The British Virgin Islands (BVI) Health Department has announced that qualified U.S. citizens traveling to the BVI who are vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella, polio, varicella, hepatitis A and B, and tetanus will now require only a doctor’s note confirming their immunization status to enter the country. Previously, all visitors were required to provide proof of the vaccinations, which can be a challenge for travelers who are not vaccinated before departure. (Note: If the traveler isn’t in possession of an up-to-date vaccination record, they can be vaccinated at a cost of $50 per vaccination at the BVI Health Department’s clinics in Road Town and the Virgin Gorda Y

After successfully administering a vaccination campaign to protect its population from the seasonal influenza, the British Virgin Islands decided this week that it would reduce the restrictions it has placed on people who received the shot. The territory had previously banned people from traveling to or through the territory if they had not received the annual flu shot. However, it did not require the vaccine for travel to or through the territory if you could provide proof that you had been vaccinated within the last three years.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the latest Caribbean destination to relax quarantine restrictions related to COVID-19 for fully vaccinated travelers. Starting May 15, fully vaccinated foreign travelers who can provide satisfactory proof of full vaccination will be quarantined until they receive a negative result from the BVI Health Authority, said Carvin Malone, BVI Minister of Health and Social Development.

Previously, foreign travelers entering the area had to undergo a four-day quarantine followed by a PCR test. Travelers must still confirm a negative PCR test within five days of travel and have a PCR test performed upon arrival.


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In other words, if the test is negative upon arrival, the fully vaccinated traveler will be released from quarantine immediately unless he or she has had close contact with a positive case, Malone said in a statement.

This is excellent and timely news as more and more customers are arriving fully vaccinated and many in our sector have pledged to get vaccinated to support economic rejuvenation, said Clive McCoy, Director of Tourism.

The territory already has an enviable health and safety record during the pandemic, and we are following a gradual recovery strategy that takes into account the international environment and the local situation, he said. Any progress in this direction is good for tourism and the economy, and this is a very important step.

The BVI government has also announced that with effect from 15… Fully vaccinated persons who have been in the country for more than 14 consecutive days and who have not traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Maarten or Puerto Rico for more than 24 hours are exempt from quarantine and COVID-19 testing upon return. Day visitors to neighbouring countries should be tested for PCR seven days after returning to the BVI.

Residents of the BVI are currently vaccinated and all persons in the area are subject to COVID-19 protocols. Relaxing travel regulations for fully vaccinated people and allowing large gatherings would increase the risk of COVID-19 infection in the permanent population, Malone said.

Therefore, other preventive measures, such as masking, hand washing and spatial distancing, will be maintained and vaccines will continue to be widely distributed as long as they are available.

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