If you are visiting or in San Diego on your way to Southern California, you may be wondering when is the best time to visit San Diego.

The best time to travel to San Diego is from mid-July until the end of October, when it is warm and dry. San Diego’s unique microclimate makes it perfect to visit all year round. The weather on T-shirts is 12 months a year with moderate rainfall in winter.

Below you’ll find all the details about coming to San Diego for weather, events and festivals, best prices and much more, so read on to choose your travel dates.

The best time to visit San Diego because of the weather, festivals and events or to save on travel costs.

When do you have to go to San Diego?

When to San Diego – CV

  • It’s the best time for good weather: From mid-July to October, the warmest months of the year with the least rainfall. Grey May and darker June can make the summer days rather foggy and muddy, while the wetter, cooler season begins in November.
  • The best time for sightseeing: The end of February and the month of March are ideal for sightseeing and visiting the various sights of the city. It’s a quiet time in San Diego, while the tourist season is still low. San Diego Museum Month is in February and offers a 50% discount on tickets as the weather slowly changes for the better. Although it is still winter, the temperatures are still warm and there is not much rain, although it is a rainy season.
  • It’s the best time to save money: January and February are usually the best months to come to San Diego. This is the slowest period for hotels because it is the lowest season for tourism and not much is happening in the city. A month of museums and a week of restaurants for locals to find numbers, so it’s definitely the best time to visit San Diego.
  • It’s the best time for beaches: September is the best month to visit San Diego beach, followed by October. The weather in September is almost exactly the same as in August, but the beach is much smaller, giving you more space to enjoy. The first half of October is still good, the water is still warm and the dry, warm summer weather continues.

Best time to visit San Diego

  • The best time for museums and events: If your goal is to see all the art, museums and culture in San Diego, February is next month. It’s the Month of the Museum of San Diego, and 40 museums offer half price admission with a pass that you can pick up for free at the city’s libraries. It’s also the lowest part of the tourist season, which means there are no queues and less people bothering you when you charge your batteries to judge the art.
  • It’s the best time for restaurants: The San Diego Restaurant Week takes place in January and is repeated in September. Here you can enjoy fantastic menus, specially made for the occasion, at a reduced price, even though the city is most popular with tourists. Book a table!
  • It’s the best time for concerts and music: Because of the good weather there are events in San Diego all year round, but November is especially beautiful when the San Diego Jazz and Wonderfront Festival takes place in San Diego. With the wine and food festival and the beer week at the same time, you will certainly have fun!
  • It’s the best time for families and children: October is the perfect month for the whole family to come to San Diego. The weather is still very hot and dry, and you can enjoy your holiday in the open air and on beaches where the water is not yet cold. October is also a free month for children in San Diego – at many museums, attractions and restaurants children enjoy free entry, discounts and other benefits throughout the city.
  • It’s the best time to avoid the crowd: With mild weather at the height of summer, San Diego is the busiest in July and August. Tourists and guests from California, Nevada and Arizona come to the city to enjoy the mild summer evenings, while some locals from warm cities like Phoenix travel to San Diego to escape the heat and spend a few weeks on the coast.

Tourist season in San Diego

San Diego skyline crossing San Diego Bay on clear day with slight cloud cover
San Diego skyline crossing San Diego Bay on clear day

JJM Picture/Shutterstock.com

High season for tourists (July-August)

Summer is the most popular season for tourists coming to San Diego. Although fog and clouds can still float above July, the summer season brings public holidays and lasts until the weekend of Labour Day, when people go back to school and work.

The summer season also attracts a number of people living in desert states to escape the heat, as some residents of Phoenix and Las Vegas have a second home in the area. They may not be tourists, but they will compete for the same tables in restaurants, so plan and book in advance.

Shoulder seasons (March-June and September-November)

Spring, early summer and autumn are shoulder parts. The number of tourists is lower than in summer: Work and school determine the schedule, but San Diego is still popular because of its mild climate and relaxed atmosphere by the sea.

The tourist season accelerates when the weather gets dry and warm at the end of March, but the fog in May and June reduces the number of tourists in late summer. The number of tourists has been falling since Labour Day, but only when it is wetter and cooler until the end of November.

Low season (December to February)

Winter is the slowest tourist season in San Diego. As night temperatures in the sheltered area drop and the rainy part of the year begins, the tourist season becomes increasingly closed.

