A cruise on the M/V Riviera was canceled after passengers were not allowed off the ship. The company said that they had reason to believe there would be a “terrorist attack.”

The “why are cruise ships anchored off san diego” is a question that has been circulating around social media. The answer to the question is because the Mexican government has not allowed passengers to disembark from the cruise ship.

Cruise Ship Cancels Call in Mexico After Guests Not Allowed to Disembark

The Koningsdam cruise ship of Holland America Line was forced to depart Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on December 23 after passengers were refused disembarkation owing to COVID cases on board. It comes after numerous cruise ports recently refused to allow ships to dock owing to positive instances.

The Koningsdam has canceled her visit to Puerto Vallarta.

Local officials in the Mexican state of Jalisco prohibited passengers disembarking from a Holland America cruise ship.

The Carnival-owned cruise line’s Koningsdam vessel was forced to leave the port on December 23 and will not make its planned return to Puerto Vallarta on December 23, 2021.

According to one source, there were 21 positive cases among at least 873 crew members, resulting in local health officials refusing to let anybody off the ship. Few instances were reported among the fully vaccinated personnel, according to the cruise operator. As a consequence, the Koningsdam sailed out from the harbor, returning to the open sea.

Koningsdam Cruise ShipPhoto credit: Shutterstock.com/StudioPortoSabbia

Koningsdam had two successful port visits prior to her intended arrival to Puerto Vallarta. On December 21, the ship docked at Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, and on December 22, it docked in Mazatlan, Mexico’s Riviera. For certain port stops, the positive case numbers are unknown. On December 18, 2021, the Holland America cruise ship embarked on a seven-day journey from San Diego, California.

After the aborted stop at Puerto Vallarta, the Koningsdam has already returned to San Diego. She’ll set sail on the next seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise on December 26 as planned. The cruise company has enhanced its processes to ensure the safety of passengers and staff as the Omicron version spreads.

Koningsdam Restarting operationsHolland America Line provided this image.

The Koningsdam is the fleet’s first Pinnacle-class ship, and she resumed guest service on October 10, 2021, from the Port of San Diego, after a worldwide suspension of operations. Zuiderdamm, which recently commenced operations from the same port on December 23, 2021, will join the vessel.

Holland America’s Mask Policy Has Been Tightened

Holland America amended their mask policy on December 18, 2021. “All passengers, regardless of age, will be expected to wear face masks at all times in elevators and around the ship, except while eating or drinking or in their bedrooms,” the cruise company said. This includes donning face masks before being seated at all dining establishments and Lido Market, as well as dancing in public rooms and outdoors if physical distance cannot be maintained in huge groups.”

“Indoors, guests should use higher-grade masks (such as surgical or KN95) that have two or more layers, totally cover the nose and mouth, fit securely against the sides of the face, and include a nose wire,” says the statement.

Cruise Ship Illness with MaskShutterstock is the source of this image.

Other cruise lines, such as Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean, have also updated their mask standards. To prevent visitors from removing the mask, Holland America Line has also outlawed smoking in the casino.

Owing to fears of Omicron spreading, numerous Caribbean cruise ports have refused ships entry, including the Carnival Panorama, which also cruises the Mexican Riviera, which was denied entry to Cabo San Lucas due to certain cases on board. Carnival Cruise Line has even begun informing passengers that ports may refuse a ship and that no reimbursement would be provided.

Also read: By Late Spring 2022, all Holland America cruise ships will be back in service.

It will become a problem when cruise companies continue to put more ships back into service after the industry-wide hiatus that lasted through most of 2020 and half of 2021.

Koningsdam Cruise Ship

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The “Holland America Cruise Line Covid Rules” is a rule that all passengers must abide by. The rule states that if the passenger’s travel plans change, they can’t disembark until their new itinerary has been confirmed. In this case, the cruise ship was forced to cancel a call in Mexico because of the guests not being allowed to disembark. Reference: holland america covid rules.

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