For a few weeks now, Carnival Cruise Line has been testing 500 of its passengers using a series of tests. These tests are being conducted to gauge the general passenger health and determine if an individual passenger needs to be assessed by a doctor.

Carnival Cruise Line Clarifies Its New Testing Requirements Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the world’s largest cruise lines. In January, the Miami-based travel company announced that it would cut ties with the BRCA1 gene mutation. This is a gene that predisposes men to breast and ovarian cancer. The announcement came as a surprise to many since Carnival wasn’t known as the kind of cruise line to take health precautions.

Since opening its first ship in 1997, Carnival Cruise Line has become one of the biggest cruise companies in the world, and plans on expanding to more than 30 ships by 2020. Carnival always does things differently, and they have been testing new ideas in their ships from the get-go. Their latest is a new testing requirement for children under the age of six, which was to be put into all new ships by the end of 2017.. Read more about carnival cruise covid guidelines and let us know what you think.

After Carnival Cruise Line issued new instructions to customers booked aboard its ships in the future months, many people were left wondering. New guidelines were established by the cruise company, including the reinstatement of mask regulations aboard as well as a new testing process for vaccinated passengers.

After receiving a barrage of inquiries on social media, Carnival Brand Ambassador John Heald, who is presently aboard the company’s newest ship, the Mardi Gras, outlined the new regulations and clarified certain points in President Christine Duffy’s letter from yesterday.

Requirements, Timing, and Start Dates for Testing

Guests who have been completely vaccinated must show a negative test result before embarking on cruises departing on or after August 14, 2021, through October 31, 2021. Guests have the option of doing an antigen test, a fast antigen test, or a PCR test.

Carnival has not established any regulations about which exam is favored; instead, visitors are allowed to choose the option that they believe is the most convenient and pleasant for them. Guests should check with their healthcare practitioner to see whether they are eligible for reimbursement for the cost of testing.

While the cruise company has left aside a 72-hour window before the trip for passengers to get tested, this is not a strict deadline. Guests may be tested three days before the trip, as long as it is not more than 72 hours before departure. Consider the following scenario:

  • Guests may take the exam on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday if the trip leaves on Saturday.
  • Guests may take the exam on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday if the cruise leaves on Sunday.
  • Guests may be tested on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday if the trip leaves on Tuesday.

On such days, neither the testing time nor the sailing or embarkation time matters. Guests in the United States may test at Walgreens, CVS, Dwayne Wade, and other locations.

Carnival Cruise Ship in Miami, PHOTO

Requirements for Guests Who Have Not Been Vaccinated

Guests traveling under the exemption program are still subject to the Carnival Cruise Line’s previous regulations. The following is what the cruise company said:

“Unvaccinated passengers must still produce negative results from a PCR test conducted 72 to 24 hours before the sailing date, and will be tested again at the terminal before to boarding the ship and again within 24 hours after debarkation (for itineraries five days or longer). Unvaccinated visitors who have been granted an exemption will still be charged $150 per person for testing, reporting, and health safety checks, and will be required to provide evidence of travel insurance if leaving Florida or Texas.”

The testing requirements are still waived for children under the age of two.

Putting On Masks

The reintroduction of masks elicited considerable apprehension from passengers aboard Carnival cruises. Except for staff members and passengers who had not been vaccinated, the cruise company was one of the few that had done away with masks completely aboard. This is no longer the case.

Cruise Ship Illness with MaskShutterstock is the source of this image.

When masks are required:

  • Except while eating or drinking, all visitors aged two and above will be forced to wear face masks in elevators, designated indoor entertainment spaces, all retail stores, and the casino.
  • Before being seated in the major dining rooms, the Lido Buffet area, or other specified locations where more people may gather, guests will be asked to wear face masks.

When masks are not required:

  • The open decks and Lido, as well as the swimming pools.
  • On the deck, sitting outdoors
  • In the gym and the spa, to be precise.
  • While dining in any of the ship’s eateries
  • While sipping a martini, coffee, or other beverage at one of the pubs or lounges
  • Your lodgings

According to John Heald, the cruise company will enforce the following rules:

“A number of you have wondered whether this would be enforced, and the answer is that the whole ship’s crew will be assisting in ensuring that masks are worn in areas where big crowds congregate, such as the entry to the dining room. However, I believe that many of you would do it without hesitation if necessary since it is the proper thing to do for the time being.”

The statement from John Heald will undoubtedly assuage the fears of the majority of visitors who were concerned about the new rules. Unfortunately, numerous adjustments are expected to occur in the next months, either tightening or loosening rules. For those of us looking forward to a cruise, this is a reality that must be embraced for the time being.

This comes after a limited number of positive cases aboard the Carnival Vista were verified by the cruise company. Due to the good findings, the new mask policy was adopted early for the vessel.

Carnival Cruise Ship Deck

After Carnival Cruise Line announced it would be testing every single passenger that boards a ship, many people were understandably upset about the new policy. After all, the idea of being randomly selected for a physical exam seems a bit bizarre, but it also seems like a logical way to monitor the health of its customers. Carnival Cruise Line did not explain their decision at the time of the announcement, and they have yet to offer any kind of rationale.. Read more about carnival cruise news and let us know what you think.

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