Following new developments between the US cruise industry and the CDC, the president of Carnival Cruise Line has released a new update.

In a new video message, she reveals that Carnival has no plans to move ships out of the U.S., no decisions have been made about June sailings, no decisions have been made about vaccinations and cruise cancellation dates have been revised.

The decision comes after many cruise lines expressed concern over the cancellation of some cruises as of 1. November 2021 have been deleted as a result of a November 25, 2021 statement from the CDC. March. The president of Carnival Cruise Line clarified the situation with this latest update.

No carnival solution

Cruise Lines International asked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to revoke the conditional sailing order in a statement released Wednesday. The trade body, whose membership includes 95 percent of the world’s cruise lines, including Carnival, said cruise lines are ready to resume operations and that the CDC should allow cruises from the United States by July.

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The CDC responded shortly thereafter and issued a statement, and the agency is sticking with the current conditional sailing order, which is in effect until November 1, 2021.

There was much confusion after the incident, as many thought American cruises now ended on the 31st. October 2021. In fact, it did not, and just when the warrant should have expired, the director of the CDC decided to revoke the warrant.

In a new video message released Thursday afternoon. Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy said Carnival did not cease operations in June.

She also said that Carnival is still very excited about the use of vaccines and that they are an important tool along with various medical protocols. It has not yet been decided whether the vaccine will be mandatory. Carnival’s brand ambassador, John Heald, recently endorsed it too.

You can watch the full video message below:

No plans to move vessels outside the United States

Duffy went on to talk about deploying ships as other cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises have announced new ports outside the U.S., including the Bahamas, St. Maarten and most recently Cyprus. These sailings start in June. Carnival Cruise Line, however, has no intention of following its rival.

Duffy said:

At Carnival Cruise Line, we have no current plans to move our ships from their U.S. home ports. I have always said that Carnival Cruise Line is an American cruise line. We sail from 14 US home ports, 50% of our itineraries are less than 7 days in length, and many of our guests take a Carnival vacation during their cruise.

In recent weeks, the Royal Caribbean Group has begun developing a Plan B as the CDC has yet to release the technical details of its four-stage framework. The director of the CDC recently confirmed at a Senate hearing that they are still in phase one.

She also said Carnival has more families on board than any other cruise line. Currently, the vaccine is only for adults, which may affect those who may bathe at Carnival and limit their options if a vaccination requirement is introduced.

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Duffy remains optimistic that travel will resume in time for summer, including cruises. So it seems Carnival Cruise Line is waiting in hopes of a summer return from the United States. The cruise line has now suspended its operations in the United States until May 2021.

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Carnival Cancellation Update

Duffy shared that anyone who swims in June can resign without penalty. For those who had booked before June, a revised final payment was made and guests received a more detailed notice.

As a result, the payment deadline for all June departures has been extended to June 30. April 2021 postponed. This allows customers who have not yet made full payment to wait until Carnival decides to cancel or waive the trips in June.

If guests choose to keep their reservation and the trip goes through, they will receive a $100 on-board credit. Guests may also stay at any time until April 30, 2021 without penalty.

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