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Looking for a nice ride in Sedona? Oak Creek Canyon is a place to relax from the sun and heat of Arizona. Flight to the Coconino National Forest.

Oak Creek is a beautiful red rock canyon north of Sedona on the scenic Highway 89A. The West Fork Trail in Oak Creek follows a creek and is surrounded by beautiful forests, so much shade!

The Oak Creek Canyon hiking trail is ideal for day trips from Sedona or Flagstaff. It’s on my list of 12 great things you can do on the streets of Sedona.

I followed the path myself, but I have seen many families with small children walking.

The most beautiful things on this route are the red rock gorge, a shady pedestrian area and several passages across the creek. Make sure your children bring a bathing suit if they want to dive into the waters of Oak Creek.

Even if you want to walk in the beauty of the sun and see the red rocks of Sedona, I recommend the path of the Little Horse. A quiet place with several hiking trails is located in the Sedona Peace Park. If you want adventure, history and hiking, take a look at the heritage of Honanka.

Reach Oak Creek Canyon

On Google Maps you will find a place in the list:

  • Western Fork
  • Shady alley
  • The call for the picnic site in the canyon is the one I used.

Parking spaces (at an extra charge) are filled at the beginning of the high season. You can also park on the side of the road, where there is enough space, and walk to the path. You still have to pay entrance fees, but it’s cheaper than parking.

Scroll down for more speed information.

If you want to set up camp, you have to walk along the creek to the campsite, 3.5 km away.

From Sedona head north on the 89A motorway for 10 miles. The parking lot is on the left side of the road.

Flagstaff is a 30-minute drive from Highway 89A south. Pay attention to the signs on the right.

From Phoenix it is 2 hours and 15 minutes drive if you stay on the I-17 to Sedona and then take 89A north. Personally I would sleep in Sedona or spend the weekend in Sedona if I came from Phoenix.

If you are not travelling in low season, you need to be early at the starting point of the hike to get a parking space. Or hope someone leaves shortly before you arrive. Look for roadside parking when the parking lot is full.

And I advise you to take the Cotton Forest scenic route and then take Route 89A to the hiking trail. It extends the trip by 15 minutes, but you are off the highway and it’s a nice walk.

You will see other red rocks of Sedona. Total travel time is about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Phoenix.

The red ravines of Sedona are beautiful and serene.

Oak creek Canyon Fairy

  • Reimbursement for 11 days for a vehicle with a maximum capacity of 5 persons
  • 2 per person for each additional passenger in the vehicle
  • 2 dollars per person on bike or on foot
  • 2 dollars per person for bus passengers
  • Red Rock’s annual subscriptions (cost: $40 per year) are free.

Don’t forget to bring a pair of hiking boots that you don’t have to be afraid of getting wet, as there are several creek crossings on the road. The path goes from sand and mud to large rocks.

Chemin d’Eichenbach

The West Fork Trail in Oak Creek is located at the Call of the Canyon picnic site, about 384 miles away.

There is a small parking lot where you pay for the day, but the parking lot fills up early, especially on weekends. You can also park on the side of highway 89A, near the highway.

There’s a big map on the way. Usually I take pictures of the course before I go camping.

There’s a toilet down the road.

It’s confusing when I select in Google Maps the West Fork Oak Creek trailhead, which shows me the road that runs through Forest Road 231, which is a dirt road. Uh, no Google. Why don’t you just show me Route 89A? If you want to go from Flagstaff on Forest Road 231 to West Fork, the drive on a dirt road takes about 90 minutes. But it will lead you somewhere in the middle of the road, not on the path.

Eichenbach and map

Oak Creek Canyon West Fork Trail

  • Distance: 10,5 km round trip.
  • The view from the walk: Round trip.
  • Height: 800 feet (244 m)
  • Complicated: Simply
  • The time has come: allow 3 to 4 hours.

In the Coconino forest, near Sedona, there is a pine forest with a pandemic.

The West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon is an oasis on hot days in Arizona. The path is largely shaded and runs along a stream, which enhances the effect of natural air conditioning.

You’ll probably see a lot of butterflies along the way – they love purple flowers!

And you don’t have to walk all the way to enjoy the beauty of the canyon.

If you take the children on a walk, they will have fun walking along the creek, seeing huge rocks, bird-watching and looking for fish in the creek.

There are many places where you can picnic by the creek with a beautiful view of the canyon walls.

As you approach the end of the path, you will see a sign that indicates that the end of the saved path is not far away.

If you want to set up your camp, you have to walk another 3.5 km across the creek.

Mayhew Pavilion and Henhouse

The first quarter mile of the trail runs along the sidewalk, so you can take a wheelchair to the Mayhew Lodge and the old henhouse.

The Mayhew Lodge began as Bear Howard’s hut and grew into a two-storey hunting lodge. This is where author Zane Gray was inspired to write his book The Call of the Canyon, which became Sedona’s first film.

When Carl Mayhew bought the building in 1925, it was a popular holiday spot for movie stars and politicians. Among the guests in the lodge were Cesar Romero, Clark Gable, President Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Stewart, Maureen O’Hara and Walt Disney.

Unfortunately the Mayhew Lodge burned down in 1980 and you only see short brick walls. But the chicken coop survived! And to the right of the henhouse is a small cave with a door frame, probably used to store food.

This old building used to be the chicken coop in front of the house.

Eichenbach Canyon Stepping disc

Secondary highways are a great way to get on the roads and see the United States at a slower pace, often with beautiful scenery.

Route 89A in Oak Creek Canyon is one of those beautiful records. It follows Oak Creek, and the west side of Oak Creek is, not surprisingly, on the west side of Highway 89A and Oak Creek.

Picturesque Oak Creek is a 15-mile winding road on Highway 89A connecting Sedona to Flagstaff.

Spring and summer are special times, but autumn is particularly beautiful, with beautiful leaves from mid-October to early November.

And in the autumn the weather is also beautiful, which is the perfect moment for a trip to Arizona.

Map of Oak Creek Canyon on West Fork Trail

The map below shows the Forks West Trail. You can also see where to go to the Red Rock campsite in the Secret Mountain desert.

An additional 4.5 km must be walked on an unguarded road to reach an approved campsite and fire.

Springs Cave and Pine Plain campsites are also indicated on the map. Further north, on Highway 89A, you’ll see the picturesque Oak Creek Vista viewing platform.

This close-up map (below) better shows the route of West Pork Oak Creek and some shorter routes on the east side of Highway 89A.

If you have any questions or advice, please leave them in the comments below. I wish you a nice walk in Oak Creek, Arizona!

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