Surprisingly, the daily highs in January and February are always above 17°F and it only rains one or two days a week. So if you want to take advantage of the low season, avoid crowds and spend a lot of money on hotels and flights, this might be a good time to come to San Diego.

Best time to visit San Diego for the homeless on

The historic Gaslamp district in San Diego on a bright and warm day
The Gaslamp district in the heart of San Diego is very pleasant to visit all year round.


San Diego is called the best city in America for a reason. The huge, unspoilt sandy beaches and the great surroundings are ideal for excursions without hard work.

You can come to San Diego every month and enjoy exploring different parts of the city. There is Gaslamp Quarter, La Jolla, Ocean Beach, Little Italy and much more to see.

The best time to visit San Diego and find hidden gems is definitely September and October. The weather is beautiful – warm, dry, the summer clouds are long gone. Also tourists usually disappear after a busy summer, so there are less people to orient themselves in the city.

Weather in San Diego during the year

San Diego has one of the most stable climates in the United States, with a pleasantly warm climate and little precipitation throughout the year.

The range of daily maxima, from the coolest winter months to the summer peaks, is less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit, with average temperatures of 17.2°C in December and 22.7°C in August.

Because the ocean currents make an important contribution to the climate of San Diego, there are many opportunities to migrate inland and mountain areas. Even San Diego International Airport, located about 5 miles from the coast, is on average 2 degrees higher, with 20% less precipitation than the city.

Average monthly temperature and precipitation in San Diego

Average maximum temperature and precipitation
data from U.S. NOAA climate data.
Month Temperature Precipitation
January 63.0 °F / 17.2 °C 2.53 inch / 64 mm
February 63.9 °F / 17.7 °C 2.54 inch / 65 mm
Mars 63.2 °F / 17.3 °C 2.27 inch / 58 mm
April 66.9 °F / 19.4 °C 0.82 inch / 21 mm
May 66.9 °F / 19.4 °C 0.19 inch / 5 mm
June 68.8 °F / 20.4 °C 0.09 inch / 2 mm
July 71.6 °F / 22.0 °C 0.07 inch / 2 mm
August 72.8 °F / 22.7 °C 0.05 inch / 1 mm
September 72.2 °F / 22.3 °C 0.22 inch / 6 mm
October 69.4 °F / 20.8 °C 0.75 inch / 19 mm
November 66.2 °F / 19.0 °C 1.13 inch / 29 mm
December 62.9 °F / 17.2 °C 1.68 inch / 43 mm

Almost perfect beaches in San Diego, ideal for year-round holidays
White sandy beaches in San Diego, ideal for year-round holidays


