American Airlines is getting back to its charitable ways. The airline will donate $1 to the designated charity of every passenger who is on board an American Airlines flight on January 6, according to ABC News. The airline has already donated $50 million toward the cause. In 2014, the airline gave $1 million to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York City, and $1 million to the Salvation Army in Washington, D.C.

American Airlines has announced that it will donate to the American Red Cross on January 6th, the day of the annual Inauguration Day protest that has become known as “Cocktail Hour of Resistance.” The announcement comes in response to the airline’s decision to donate to the Red Cross last year when the event took place on January 20, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In January of 2014, the airplane manufacturer Boeing donated $900,000 to support the January 6th holiday (known as “holiday abuse”)

American Airlines will donate to Congressional Objectors on January 6th once again.

on July 24, 2021 by Gary Leff

Following the January 6th protests and insurgency at the Capitol, in which politicians attempted to halt the counting of presidential electors and some citizens stormed the halls to force sand into the gears, many businesses announced that they would no longer donate to politicians who were involved in the anti-democratic shenanigans.

According to Nate Gatten, the airline’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs, who spoke at an internal staff event after the carrier’s earnings conference on Thursday, the airline’s PAC went “off the pause” in May. (a recording of which was reviewed by View From The Wing).

He disclosed that the airline donated to an objector to the election’s certification, Sam Graves of Missouri, via its PAC in June. He justified himself by stating that although he may have agreed to halt the democratic process and put the election into doubt, he supported government subsidies for American Airlines.

On the spectrum, the individual to whom we donated is very… He’s a terrific American Airlines partner, and he’s been a big supporter of PSP… We’re doing our best to keep everything under control and avoid contributing to anybody who would disgrace us.

We need to have a conversation with our elected officials, and we can’t do that if we just say, “OK, there’s a large group of individuals with whom we’re not going to work at all.” That is our current position. Some businesses will almost certainly refuse to donate to objectors. They are in a different situation than we are. Most businesses, I believe, will not have these litmus tests in some form or another.

American-Airlines-On-Criticizing-Airline-Subsidies-While-Taking-Record-Government Before 2001, Doug Parker testified in Congress in support of airline subsidies.

The American Airlines position appears to be that, in a heavily regulated and subsidized industry, they can’t afford to take principled positions that put them at a disadvantage in Congress – at least not on an issue as important as this one, where so many of their key political constituents are on the other side. And that if they don’t pay-to-play, they won’t be able to “engage in conversation with…elected representatives.”

Of all, for an airline CEO who has built his career on government subsidies, this is a reasonable stance to adopt.

More From the Wing’s Perspective

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