In advance of the rollout, IHG has announced changes to its program that might disappoint frequent travelers. It may be worth waiting until after November 15 to see if they address these concerns before signing up for a card.

The “ihg diamond status” is a new IHG program that will allow travelers to earn and redeem points for rewards. The program will be available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Award Travelers: Don't Get Too Excited - Yet - About The New IHG One Rewards Program



Don’t Get Too Excited – Yet – About The New IHG One Rewards Program, Award Travelers.

on April 13, 2022 by Gary Leff

IHG’s loyalty program has been renamed IHG One Rewards, and all-new elite features have been introduced. For established IHG elites, this is a huge step forward. IHG Diamond elites now have access to a complimentary hot breakfast bonus, which may be superior to what Hilton and Marriott provide. Members may receive a verified suite reward based on the number of nights they stay (14 days prior to check-in, no capacity controls). Members may also acquire access to the club lounge by staying for a certain number of nights.

This is big, as it starts to fix the IHG Rewards program’s main flaw. However, I haven’t noticed a critical element that I mentioned in other reporting on these modifications. That is, confirmed suites are not accessible on award stays, and club lounge access may or may not be available – the chain claims it is, but the terms and conditions indicate otherwise.

I didn’t simply depend on my hotel chain briefing; I also reviewed the terms and conditions for the additional privileges. I believe it’s vital to mention this since I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else.

  • Status is earned with the IHG credit card, but not nights. As a result, credit card elites are unable to enter confirmed suites or the club lounge.
  • Even if you’ve earned these advantages based on nights spent in the program, you won’t be able to confirm a suite or access club lounges when you redeem your points.

Furthermore, while using points, IHG still does not provide a way to redeem for a room that is better than a standard accommodation. That implies that if you continue on a’reward,’ you’ll be less rewarded than if you pay cash, and the modifications aren’t fantastic for frequent flyers. The application is still superior than what it was before! However, we must reduce our expectations somewhat.

Apart from the issue of the relatively small number of hotels where suites and club lounges will be a meaningful benefit out of the chain’s 6000 hotels, there’s also the issue of the relatively small number of hotels where suites and club lounges will be a meaningful benefit out of the chain’s 6000 hotels (though they certainly do have nice properties where this will be a fantastic benefit).

“The IHG official verified that elite tier privileges apply equally to paid and award stays,” says The Points Guy. What’s perplexing is that club lounge and confirmed suites are Milestone Rewards that you may receive depending on the number of nights you stay, not privileges that come with reaching a status tier. Payment of an acceptable rate is required under the conditions of the confirmed suite upgrade awards.

Only qualified stays, including as Best Flexible, Member Discount, Government, and certain Corporate and package rates, are eligible for the Confirmable Suite Upgrade.

Not eligible for reservations that require payment in advance.

According to TPG,

We verified with IHG that guests who have an annual lounge membership would have access to the lounge during award stays.

“If a member chooses Club Lounge access, they may enjoy lounge access on any stay, provided they book directly via IHG,” they said. Even on a reward night, this is true.” It’s also not what the benefit’s terms imply. Staying on a ‘qualifying rate’ is required for access to the club lounge.

Only Qualified Stays qualify for an annual lounge membership.

“A qualified room rate is a tariff that is eligible for IHG® Rewards Club points or airline miles,” IHG has always said. A room rate that does not qualified for either is ineligible.” Reward nights have always been plainly non-qualifying, and no documented modification has changed that.

For someone who spends 20 nights, this is still a wonderful deal (including 20 nights on points, since those count towards earning Milestone Rewards). Claim a guaranteed suite upgrade and use it to book a splurge stay at a high-end full-service hotel. But make sure you pay for your stay rather than redeeming it.

To be clear, the program revisions constitute a big step forward. Members are better off than they were before, and many will prefer this program over others. There are also no advantages being taken away. This move by IHG excites me! However, there is a significant blind area.

While this new program is far more lucrative for chain loyalists, whether they stay 20 or 70 nights a year, they haven’t consistently used these enhancements to regard reward nights as rewarding, so members who receive perks aren’t yet treated as appreciated when cashing in their hard-earned points. IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG, IHG When it comes to expecting hotels to comply or dealing with non-compliance with customer service, terms and conditions are crucial. If this isn’t what the program intended, the terms and conditions of these benefits will be updated to reflect this.

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The “ihg changing” is a new IHG One Rewards Program that will be launching on September 7, 2017. The program has been in the works for over a year and will offer benefits to all travelers who are members of any IHG hotel chain.

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