out of hand on occasion, and passengers have turned violent. We’ve seen footage of horrific confrontations that became violent against cabin staff, and there’s a far higher percentage of leisure customers and first-time passengers than ever before (“every airline’s passengers are Spirit Airlines passengers today”). Part of the reason they’re so startling is because they’re still so uncommon.


However, the American Airlines flight attendants union is warning its members that if the situation becomes dangerous, law enforcement involvement may not be sufficient. They should enlist the help of the FBI.

Passenger misbehavior incidents—and their severity—are at an all-time high, as we all know. While some progress has been made in holding disruptive passengers responsible, we will continue to advocate for tighter rules, harsher penalties, and a quicker response to these instances. Meanwhile, here’s what you need to know to protect yourself and your staff while also assisting in the prosecution of non-compliant passengers.

If you are physically attacked by a passenger onboard or on the ground, immediately notify the Captain or a Gate Agent and request that Corporate Security and law police meet the aircraft. Instruct local law enforcement to call the FBI office in their area if they are uncertain if it is within their authority. As soon as you are able, call Daily Ops at 682-315-7070 to inform them of the issue. Flight Attendants are protected by JCBA Section 34.H. in the case of a physical attack by a passenger(s) during a severe incident.

Please guarantee that the whole crew files a CERS report within 24 hours of any noncompliance/misconduct incident. This will enable Corporate Security to immediately start an investigation and, if necessary, bar the passenger from flying on American again. If you believe the misbehavior has prevented you from performing your safety-related responsibilities as a Flight Attendant, please file a Cabin ASAP report as soon as possible as proof.

To be sure, the APFA warns of the possibility of a scenario in which local cops are uncertain of their authority and decide not to intervene (in other words, abdicate their responsibility). And, unlike a simple FAA administrative fee, jurisdiction for criminal conduct in flight may be complex. However, officers assigned to the airport are often trained in this area.

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