The first ever hybrid luxury cruise ship, the NOVA will debut this year. It is expected to be one of the most luxurious vessels that cruises today with environmentally-friendly features and a stunning design.

The “cruise line news” is that construction has begun on the first Nova- Class hybrid luxury cruise ship. The ship will be able to switch between a diesel-electric propulsion system and an alternative energy source, such as solar power.

Construction Begins on First Nova- Class Hybrid Luxury Cruise Ship

The first ship of Silversea Cruises’ new Nova-class of ultra-luxury, ecologically aware ships has been named. The Silver Nova, which will make her debut in the summer of 2023, will be the world’s first hybrid luxury cruise ship.

Construction of the Silver Nova is well underway.

Silver Nova, the first ship in the Nova class, was built as part of Project Evolution and would include a number of environmental advances aimed at reducing omissions and total waste volume.

The ship’s hybrid capability will allow it to turn off its primary generators at certain ports and link into onshore electricity, resulting in zero onboard local emissions.

Silver Nova Steel Cutting CeremonyCutting of the Silver Nova Steel (Photo Courtesy: Silversea Cruises)

Overall, the ship’s cutting-edge hydrodynamic hull design and optimized innovation technology help to reduce the ship’s environmental impact, while hydrogen fuel cells will supplement the main power supply and carry the ship’s total hotel load — up to four megawatts — marking the first large-scale fuel-cell installation at sea in the cruise industry.

“Sustainability is the future of luxury travel, and the name Silver Nova represents Silversea’s tremendous innovation,” said Barbara Muckermann, Silversea Cruises’ Chief Commercial Officer. “With Silver Nova, we will go even farther to match the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s luxury travelers.”

On November 18, 2021, the first steel for Silver Nova was cut, with a typical steel cutting ceremony attended by both cruise line and shipyard officials. The ship is being built at Papenburg at Meyer Werft, one of the world’s biggest and most advanced shipyards.

Bernard Meyer, Managing Director of Meyer Werft, stated, “We are happy to commence construction of this unique ship and to continue our long cooperation with Royal Caribbean Group.” “This is a really important day for us since it is the first time we are building a Silversea ship at our shipyard.”

1638476646_4_Construction-Begins-on-First-Nova-Class-Hybrid-Luxury-Cruise-ShipCutting of the Silver Nova Steel (Photo Courtesy: Silversea Cruises)

Meyer Werft has been at the vanguard of vessel building since its founding in 1795, working with customers and suppliers to create environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technology that will comply with future laws. Even as the ship takes form, the building of the Silver Nova is being carefully planned to minimize environmental effect.

Silver Nova’s Background

Silver Nova will be one of the most capacious cruise ships ever constructed, providing guests with an ultra-luxurious experience that includes a 1:1.3 crew-to-guest ratio and butler services in all suites. The aft suites will have breathtaking 270-degree views, while other onboard amenities will ensure Silversea’s legendary service and comfort.

The ship will carry 728 passengers and have a gross tonnage of 54,700 tons. She will be the Silversea fleet’s flagship once she sets sail. Silver Nova will be followed by a second Nova-class ship, which will be delivered in 2024.

Beginning December 16, 2021, members of Silversea’s Venetian Society reward program and travel advisers will be able to book Silver Nova itineraries ahead of the general public. On January 6, 2022, general sales will begin. Silver Nova is expected to spend her inaugural season sailing across Western Europe, however precise itineraries have yet to be revealed.

Silver Nova Luxury Cruise Ship

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