Bernie Sanders made a surprise appearance at the airport on his way to Chicago. The mystery of whether or not he had any Secret Service protection was answered as soon as they spotted him flying first class while surrounded by reporters and security detail.

The “one mile at a time” is the motto of Bernie Sanders, and it’s one that he has lived by. On Friday, Sanders was seen flying first class on his way to the Vatican. That’s just fine.

Bernie Sanders Spotted Flying First Class On Friday (And That's Just Fine)



On Friday, Bernie Sanders was seen flying first class (which he enjoys).

on May 14, 2022 by Gary Leff

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was caught traveling first class on American Airlines on his way to a Pittsburgh rally for State Rep. Summer Lee, who is running for Congress in Pennsylvania. Sanders was hiding behind a mask.

When socialists take use of capitalist inventions, they end up looking like Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. He’s flying first class right now.

May 14, 2022 — Ron Milner (@RonMilnerBoodle)

Bernie Sanders takes first class to campaign for Summer Lee, a fellow socialist candidate.

May 13, 2022 — Maridee Now (@marideenow)

There are five reasons why this isn’t a problem.

  1. He must go to work. Socialism in our day does not happen by itself; it requires hard effort, and he must optimize his labor worth to the greatest degree feasible.
  2. Flying first class is in keeping with his values. Even Air Koryo from North Korea has business class. A Democratic People’s Republic does not imply the abolition of social classes. “All animals are equal in communist paradise,” but “some creatures are more equal than others.”
  3. He wants everyone to fly first class, and he wants the wealthy to pay for it. People believe he is being hypocritical since he opposes first class, but this is not the case; he just wants companies to offer first class to everyone for free.
  4. Private contributors helped cover the cost. He was giving a campaign speech. Either he was upgraded or his first-class ticket was paid for with donated funds (e.g. DSCS or the campaign itself). As a result, rather than being a question of well-spent public monies, it’s a matter for contributors to assess if they’re receiving value for their money.
  5. He was flying American Airlines, not a high-end airline. And first class on American Airlines’ Oasis (Kodiak) is scarcely luxurious. It has fewer legroom, less comfortable seats, and no seatback entertainment than American.

Bernie Sanders was photographed flying first class on American Airlines and flying private, insisting on jacuzzi tubs in his rooms. So, no, this isn’t going to hurt his popularity among his supporters — and it shouldn’t. Summer Lee, who has branded Joe Biden a racist, may just have the cover she needs to win the Democratic primary on Tuesday in what is considered a solid Democratic district.

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