San Diego again per month

  • The weather in San Diego in January: January is the coolest period in San Diego, with daily highs of almost 17.2°C in December. The minimum night can be up to 8.3°C (47.0°F) cold, especially if you add the sea breeze to the cold factor. Although January and February are the wettest months of the year, it only rains one or two days a week and less than once a week there is a considerable amount of rain. Average temperature : 55.0 °F / 12.8 °S. Average precipitation: 2.53 inches / 64 mm.
  • The weather in San Diego in February: In February, the weather continues to develop in January with cool nights and the highest annual precipitation with little rainfall a few times a week. Temperatures are still relatively low, but they fluctuate when the coastal areas are warm, while a few kilometres further inland it is colder. Average temperature : 56.4 °F / 13.6 °S. Average precipitation: 2.54 inches / 65 mm.
  • The weather in San Diego in March: March is the last of the cool, wet winter months. Although it is noticeably warmer at the end of the month, the beginning of March can be quite cool and winter rains persist for most of the month. As the warm spring season starts in places further north in California, you’ll always need a jacket and an umbrella in San Diego. While the night-time lows and daily averages rise slightly, the March daily highs remain low. Average temperature : 57.2 °F / 14.0 °C. Average precipitation: 2.27 inches / 58 mm.
  • The weather in San Diego in April: Spring arrives in April, when the weather warms up and the precipitation in the first week of the month becomes lighter. Daily highlights reach a pleasant temperature of 19.4°C (66.9°F) and rainfall almost completely disappears during the month. Expect warmer nights and a pleasant sea breeze when a warm season appears on the horizon. Average temperature : 60.5°F / 15.8°S. Average precipitation: 0.82 inch / 21 mm.
  • The weather in San Diego in May: When May arrives in San Diego, there will be almost no more rain. Wait a day with an hour or two of rain, but as the temperature rises, summer takes over. At night it falls by an average of 14.7°C. You will notice the grey May effect in mid-May – the weather can be cloudy and foggy in the morning until the sun sets later in the day. Average temperature : 62.7 °F / 17.1 °S. Average precipitation: 0.19 inches / 5 mm.
  • The weather in San Diego in June: June in San Diego is a double-sided room – the temperature becomes warm enough to average 20.4°C (68.8°F), and it will be completely dry throughout the month. June Dark, which covers most of the Californian coast, will also be present. Clouds and fog cover most days in the city, and although they usually disappear in the evening, some days can remain completely dark. Average temperature : 64.5°F / 18.1°S. Average precipitation: 0.09 inch / 2 mm.
  • The weather in San Diego in July While the dark days of June may still persist during the first weeks of July, the weather gets much better as the month progresses, and this is the beginning of a better time to visit San Diego. During the day, the maximum temperature is 22.0°C (71.6°F) and even at night, at 17.8°C (64.0°F), it is warmer than during the hottest hours of the day, from December to March. Completely dry, on average once every 10 years there is a considerable amount of precipitation, the average temperature: 67.8 °F / 19.9 °C. Average precipitation: 0.07 inch / 2 mm.
  • The weather in San Diego in August is the warmest with the least rainfall. Although the warmer months are often not ideal for visiting other parts of California or neighboring states, the maximum daytime temperatures of 22.7°C (72.8°F) are very comfortable – ideal for beach walks and city tours. Expect it to get warmer when you go inland. The average temperature at the airport is above 24°C (76°F), while in the Serra Mesa, a few kilometres to the east, the average temperature is 27°C (81°F): 69.0 °F / 20.6 °S. Average precipitation: 0.05 inch / 1 mm.
  • September in San Diego is still very hot and dry and therefore more summery than autumn in San Diego. With the ocean water having the highest temperature and a daily average maximum temperature of 22.3°C (72.2°F), it is an ideal time to visit when summer crowds are dying off after Labour Day. Later in the month the evenings can be a bit cooler, because some night troughs fall below 16°C (60°F), but remain very dry. Average temperature : 67.4°F / 19.7°S. Average precipitation: 0.22 inch / 6 mm.
  • The weather in San Diego in October marks the beginning of the autumn season in San Diego, which lasts until November. A few days in the middle and at the end of the month, when the temperature starts to drop, rain will fall. Early October can still be very summery, with warm, dry days and average daily temperatures of 20.8°C (69.4°F). Average temperature : 64.1 °F / 17.8 °C. Average precipitation: 0.75 inch / 19 mm.
  • The weather in San Diego in November marks a significant cold when the winter season begins. While the highs are slightly lower during the day, the lows are clearly lower at night, averaging 52.0°F (11.1°F), so it is significantly cooler in the evening and morning. It will rain later, in November, and you have to bring a sweater for the cooler periods. Average temperature : 59.1 °F / 15.1 °C. Average precipitation: 1.13 inches / 29 mm.
  • December is the coldest month of the year in San Diego. Although it is still warm compared to many other places in the United States, the daily maximum temperature rises on average by 17.2°C and precipitation increases, with precipitation once a week. At night the temperature drops to 8.2°C. So take your jacket for night walks. Average temperature : 54.9°F / 12.7°S. Average precipitation: 1.68 inches / 43 mm.

San Diego events and business per month

The San Diego County Fair in June is a good time to come to San Diego despite the darkness in June
The San Diego County Fair is a good excuse to visit San Diego in June.

Elizabeth Winterbourne/Shutterstock.com

January in San Diego

  • San Diego Beer Festival – Lunch in 70 breweries and more dining cars than you can count. Tickets are $45 per person, but include unlimited beer at the door.
  • BIG Salsa Festival San Diego – 4 days of Latin American music and dance – ballroom performances and masterclasses, but also salsa dancing for those who want to go all night long!
  • San Diego Restaurant Week – 180 restaurants in San Diego organize unique events and offer special menus at fixed prices. Be sure to book in advance to guarantee a table.

February in San Diego

  • The Chinese New Year is a two-day celebration after the Chinese New Year in downtown San Diego. It is the oldest event in San Diego, accompanied by music, Chinese snacks and traditional dragons.
  • San Diego Museum Month – More than 40 museums in San Diego offer admission at half price for the whole month of February. You will need a free pass at a reduced rate at one of the 75 libraries in the city.

