While most Carnival Cruises have been safe for the last few years, a few have not. In 2014, ship fire led to the death of a Carnival employee. It also led to the return of the “positive COVID” safety test that was not required since the first time in 2006. Carnival Cruises was then required to have 27 positive cases of COVID in order to sail to the following destinations: Alaska, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, and Florida.

For an airline that has recently been under fire for its VIP treatment of employees, Carnival Vista is doing a pretty good job of keeping a low profile. The low-cost carrier is staying in the good graces of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), with 27 positive COVID cases recently released to the public. This is a decrease of 10 since Carnival Vista’s first month of service this year, an indication of the airline’s progress in controlling its VIP culture.

Carnival Vista’s maiden voyage was uneventful, as it continued to cruise the Caribbean’s Eastern Caribbean region as scheduled, with no issues or issues of note. According to a company spokesperson, no passengers or crew were affected by the bug, and all were back on board the ship by the time it reached Port Canaveral, Florida, after four days of cruising.. Read more about carnival cruise and let us know what you think.

Despite an outbreak of 27 positive COVID-19 cases discovered when the ship landed in Belize on Wednesday, the Carnival Vista will continue to cruise. Carnival stated that 26 of the positive instances were staff members, with just one guest testing positive, according to the Belize Tourism Board.

According to the statement, all 27 were vaccinated, showed minimal or no symptoms, and were put in isolation. The Vista has 2,895 passengers and 1,441 staff members on board.

carnival vista

Carnival Vista is a carnival that takes place every year (Carnival Cruise Line provided this image.)

The following is a statement from Carnival: 

“On the Carnival Vista sailing out of Galveston, Carnival is handling a limited number of positive COVID cases. Despite the fact that our whole staff and almost all of our visitors have been vaccinated.“

“We handled the issue by following strict health procedures, which included isolating individuals who tested positive and quarantining close connections. We checked all unvaccinated passengers who disembarked the ship on August 7 as per our procedures, and they all came back negative.” 

Because Belize believes the risk is low, shore excursions continue.

Belize was pleased with the Vista’s onboard procedures and the fact that passengers and staff were majority vaccinated, so it decided to allow guests to go ashore and participate in excursions as usual.

belize carnival cruise line

Belize has a lagoon-style swimming pool (Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line)

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The Belize Tourism Board said, “After a comprehensive assessment of the issue, and after finding that the danger is minimal, including the fact that the CDC is aware of the problem, it was determined that the situation is contained, and safety procedures are proving successful.”

“In addition, this morning, officials from the Ministry of Health and Wellness inspected the procedures on board the Carnival Vista, and they are pleased that… the safeguards put in place by the ship are thorough and considered very effective.”

“We are testing all unvaccinated passengers aboard today (Friday) before to debarkation tomorrow,” Carnival said in an update (Saturday). The departure of Vista on August 14 will go place as scheduled.”

Carnival has been taking extra measures in recent weeks as case numbers have risen in the United States and across the globe. A mask requirement went into place for some indoor locations on August 7, and all vaccinated visitors will need to produce evidence of a negative COVID-19 test starting tomorrow, August 14. 

carnival vista dreamscape

Carnival Vista’s Dreamscape in the Atrium

The sailing from Vista to Galveston on August 14 will go as planned.

“Flex[ing] our procedures to adapt to the evolving public health situation,” Carnival said of the modifications.

The Vista ‘outbreak’ is most certainly the start of a new cruising norm. Positive instances are certain to occur, even on ships where everyone has been vaccinated. The Belize Tourism Board, which represents the destination, says it’s something we’ll have to learn to live with, and that the cruise industry is more than up to the task.

“It is unavoidable that COVID instances would be discovered because to the rigorous procedures in place, but it is critical that these situations are handled properly to prevent further spread or needless cancellations,” the tourist board said. “Passengers will not be permitted to depart if the overall number of positive cases reaches 2% of the ship’s passengers, according to our local protocols.”

The tourist board also lauded the cruise industry’s response to the worldwide health issue.

“Throughout the epidemic, cruise companies continued to sail throughout the world, and in July, they began sailing in the Western Caribbean and Belize. In the middle of the epidemic, the lines have maintained an outstanding safety record, and with the rigorous procedures in place, it is probably one of the safest ways to travel today.”

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Carnival Vista, the largest in the Carnival Cruise Line fleet, is a big ship that carries 4,000 passengers. Since it was acquired in 2014, Carnival Vista has been plagued with at least 27 documented cases of a mild form of bacterial gastroenteritis, known as Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), which is caused by the bacterium Clostridium difficile and can be fatal. The cases have been traced to a new type of whirlpool bath, which Carnival Vista uses to provide a rinse after each guest’s use of the hot tub.. Read more about cruise radio news and let us know what you think.

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