The Anguilla island has trimmed down and simplified its entry policies for visitors with measles vaccine. The new rules are an effort to safeguard the environment, as well as provide a more comfortable experience for guests who have undergone the immunization process.

The “anguilla travel restrictions 2022” is a new entry protocol for visitors to Anguilla. The new rule will require visitors who are vaccinated to enter the country through designated ports of entry.

Anguilla is simplifying visitor entrance procedures by removing online travel permission requirements for fully vaccinated passengers aged 18 and above, according to authorities with the Anguilla Tourist Board.

Vaccinated passengers are no longer needed to request for authorization to enter Anguilla through the travel portal, according to new Ministry of Health rules published in compliance with the country’s “developing Covid-19 departure plan.”


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Reopening from COVID-19

Visitors arriving in Anguilla must still provide confirmation of Covid vaccination using an authorized vaccine, as well as documentation of a negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test result received within three days of travel or a quick antigen test done within two days of flight.

Visitors who have been completely vaccinated within the past six months, as well as those who have received a booster dosage if the main, full vaccination series was completed six months or more before to arrival, will not be subjected to arrival testing. According to ATB authorities, a verified negative test result must be submitted before to arrival.

Adults and children who got a complete main course of vaccinations more than six months previous to arrival but did not get a booster dose are still regarded fully vaccinated and do not required to register for entrance via the Anguilla portal. According to ATB authorities, such guests will be tested upon arrival for a charge of $50 per person. Prior to arrival, these tourists must additionally provide a negative Covid-19 test result.

Those who arrive in Anguilla without the necessary papers (such as evidence of immunization and test results) will be compelled to return to their home country. Guests who are unable to return promptly must undergo arrival and departure tests as well as a five-day quarantine at their own cost.

In addition to any sanctions for illegal admission, each quarantine visitor will be assessed a cost of $200. Unvaccinated tourists with a medical exemption must apply for entrance via the Anguilla portal, take a test upon arrival, quarantine for five days, and have a negative test result to depart quarantine, as well as pay a $100 per-person cost.

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