The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new guidance on travel restrictions to the United States this week, which includes conditions that may be required in certain areas around the country. While these guidelines could significantly impact global health security, some countries are already taking action preemptively by banning U.S.-bound travel from their soil and issuing advisories against any travelers visiting Americans in those regions. Experts say such actions will only exacerbate an already fragile situation as they hamper international cooperation efforts at a critical time of turmoil across the globe due to outbreaks like Zika and Ebola.

The “cdc travel quarantine guidelines” is a new guideline released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC has recommended that travelers who have not been to a country with an active Zika virus transmission should be allowed to fly, but they are still recommending that travelers avoid certain countries.

As CDC Issues New Guidance, Travel Groups Call for End to COVID Travel Restrictions

Major travel-related organizations are urging the Biden administration to lift COVID-19 limits and regulations, which are stifling the over $2 trillion tourist business in the United States.

The action comes only a day after the CDC announced fresh recommendations relaxing several of the regulations implemented in the aftermath of the infection. 70% of the nation is now free of limitations as a result of the new advice.


On aircraft, however, this is not the case.

The federal mask rule won’t be debated again until March 18, but the United States Travel Association, the American Hotel and Lodging Association, Airlines for America, and the United States Chamber of Commerce are requesting that mask-wearing and other critical limitations be repealed.

In a letter to White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeffrey Zients, the group urges the Biden administration to replace pandemic-era travel advisories, requirements, and restrictions with endemic-focused policies that allow travel to resume fully and safely while also speeding up the recovery of the American economy.

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The associations presented statistics to support their request, stating that corporate travel expenditure was almost 50% lower in 2019 than it was in 2018, while foreign trip spending was down a stunning 78 percent.

“In light of improved public health metrics in the United States and medical advancements to prevent the worst outcomes of COVID-19,” the group wrote, “the Biden administration should now take steps to normalize travel conditions,” including repealing both the pre-departure testing requirement for vaccinated inbound air travelers and the federal mask mandate for public transportation.”

The following questions were posed to the groups:

Remove the necessity for all fully vaccinated incoming overseas travelers to undergo pre-departure testing.

By March 18, the federal mask requirement for public transit networks must either be repealed or a clear path for its removal must be provided within 90 days.

Stop issuing “Avoid Travel” advice and using travel restrictions.

Collaborate with other nations to standardize travel and admission rules.

Develop benchmarks and timetables for a road to the new normal that includes the elimination of pandemic-related travel restrictions by June 1.

Send a strong message to the American people and the rest of the globe that it is safe to travel again, especially for those who have been vaccinated.

According to the letter, “our business group stands ready to support the Biden administration in enacting these important endemic-era measures and recovering the United States travel sector.”

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) announced earlier this week that they are working together to help the tourism industry recover, as well as urging for the relaxing of travel restrictions wherever feasible.

The “does the government require you to stay home for 14 days after traveling” is a question that many people ask. The CDC has issued new travel guidance, but there are some groups calling for an end to COVID restrictions.

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