Join our guided tours of Bridgerton’s film locations. Although the series is set in London, it was filmed in hundreds of locations across England. Most of the filming took place in Bath, which is easily accessible from London with our small group tour. We can also arrange private tours to the shooting locations of Bridgerton in London, as well as tours of Howard Castle in Yorkshire.

London Day Tour to Bridgerton

Wilton House, Bridgerton Location.

Our Bridgerton tour from London will take you to the Regency city of Bath, where many of the scenes from the hit series were shot. This is a private version of our small group tour of Bridgerton. You can feel the glamour of the Regency era in Bath as you stroll through the beautiful cobbled streets. We stop at Lady Danbury’s country house, filmed at the Holburne Museum, and see where the Fererginton family lived in the Royal Crescent. Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of its buildings and streets. In the afternoon we reach Wilton House, immediately recognisable as the residence of the Duke of Hastings. They even filled the gardens of Hyde Park!

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Private tour of the Bridgerton family home and more!

This private tour of London takes you to the heart of social life in Bridgerton. We start the day at the UNESCO office in Greenwich with a visit to the Briderton family home, better known in real life as the Ranger House. It has housed aristocrats and kings and even a world-class art collection! In the afternoon, head to Scion House, which in the series pretends to be Buckingham House! It also served as an office and lodge for the Duke of Hastings, Simon Bassett.

This private tour of Bridgerton is the perfect way to see the film locations in London! For more information, please fill out our request form at the bottom of this page.

Bridgerton Visit Howard Castle and Surroundings

From Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, York…

Castle Howard, the real version of Clevedon Castle.

Our private tour of Castle Howard and the surrounding area in Bridgerton is the ideal excursion if you are in the North of England. We can arrange transfers from Liverpool Central, Manchester, Chester or York for this special day.

Castle Howard was also the country residence of the Duke of Hastings, Clevedon Castle. Home to the Carlisle branch of the Howard family for over 300 years, this extravagant house is one of Yorkshire’s most beloved places. Inside, you can see the rooms where some show bars were installed. And yes, this is where one of the hottest scenes takes place between the Duke of Hastings and his new wife Daphne Bridgerton. From here we will visit some of the typical villages in the area and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire.

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