According to the latest wave of the Longwoods International Consumer Sentiment Survey, 87% of Americans have travel plans for the next six months. This is the highest level since early March 2020, just before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Spring brings warmer weather and better prospects for the travel industry, said Amir Aylon, president and CEO of Longwoods International. The quicker progress is made on vaccines and virus control, the quicker the struggling travel industry will recover.


Half of the travelers surveyed said that when choosing a place to visit in the next six months, their main concern is that that place has clearly established health and safety protocols, such as B. Offers of masking and offers of social distancing. However, 44% of respondents indicated that they were looking for locations that did not have transportation restrictions (e.g., quarantine, testing requirements).

Current trend

While key indicators of travel sentiment show that pent-up travel demand is beginning to unwind, the study also makes clear that destinations should not limit the communication and promotion of their health and safety protocols to help their guests and communities stay as safe as possible, Eilon said.

Just over a third (33%) of those surveyed stated that COVID-19 will have a significant impact on their travel plans over the next six months, the lowest percentage in the past year. Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed said they will have to change their travel plans due to COWID-19, the lowest level since March of last year. Twenty-three percent said the virus had not affected their travel plans at all.

With COVID-19 vaccines being one of the factors influencing travel decisions, the study also asked about the impact of the vaccine on their plans. Thirty-seven percent want to wait to vaccinate, 20% want to wait until most people in their destination are vaccinated, and 17% want to wait until most Americans are vaccinated. Interestingly, 33% said the vaccine had no impact on their travel plans.

In terms of current perceptions of safety, 55% of those surveyed said they feel comfortable going outside their community, and just over half are in favour of opening up their community to visitors – the highest figure in the survey. Fifty-three percent of those surveyed said they now feel safe eating at local restaurants and shopping at local stores.

Student Wave 33 COVID-19 Pathways Feeling was released on 17. February 2021 to a randomly selected national sample of 1,000 adults aged 18 years and older. To make the survey as representative as possible of the entire U.S. population, selection quotas were applied according to Census specifications by age, sex, and region.

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