Carnival Cruise Line announced that it will be putting more items on sale for their 50th birthday. The company is offering consumers the chance to purchase cruise-exclusive experiences, like onboard photography and spa treatments, at discounted rates.

The “carnival cruise birthday packages” is a new online store from Carnival Cruise Line. The company recently announced that it would be adding more 50th birthday items to the site, such as cruises, tours and gift cards.

The popularity of Carnival Cruise Operator’s 50th birthday collection was shown earlier this year when the cruise line began selling the products aboard its ships. Products that were meant to last weeks were sold out in a matter of days. 

It was enough of a reason for Carnival Cruise Line to move quickly and begin selling the products online. Guests who were unable to attend while the ship was in port would enjoy this. Those interested in the goods must act quickly since they are only available for a short time. 

The 50th Anniversary Retail Collection is now available online.

Many of the goods that Carnival Cruise Line began selling online to commemorate its 50th anniversary are now available. On March 30, Carnival Cruise Line brand ambassador John Heald demonstrated some of the available things during a coffee talk, and Carnival followed up with a press release. 

The goods were so popular when they originally made available aboard the Carnival ships earlier in March that stockpiles that were expected to last several weeks sold out in a single day.


“We were optimistic that our guests would appreciate the new and upgraded designs when we produced the 50th Birthday retail collection,” says Jeremy Schiller, vice president of Carnival Cruise Line’s retail operations. “But the enthusiastic feedback has been simply astounding.”

“Items that we expected to sell over many weeks sold out in a single day.” The additional choices currently accessible in our online retail store are a celebration of this achievement as well as a chance for our visitors to continue shopping for their favorite things while on land.”


A commemorative coin set was included in the collection honoring 50 years of enjoyment aboard Carnival Cruise Line ships, which was released earlier this month. It sold out in minutes after it was posted exclusively on Brand Ambassador John Heald’s Facebook page.

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Onboard the Carnival ships during the 50th birthday celebration cruises, many additional commemorative items were put up for sale and sold out just as rapidly.

Guests may now visit Carnival’s shop website to purchase some, or all, of their favorite mementos. Mugs such as the Carnival Sensation cup, the 50th birthday studded black tumbler, and the 50th birthday celebration coffee mug may be seen on the website.


A limited-edition and numbered brass pin and keychain collection melded from the handrails of the original 1972 TSS Mardi Gras, Carnival’s first ship, and a Carnival Celebration crystal, a ship model of the line’s newest ship, Carnival Celebration, will be the culmination of the birthday celebrations in November 2022. 

The Month of Carnival’s Birthdays Has Come To An End

With the conclusion of March, Carnival Cruise Line’s birthday month comes to a close. With 17 commemorative Sailabrations voyages including at-sea ship meets, special entertainment and programming, parties, speeches, and plenty of fun aboard the ships, it’s been an exciting couple of weeks. But the good times aren’t finished yet. 

Carnival Celebration, the second LNG-powered cruise ship for the Miami-based cruise company, will arrive in her new homeport of Miami in November of this year, bringing the festivities to a fever pitch. 

Carnival Celebration will be the second ship after Mardi Gras to have an award-winning roller coaster at the apex of the ship. Carnival Jubilee, a third Excel-class ship, will join the Carnival fleet in 2023 and will call Galveston home.

Carnival Cruise Line Funnel

The “carnival cruise line stock” is a website that allows users to find out what items are available for sale. The site also has a search bar so you can find the item you are looking for.

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