March in San Diego

  • St. Patrick’s Day Festival in San Diego – The St. Patrick’s Day Festival in San Diego is the largest festival in the western United States, followed by 3 live stages and many Guinness performances!
  • Via Rolando Fair – This neighbourhood event has a strong local character. There is live music, a beer garden and over 100 food vendors, and admission is free.
  • Busker Festival – 2 days in which bus drivers from all over the world come to San Diego for the… The bus! It’s a smaller event with a local touch, but it’s worth it!
  • The San Diego Comic Book Festival is a gathering of comic book lovers and everything that goes with it, accompanied by cosplay and numerous comic book-based events and showcases. San Diego loves his comics so much that it will also receive Comic-Con in July!

Aprilin San Diego

  • Crew Crew Classic in San Diego – A classic rowing regatta that officially opens the rowing season in San Diego’s Missionary Bay, the largest on the West Coast since 1973.
  • Mission Federal ArtWalk – In the 16 neighborhoods of San Diego’s Little Italy there are hundreds of visual artists and at weekends music is played on four stages.

May in San Diego

  • The Fiesta Old Town Cinco de Mayo is a real Mexican festival where lowriders, free lynx wrestling and classic Mexican guitars are everywhere. This is the largest Cinco de Mayo in the United States and they promise it will be a Muy Caliente!
  • Gator by the Bay – An epic 4-day festival that takes you to Louisiana to coincide with Mother’s Day weekend. Expect the best New Orleans style music and amazing southern cuisine, including 10,000 pounds of delicious Louisiana crab.
  • SoCal Taco Fest – 32 local restaurants combine live music on the main stage, local breweries perform with barrels of beer of all kinds and even Mexican wrestling while visitors eat over 50,000 tacos.

JuneSan Diego

  • San Diego County Fair – Open for a month in early June (except Monday) at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, with 80 rides, hundreds of concerts, events and enough food stalls to feed the world for years to come.
  • The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, a popular late May or early June run that has produced a series of rock ‘n’ roll marathons across the country, combines running with a music festival, because why not?

July in San Diego

  • Big Bay Tree on 4 July – An exciting 4-ship fireworks display in San Diego Bay – grab a deck chair and enjoy the view!
  • San Diego Comic Con – If you like comics, this one’s for you. Comic-Con has been around for over 50 years, but a 4-day event sells out in a few months, so book in advance.

August in San Diego

  • San Diego Symphony Orchestra Summer Variety Season – Throughout the summer, the San Diego Symphony Orchestra hosts a series of events, including summer nights at Bayside in June and a summer stage in August where you can enjoy great music in the open air.
  • The Latin Food Fest is an annual event where you can enjoy the best dishes and drinks from Latin American cuisine and watch chefs cooking live to Latin American music.

September in San Diego

  • MCAS Miramar Air Show – The largest military air show in the U.S. offers three days of demonstrations, ranging from firefighter aircraft, parachute jumps and aerobatics to U.S. Navy fighters.
  • KAABOO San Diego – A different kind of music festival that moved to Petco Park San Diego, with a relaxed atmosphere and 3 days of non-stop partying.

October in San Diego

  • The San Diego International Film Festival is a major film industry festival with over 100 films and a series of events open to the public throughout the city.
  • The La Jolla Art and Wine Festival is a two-day art exhibition including wine, music and local craft breweries. The profits will be used to finance art education programs for children!

November in San Diego

  • San Diego Jazz Festival – Listen to classical jazz, swing in Dixieland and dance all night long on Thanksgiving at the San Diego Convention and Recreation Center.
  • The San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival is a full week of food and drink. There are cellars and breweries that come from far away and all kinds of dishes that can be tasted in different places in the city. Please note that you must be over 21 years of age to participate in all festival events.
  • The Wonderfront Festival is a brand new festival in San Diego that mixes rock, hip-hop, electronic music and reggae in the city centre.
  • San Diego Beer Week – This event, attended by 150 artisan brewers from across San Diego County, is a good event. The beer week lasts 10 days in early November in different parts of the city.

December in San Diego

  • San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Cup – Although the Chargers have returned to Los Angeles, the big college football game is still being played at the SDCCU stadium.
  • San Diego’s Parade of Lights – Join the festive mood as 80 boats full of fun and Christmas decorations shine their light in mid-December.
  • The December nights in Balboa Park are another reason to leave San Diego for Christmas – there’s free entry to museums, spectacular shows and plenty of seasonal food and drink stalls.

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