Carnival Cruise Lines is the second largest cruise ship line in the world, operating worldwide in large, custom-built, ocean-going vessels. They have many different ships, and each ship is distinct in that it has its own itinerary, style, and color scheme. So why did they decide to change the color scheme on all of their ships?

Carnival Fun Times, a discounter’s brand of packaged goods, has announced that it will no longer deliver its products to guests staying in Carnival’s cruise ships. The change comes as the company attempts to “simplify” its business.

Holiday seasons are often the most exciting times of the year, and this year’s holidays were no exception. First there was Christmas, which was full of joy and excitement, with the promise of presents under the tree and those family get-togethers that we can’t wait for each year. Then we had New Year’s Day, which was a celebration of all things good and new, with the start of a new year and a chance to celebrate one’s success. And finally there was New Year’s Eve, which was a chance to cut loose and celebrate the passing of the old year and look forward to the one to come. All of these occasions involved fun, laughter, and cheer, and they were each wonderful in their own way. ~~. Read more about carnival cancellations 2021 and let us know what you think.

The changes from Carnival Cruise Line continue, but this time, it’s not related to new protocols. The cruise line’s Ambassador has announced that the Fun Times will no longer be delivered to the cabins due to the amount of paper waste.

No More Paper Fun Times in The Cabin

Carnival Cruise Line will no longer deliver the paper Fun Times to the cabins once cruise operations resume in July. It actually a change that is not related to any new health protocols to keep guests safe but rather to save the huge amount of paper waste on board.

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It was first announced by the cruise line’s Ambassador John Heald that the paper version will no longer be delivered to the cabins and instead shift to an online version. Guests will be able to access the Fun Times using the popular Carnival HUB App.

Heald responded to comments that it was a cutback and said that it was in fact due to the amount of paper waste:

“We have decided that starting next week we will no longer be placing the Funtimes in the cabins. Now I know that since I mentioned this I had around a dozen or so rather angry comments from people who do not like this and so I am here to apologise and to explain again why we are doing this.”

“First of all I will ignore ” S” and is silly ” its a cutback ” comment because a) it isn’t and b) it’s hard to cutback when you have made any on board revenue for 15 months. Nope, what this is a chance for us to save on paper waste which happened on every ship, every day when cabin stewards would find the Funtimes discarded, on the floor or in the bin.”

Photo Credit: Fuschia Foot / Creative Commons

The HUB App will become an important part of the cruise vacation, especially with the cruise line rolling out new important updates and functionality. Most guests will undoubtedly install the app for their cruise, but it’s not all bad for those who are unable to do so.

There will be a reduced “One Sheet” version available at the guest services desk. this won’t be the full version of the Fun Times. It will be that part guests were previously able to rip off. This single sheet will be just the times of activities, times when venues open and close, and the port of call times.

The Fun times has been part of a Carnival cruise from the early days and was always a good way of letting guests know what was going on around the ship each day. The schedule evolved over the years and included promotions from the on board shops and Spa and Casino. The good news is that it will continue but mainly through the App.

It’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture, even if you hate to see it. The relationship between Carnival Cruise Line and the travel industry is more than a business arrangement, it’s a positive symbiotic relationship that benefits both sides. In the long run, it’s a win-win situation and both sides should be proud of their collaborative agreements.. Read more about carnival cruise bad news and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Carnival Cancelled any cruises?

No, Carnival Cruise Line has not cancelled any cruises.

What do cruise ships do with unsold cabins?

Unsold cabins are usually sold to other cruise lines or used as a hotel room.

Are Carnival Cruises Cancelled for 2021?

No, Carnival Cruise Line has not cancelled any of their 2021 cruises.

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