When your blog isn’t progressing the way you want it to, it raises all kinds of doubts. You wonder why your readership isn’t growing, why third-party collaborations aren’t going well, and why your content isn’t grabbing people’s attention the way you had hoped it would. Basically, you have to ask yourself: are you an imperfect blogger and are you really serious about your blogging career?

Did you know that about 80% of blogs fail in the first 18 months? It’s a staggering figure, and while most blogs start out like a lightbulb and with a spark of excitement, it doesn’t take long for these bursts of creativity to fade into nothingness.

By understanding why most blogs are doomed to fail and uncovering the bad habits you’ve learned over the past few months, you can revisit your blogging approach and transform your blog into the profitable and inspiring vocation you’ve been hoping for.


Read on to find out if you are an imperfect blogger and why most blogs are doomed to fail.

Poor management of digital assets

As a blogger, your digital assets are your greatest resource. They represent all the files that give value to your online presence and give your blog its identity.

Not having full control over these digital assets is like swimming against a rising tide of competitors in an already saturated field. It’s a common mistake that many bloggers don’t know they’re struggling with until they deploy bynder.com and their DAM software.

With DAM, all your digital assets are stored in one easy-to-manage space, so you can find the files you need quickly and easily. Google-like search features let you find what you need in seconds, and the most recently edited files are the first versions you see in your user-friendly interface. Downloading content across all your platforms is quick and easy, ensuring brand consistency across your chosen media.

You’re in the wrong profession. ….


Why did you choose your niche? If you chose it for profitability, then your blog is already in trouble. Choosing the wrong topic for the wrong reasons will slow down your blogging career. Simply redesigning old content you’ve seen online to “beautify” it will not only hurt your search engine optimization, but your readers will see right through it.

They treat it like a hobby.

If you want your blog to be successful, you have to do it with an entrepreneurial spirit. If you are blogging as a hobby, you are not taking it seriously enough. It should be your second job until it becomes your main source of income! Moving away from “hobby blogging” means getting serious about promoting your blog, working on search engine optimization and generating traffic to your blog, and reinvesting all the money you earn from your blog into your business.

Final thoughts…

Don’t let your blog become just another statistic. Recognize the points above and start blogging with the right attitude!

Here’s how:

How to load…

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