Bruce Hodge, founder of Goway Travel reveals how he’s always looking for ways to reinvent the industry and stay ahead of changing trends. He shares his philosophy and advice on leading a successful travel company with deep roots in North America.

Canadian Travel Hall Of Fame 2022 Profiles: Goway Travel Founder Bruce Hodge

The tourism business in Canada is deserving of recognition. In 2018, Canada established the Canadian Travel Hall of Fame. As we prepare for the sold-out Readers’ Choice Awards on May 19, we’ll be profiling the 2022 inductees to the Hall of Fame over the following four days.

“The most fascinating thing about our profession,” says Bruce Hodge, who created Goway Travel in 1970, “is that it is continuously evolving and always challenging.”


This may seem like an understatement after the previous two years, but the worldwide pandemic was just the most recent in a succession of industry-shaking events Hodge has seen over his long and successful career, one that rightfully merits recognition in the Canadian Travel Hall of Fame.

Hodge and Goway have seen enormous changes during the last five decades. When the firm first started, flight tickets were handwritten and kept in safes. It was long before the internet, and even longer before the horrible events of September 11th impacted the travel experience forever.

Hodge and Goway have benefited by being agile – and somewhat contrarian.

Goway Travel Hero Goway Travel has expanded from a one-man enterprise to a “big family” of over 400 workers.

“I like challenging the current quo, and I urge the whole Goway team to do the same, whether it’s building new products or discovering better ways to conduct business.” ‘If you constantly do what you always did, you will only receive what you always got,’ is a favorite of mine.

“The fact is, if you don’t constantly adapting, you’ll be left behind in this sector,” Hodge says. This, I feel, is how we have continued to expand, and with the forthcoming advancements we have planned, we expect to grow even faster.”

Goway Travel has grown from a one-person operation to a huge family with over 400 people now.

The family-owned and run Goway now has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney, Los Angeles, and Manila, and serves more than 100 destinations worldwide. Its destination experts are known for their expertise and the tempting itineraries they design.

“I am quite happy to report that hardly many North American travel firms have been in operation since 1970, and even fewer are still privately held,” Hodge adds.

‘In the business world, they say a firm is only as good as its employees, and Goway is live example of that. “Thanks to an exceptional team of employees, Goway has survived and developed in our dynamic and ever-changing business,” he says.

“Of course, the help of many travel agencies in North America,” Hodge adds, adding that he is “very appreciative” for the cooperation of supply partners, airlines, and tourism boards.

Goway’s clientele are referred to as ‘Globetrotters,’ according to Hodge, who claims that today’s travelers are seeking genuine experiences and reducing the environmental and social effect of their travels while expanding their knowledge and awareness of a world still full with marvels.

“Our firm aim is to enable our Globetrotter community to live a life of travel. “Our ‘Customer Promise’ is to make sure that all of our travelers are so happy with our services that they tell their friends about us and travel with us again the next time they go,” Hodge explains.

“We continue to stand behind our product after 52 years,” Hodge says. That is why Goway is as important now as it was in 1970, and Bruce Hodge is a deserved member of the Canadian Travel Hall of Fame.

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