Delta Airlines has a history of discrimination and unfair treatment, but one incident stands out. A black woman claims she was kicked off her flight to make room for white passengers after being told by airport employees that the only way they could accommodate their number is if she sat in the back of the plane where there were no other seats available.

A black woman says she was booted from a Delta flight to the back of the plane so that a white woman could have more room. The woman claims it was done because the airline wanted to make her feel uncomfortable. Read more in detail here: why do planes leave trails.

Black Woman Says Delta Booted Her To Back Of Plane To Make White Woman More Comfortable



Delta allegedly pushed a black woman to the back of the plane to make a white woman more comfortable.

on February 26, 2022 by Gary Leff

On February 3, a black lady travelling Delta from Atlanta to San Francisco was requested to relocate to the rear of the plane to accommodate two white ladies who needed more room in their row.

She was in seat 15A, while the other two women were in seats 15B and C. They continued protesting that “according to a phone contact they made with a Delta official,” they were meant to be in first class, but they didn’t have first class boarding cards. Up front, two seats were available.

The two ladies protested to a flight attendant about their seats, but they were informed there was nothing they could do since they had coach boarding credentials. When they complained to a second flight attendant, they were told to take it up with Delta after the trip. However, after 10 minutes,

[W]hile Henderson said that as she was attempting to sleep, a flight attendant returned and questioned whether she was flying alone.

She remembered the flight attendant telling her that if she relocated, the two ladies would have more space.

Henderson, 25, claimed she didn’t want to cause a commotion and consented to go from her window seat to an aisle seat at the plane’s far rear.

She had consented to relocate. “The whole aircraft is staring at me,” she said. She was given a free beverage by a flight attendant, but she does not drink.

This has elicited three responses from me.

  • Moving to the rear of the aircraft was, in some ways, voluntary. However, you don’t want to disobey flight attendant orders. If you’re a black woman, you may want to avoid defying authority even more. “Getting called disruptive and perhaps being penalized,” she worried.
  • A supervisor told her that being ordered to relocate was no big problem since “it was still the main cabin” when she complained to Delta after the trip. This absolutely ignores the optics of a black lady being requested to sit at the “rear of the bus” to make a white woman feel more at ease.
  • On such a lengthy journey, why were there vacant seats up front? Since the outbreak began, I’ve heard multiple reports of gate agents refusing to process upgrades. Delta limited the cabin’s capacity at 50%, which often resulted in vacant seats, and several agents seemed to prohibit gate upgrades entirely. I’ve questioned Delta about this many times and have yet to get a response.

It’s appropriate to attempt to appease disgruntled people, particularly if the plane has empty seats. The squeaky wheel and all that. And it’s easy to overlook the racial background, as well as how this might affect the lady being questioned (who, from the flight attendant’s viewpoint, was merely being asked). There seemed to be good intentions all around. The lady, on the other hand, has said repeatedly that she does not want remuneration, just recognition. Delta should listen to her because she wants to be heard.

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