Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras festivities took a turn for the worse when their boat ran aground in shallow waters. The Carnival Legend was carrying 3,000 passengers and 1,300 crew members from Mobile to New Orleans when it hit a sandbar at Pass Christian Harbor on March 2nd.
But none of these people are more grateful than those aboard another ship that pulled alongside the Carnival Legend today: That other vessel is the Coast Guard Cutter Waesche which has just completed its mission with an assist from two Coast Guard helicopters flying overhead and throwing baskets of supplies over to help keep everyone fed until they’re back underway!

The “Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras Assists Boat in Distress” is a story about how the Carnival Cruise Line rescued a boat that was sinking. Read more in detail here: carnival cruise bad news.

Carnival Cruise Line's Mardi Gras Assists Boat in Distress

The Carnival Mardi Gras was engaged in a marine rescue earlier this week when it came upon a tiny fishing boat carrying Cuban migrants. The little watercraft had ran out of gasoline and supplies while traveling from Cuba to the Mexican mainland.

Instead of taking in the refugees, Mardi Gras provided them with enough petrol and supplies to get them to their ultimate destination. Despite the fact that ships are compelled by law to assist anyone in need at sea, there is no need to bring people on board. Although the inherent hazards of sailing a tiny boat across the Gulf of Mexico and into the Caribbean are obvious in this scenario, the provisions will have secured their immediate safety.

Mardi Gras Makes a U-Turn to Assist the Needy

Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras stumbled spotted a tiny fishing vessel with at least 10 migrants aboard while returning to Port Canaveral. The little boat had left Cuba, and the passengers were attempting to reach the Mexican mainland. 

The ship had ran out of gasoline and supplies during their stay at sea, resulting in an instant emergency scenario. Fortunately, Mardi Gras was on hand to provide a hand. If it hadn’t been for the Carnival Cruise ship, the incident on Thursday, January 27 may have been much worse.

A ship carrying migrants is being picked up by Carnival’s Mardi Gras cruise ship off the coast of Cuba. (picture shot from a balcony on deck 5 cove)

January 27, 2022 — Savannah (@saviluvs2dance)

On January 22, the Mardi Gras set sail from her home port of Port Canaveral. The ship went to Cozumel and Costa Maya in Mexico after a day at sea, and then to Mahogany Bay on Roatan, Honduras. Officers discovered a tiny fishing boat containing migrants during the first day at sea going from Roatan.

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Mardi Gras then did a U-turn in the waterway that connects the Mexican and Cuban coasts near Cancun. After pulling the tiny boat alongside the migrants, the crew members aboard provided food, drink, and gasoline. Because there was no imminent need, the refugees were not carried on.

Carnival Mardi GrasCarnival Cruise Line provided this image.

Mardi Gras is back in Port Canaveral after another Carnival Cruise ship rescue, and she’s getting ready for her next excursion, a seven-day cruise to Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Mahogany Bay.

Cruise ships must be summoned to assist.

Cruise ships are required by law and custom to assist anybody in need at sea. The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea state:

“Every State should oblige the master of a ship flying its flag to do so insofar as he is capable of doing so without causing substantial harm to the ship, crew, or passengers… Insofar as such action may reasonably be anticipated of him, offer aid to any individual discovered at sea in danger of being lost [and] move with all possible haste to the rescue of those in distress if advised of the need for help.”

Carnival Breeze RescueCarnival Cruise Line provided the images for this article.

Carnival Cruise Line isn’t the first company to be engaged in a marine rescue. The Association for Rescue at Sea (AFRAS) honored Carnival Cruise Line Captain Domenico Calise and the crew of the Carnival Ecstasy in November 2021 for their participation in a medical rescue mission in the Bahamas. 

The Carnival Sensation had just rescued 24 people from a tiny boat off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida, a month prior. The little vessel began to fill with water and was on the verge of sinking. The crew of the Carnival Sensation donated much-needed blankets, life jackets, food, and drink.

Before crew members and officers can work on board, they must go through a rigorous training program. This training might take many years, depending on the role. Mariners train specifically for scenarios like this, knowing that their colleagues would do the same if they were ever in need of a maritime rescue. 

Mardi Gras Carnival Cruise Ship

The “carnival cruise line benefits” is a story about the Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras ship. The boat was in distress and needed help from other boats to get back to shore.

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What happened to the Carnival Mardi Gras ship?

A: In January of 2019, Carnival Cruise Lines announced that the ship would be retired in 2020.

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