Carnival Cruise Line has extended its deadline for locking in lower prices by 24 hours. Passengers with international or cruises departing from an airport will have to wait until Tuesday before they can book their Carnival cruise at the reduced rates.

Carnival Cruise Line has extended the deadline to lock in lower prices by 24 hours. Carnival is offering a limited time sale of up to 50% off select sailings. Read more in detail here: carnival cruise price drop after booking.

Carnival Cruise Line Extends Deadline to Lock In Lower Prices By 24 Hours

After passengers had trouble locking in reduced tickets before May 1, Carnival Cruise Line has chosen to postpone the introduction of increased pricing by 24 hours.

It won’t save much time, but it will be appreciated by those who were annoyed trying to lock in prices for gratuities and other packages before the rise.

Carnival Postpones Price Increases for 24 Hours

There has been a lot of debate about Carnival Cruise Line raising pricing on things like gratuities, drink packages, onboard internet, speciality meals, and other things. Many visitors have been unable to lock in reduced costs prior to the price increase for the previous day.

The Carnival website had technical difficulties during the previous day, probably as a result of the large number of people who went on to lock in their prices. From May 1, 2022, the cruise company planned to raise prices on a variety of onboard packages, services, and gratuities.

Carnival Cruise Line Prices

More than a hundred postings and comments on the website and not being able to lock in the cheaper costs were answered to by a Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador.

“When I awakened, I looked at my emails, then this book of Faces, and discovered that there had been 127 postings and comments on our website while I was sleeping,” Heald added. Yes, it looks that there was a glitch that prevented you from booking speciality restaurants, internet, Cheers, and other items at the previous pricing before the new rates went into effect today.”

“This very rightly got many of you writing to me, in your hundreds really,” Heald added. So please accept my apologies. I won’t pretend to understand what occurred, but I do know that my colleagues wrote to me this morning to say that everything is resolved and that we would extend the previous rates, old pricing for an additional 24 hours so you may book anything today since everything is functioning again.”

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Carnival Cruise Line has postponed the implementation of the increased rates until May 2, giving customers another 24 hours to lock in the reduced rates.

When guests lock down the price for drink packages online, they may save between 15% and 20% compared to onboard prices. Onboard internet may save you up to 32%, while speciality food can save you up to 20%.

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Daily gratuities for ordinary cabins will increase to $14.50 per person per day from May 2 and $16.50 for suites. The CHEERS! beverage package, which is a popular choice among visitors, has increased in price from $51.95 to $59.95 per day. From $56.95 to $64.95, the onboard fee will increase.

Carnival Cruise Ship Deck

Carnival Cruise Line announced today that they will extend the deadline to lock in lower prices by 24 hours. This is great news for those who are looking to book a cruise, but had been waiting for this announcement. Reference: carnival cruise announcement today.

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