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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently changed its mask guidelines for fully vaccinated people. They have changed their recommendations from “cover your mouth and nose” to “cover your mouth and nose, and use a face mask if available.”

As the CDC’s mask guidelines evolve for people who have received their flu shot, cruise lines continue to promote the importance of masking. With flu season in full swing, it’s important to remember that not everyone should be wearing a mask when interacting with other passengers, and it’s likely that most of the masks being worn on cruise ships aren’t necessary.

On Tuesday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its recommendations for outdoor face masks for fully vaccinated people in the United States. Recommendations appear to be improving as immunizations continue to be successful across the country.

Although the cruise industry remains closed as a result of the CDC’s conditional boating ban, things appear to be moving in the cruise industry’s favor with respect to this order.

New mask recommendations for fully vaccinated persons

The CDC has issued new guidelines for fully vaccinated individuals regarding the use of masks. It is now recommended not to wear a mask outside for certain reasons.

The CDC says: Visits and outdoor activities pose minimal risk to fully vaccinated individuals and their families. Therefore, people can now enjoy nature without a mask:

  • Walk, run or bike outside with your family.
  • Go to a small outdoor gathering with fully vaccinated family and friends.
  • Participation in a small outdoor meeting with fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people.
  • Eating with friends from different families in an open-air restaurant

CDC Image

Vaccinated individuals should always wear a mask at crowded outdoor events, even for most indoor activities. The CDC states that the risk of COVID-19 infection is always greater indoors, hence the need to wear a close-fitting mask.

The new recommendations are part of a comprehensive presentation on how fully vaccinated people can fight the virus. With the vaccine successfully distributed in the United States, the situation looks much more encouraging as summer approaches.

How come you work on cruise ships?

The question now is how the new mask recommendations will affect cruises. Operations in the United States remain suspended, but cruise lines continue to develop their own health measures, including meeting all CDC requirements.

So far, of the three major cruise lines, only Norwegian Cruise Line has implemented comprehensive sanitation measures. According to NCL’s Sail Safe protocols, protective masks are only required indoors, except in restaurants. Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line have not yet announced the introduction of masks, but will likely require all guests to wear them, at least indoors.

Carnival Corporation is working with a number of leading experts in global health to develop the interventions for the nine brands. Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean have partnered with the Healthy Sailing Group, led by Governor Michael Levitt and Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

Although cruise lines are urging the CDC not to resume cruises from the U.S. until July 4, 2021, they still plan to follow the agency’s advice and recommendations. If the CDC’s conditional order is lifted, cruise lines will continue to ensure that guests and crew are safe at all times, including by listening to the advice of their own health experts.

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As we get closer to the departure of the cruise, we will know more about the full details and where passengers on board will be required to wear masks.

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