Cathay Pacific exempts passengers in business and first class from wearing masks when booking class.

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According to an internal memorandum, Cathay Pacific is now exempting passengers in business and first class from wearing masks when lying flat on their seats.

According to Executive Traveller, the seats in first and business class are more spacious thanks to the partitions and passengers can sleep better when lying flat.

Cathay Pacific Premium Bed.

Modern aircraft are among the safest indoor environments, thanks to downflow, a steady supply of outside air and HEPA air filtration. Combined with the long distance and the fact that the passengers are on the cabin floor while sleeping, Cathay Pacific is probably right that the risk is minimal (but not zero). And they want to offer premium passengers the best possible night’s sleep – which is why they buy premium long-haul seats – to win over their customers who are at the forefront of progress.

Cathay Pacific Business Class Cabin

Airlines that do not block middle seats claim that the HEPA system and other aircraft protections are sufficient and that blocked middle seats still do not provide sufficient distance for prevention. However, here Cathay Pacific says that the centre bulkhead between the middle seats in business class is sufficient if you are under the cabin floor, so no panels are needed.

Covid-19 also extends to aircraft, but that is rare. Low quality masks that meet the minimum required standards are unlikely to contribute much to overall safety. Sleeping without a mask, with distances and barriers between passengers, with downward airflow, frequent air changes and good air filtration is probably the ideal solution. It’s not 100% protection, but stealth doesn’t offer 100% protection either.

However, it is still embarrassing when some passengers are allowed to remove their masks during the flight and others are not. What about those who have already recovered from the virus or have been vaccinated? It also doesn’t guarantee against infection, reinfection or spread, but it does reduce the likelihood, as does more cabin space and downward airflow.

Perhaps an exemption based on class of service makes more sense than vaccination, because those who are not exempt will not see those who take off their masks in flight.

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frequently asked questions

Cathay Pacific Business Class flat?

What is the business class of Cathay Pacific? On the ground, you have access to Cathay Pacific’s excellent lounges and partner lounges. They have a flat, chevron-shaped seat in the air with direct access to the aisle.

Does Cathay Pacific offer business class pajamas?

Cathay Pacific Pyjamas, a dark grey button down shirt and matching trousers, available on some long haul flights.

Is it mandatory to wear a mask during the entire flight?

In air transport, the rules for masks are complicated. Although airlines require face shields, at least on paper, the rules are not uniformly applied – if at all. … There is no federal law requiring airline passengers to wear masks. According to the experts, the airlines are instead making their own rules.

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