Tourism has long been a reliable source of income in Brazil, but the government’s recent announcement that they will take back control of tourism from private companies is shaking up how this industry operates. This new leadership could help to push through important changes for Brazil and its economy

The “carnival brazil” is a carnival that has returned to Brazil amid new tourism leadership.

As the country prepares for the revival of one of its trademark events after the epidemic, Embratur, the Brazilian Agency for the International Promotion of Tourism, unveiled a new agency chief this week.

Silvio Nascimento was chosen president of Embratur, succeeding Carlos Brito, who was elevated to Brazil’s tourism minister. Nascimento was formerly the director of marketing, intelligence, and communication at Embratur.


Silvio Nascimento Embratur’s new president Silvio Nascimento (at microphone) is the new president of Embratur. (Photo by Embratur.)

Machado, Gilson Neto, who formerly served as president of Embratur and minister of tourism for Brazil, recently resigned from both positions to run for senate, according to authorities. “Our business is dealing with tourism and people’s pleasure, and no nation does it better than Brazil,” Neto added. “I leave Embratur and the Ministry with confidence in the team we built.”

“In countless campaigns and events across the globe, we have done our best to represent and promote Brazil, its beauty, the distinctive features of our people, and our culture,” Nascimento stated. “We’ll stick on the road we’ve taken thus far.”

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The changes in tourism leadership come as Brazil celebrates the country’s continued reopening after epidemic closures. Brazil’s annual Carnival parades and accompanying activities in Rio and So Paulo will resume on April 20 and run through May 1, according to Embratur authorities, after two years of pandemic-related postponements.

On April 20 and 21, the world-famous, traditional Carnival of Rio will include samba school parades at Marquês de Sapuca. The march of the Special Group schools, which is considered the highlight of the Rio Carnival, will take place on April 23. On April 30, Sapuca will hold a Champions’ Parade, with the presentation of the Special Group’s top six schools.

The first samba school will march in the Passarela do Samba do Anhembi in So Paulo on April 16. The 14 samba schools of the So Paulo Special Group will begin their presentations on April 22 and the Champions’ Parades will take place on April 29.

The activities will follow Covid-19 health and safety procedures, which include a need for all public guests to have a vaccination passport. In addition, in all places, occupancy is restricted to a maximum of 70% of public capacity, and parade participants must pre-register. Masks are needed for marchers and spectators, and the amount of components used by each samba school will be decreased.

“In addition to its historical and cultural significance, [Carnival] is a tremendous economic booster, generating both direct and indirect employment,” Brito said earlier this month in a statement. “We anticipate seeing this effect reflected in the purchase of airline tickets, hotel bookings, auto rentals, and restaurant reservations.”

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